small wardrobes and seasonal changes

one of my favorite things to do wardrobe-wise is sort through my clothing when each season is ending.
i love going through piece by piece and making notes about what worked, what didn't and why.
before i participated in project 333 i would normally look at the end of a season as just another opportunity to purchase more stuff.
more stuff i didn't really need.

now i look forward to working within the framework of a small wardrobe and how it forces me to be more creative with what i've got.
i love that kind of challenge!
i'm not sure i would have worn the above outfit before 333.
i would have thought the pants were too summery and would never in a million years have worn leopard flats with them.  

inside the armoire

i also like this time of year b/c i really enjoy the process of sorting, mending, washing and folding things away.  i look forward to what's up there in that sweater basket for instance.
it seems that i value each piece much more now that there are fewer of them.

i have 11 handbags up there collected over my entire life.
seems like a lot but almost every one was a gift and for now they are staying with me.

as far as new purchases are concerned, i don't see any on the horizon.

of course if a certain someone is reading this, these boots would make a great christmas gift.
just saying...



  1. Hey Janet, there are a very similar pair of boots at Target right now called the Kaelyn boot (in Taupe). They are very cute, feel comfortable, and were marked down to $14.98 at my local Target store yesterday. Might be worth checking out as a less expensive alternative. You can see them here on the Target website. The website photo does not do them any justice. They are much cuter in person. :)

    1. ffm, you are the best! and the target version is faux suede which is even better!
      i will be near a target today. thanks so much!

  2. You look great. I can also give you the more expensive version:). The Isabel Marant Dicker boots are the iconic bootie. That said, the ones you like are very nice and I think would fit your style perfectly.

    As for the baskets, ah, you do carry your vision all the way through.

  3. I love Sam Edelman shoes. My daughter wears them to work as a hairdresser and are comfy all day, so I purchased the leopard loafers and love them. Sometimes shoes are worth spending a little extra on because comfort is so important.

    A couple in the neighborhood came over yesterday to look at our bedroom makeover as they own the same style house. We removed our walk in closet (junk collector) and went with 2 built in units, hubby's with a 46" hanging bar and cubbies, mine with 2 46" hanging bars. Because we have extreme winters we need 2 sets of clothes, so one bar on mine is summer and one bar winter. They LOVEd our remodel but felt they couldn;t live with the "tiny" closets. As a society we are conditioned to believe that we need huge closets and hundreds of clothes. I shudder sometimes when I watch design shows and the women ALWAYS look at these massive closets and say that will be enough for them, but what about their husband's clothes. Wouldn't it be great to watch a show and the women says, "The closets are small, but I only have a minimal wardrobe, so it will work". Sorry....rambling here.

  4. Those are good looking boots from Urban Outfitters.

    Good Guys Don't Wear Leather of Paris carries a similar boot in micro suede:

    Designer Stella McCartney narrates an excellent video about the leather industry's extreme cruelty, environmental destruction, and human health costs

  5. The black with mustard and subtle pattern mixing look very chic. I enjoyed the same "forced creativity" while I was on vacation, and am now trying to continue that into "real life."

  6. There is beauty in everything you touch.
    I am down to 3 handbags and 2 clutches.
    Like you I find the end of season a perfect time to sort, rethink, repair and recycle.

    Hope "that someone" is reading and listening.

  7. I'm at a similar place wardrobe-wise. I am always inspired and soothed by your posts. Thank you.

  8. i love remixing pieces in new ways ~ it takes time, though, and can't be done in a rush.

    this little look into your armoire is so simple & inspiring.

    i'm obsessed with ankle boots right now... i don't own a pair, but was SO close to cutting down a pair of thrifted cowboy boots. ultimately, those boots don't have the support my feet need, so i'll sell them rather than cut them.

    after trying it on in the store, this dansko ankle boot is on my christmas list: ♥

  9. Those Palazzo pants are far too fabulous on you to pack away for the Winter so I'm glad you haven't!
    You are so organised and tidy, you put my hideously untidy house to shame.
    Those boots are gorgeous and how exciting to hear there's an animal-free copy for a tenth of the price, gotta love bloggers! xxx

  10. Love the basket storage. My closet is very small but I have a dresser for folded clothes. I won't buy leather products so most of my shoes are Rocket Dog brand and my handbag is black and made from seat belts (etsy). I love it!
    You always look beautiful and are an inspiration.

  11. Luxury leather goods sold across the world are produced in a slum area of Bangladesh’s capital where workers, including children, are exposed to hazardous chemicals and often injured in horrific accidents, according to a Human Rights Watch study released on October 9th.

    The Human Rights Watch report documents an occupational health and safety crisis among tannery workers, including skin diseases and respiratory illnesses caused by exposure to tanning chemicals, and limb amputations caused by accidents in dangerous tannery machinery.

    Residents of Hazaribagh slums contract illnesses such as fevers, skin diseases, respiratory problems, and diarrhea caused by the extreme tannery pollution of air, water, and soil. The Indian government has consistently failed to enforce labor or environmental laws in Hazaribagh, and has ignored High Court orders to clean up these tanneries.

    The more people learn of the animal cruelty, deforestation, excessive resource consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, pollution, and worker abuse involved in animal agriculture, the greater demand for products made by better means.

    Leather could be replaced in a matter of years thanks to innovations in bioprinting. Recently Scientific American ran an article on Modern Meadows' in vitro leather production that put a spotlight on one of the most promising technological developments in recent history.

    "If we can come up with a very good product that can be technically superior in some ways and at the same time environmentally more conscious and animal friendly, then that could mean a significant portion of the global market,” Modern Meadows' co-founder and CEO Andras Forgacs said.

    Ultrasuede made from recycled PET, PU microfibers made in Italy, bioprinted in-vitro leather, bacterial-culture grown cellulose leather, textile coatings, cork, bark and other technologies are emerging that are less toxic, more efficient, more customizable, controllable and perform better than animal-based leathers.

    We can all participate in making a better world for animals and ourselves by refusing to purchase cruel, environmentally destructive new leather products.

    1. Or buying beautiful leather thrifted. It has already been made, at least it can have a long life and save a new bag being bought

    2. I agree that purchasing old or second hand leather can be a way to go. That's why I wrote, "refusing to purchase cruel, environmentally destructive NEW leather products." See above.

      In the new shoes department, it's been difficult to find good looking, good quality dress shoes that don't contain animals. But as demand for 'cruelty free' items increases, more choices become available.

      STELLA MCCARTNEY has been making 'cruelty free' shoes for some time, albeit very expensive ones. E-Bay carries STELLA shoes from past collections but sometimes they're pricey, too. Sometimes there are good deals, though. See sharp STELLA spectator peep toes here:

      I've never been in an URBAN OUTFITTERS but I stumbled upon cute, flattering, comfortable ballet flats at URBAN OUTFITTERS' on line store. They're cheap but don't really look it.

      The grosgrain ribbons can be changed to lace around the ankle rather than up the ankle - or they can be cut off.

      On the casual front, GOOD GUYS DON'T WEAR LEATHER OF PARIS carries terrific looking blue bucks for fellas and for gals.

      For fellas only ~ BRAVE GENTLE MAN carries saddle shoes and brogues "suitable for vegans."

      CORNELIA GUEST plans to design 'cruelty free' shoes but for now she just has handbags - some of which are terrific.

      The CORNELIA GUEST bags ain't URBAN OUTFITTERS cheap but far, far less expensive than STELLA MCCARTNEY!{}

      I just learned about MATT & NAT handbags from THE DISCERNING BRUTE

      THE DISCERNING BRUTE has a list of links to companies, products and/or services that offer certain vegan, fair-labor, and eco-friendly items. For THE DISCERNING BRUTE list (and disclaimer), visit:

  12. Here in Oregon's high desert, we need two sets of clothes-one for the awful winter, and one for the fabulous summers. We don't have a true spring or fall-it's sort of all one way or the other.

    With a move to San Diego in our sights, I will take great delight in giving away all my heavy winter stuff once we go! I think I could live with one good pair of jeans, a black and a white tee, and a few sundresses. Add in my Jambu sandals and I'm good to go :)

  13. It's good to hear you enjoy your clothing so much! You always look wonderful to me!

    Happy new week,

    Madelief x

  14. I think when you get to the point that you know how many handbags you own and you are happy with them you've got life sorted. Now boots, well we all have our weaknesses, don't we? xo

  15. Too funny Janet...I've been eyeing the same Sam Edelman boots in black. :)


  16. Hey there,
    You have officially put me to shame! My summer clothes are wadded in a pile in the bag of my closet. My donate pile is in a heap behind the chair...out of sight out of mind.'ve made me want to organize. :)

    your email keeps bouncing back to me. Just to let you know...again, you made perfect sense. XO

  17. I admire your discipline but this level of limited clobber is not for me! But hooray for mending (am a Fan) and for Thoughtfulness when it comes to clothing.

    I love it that we are so different and yet kind of the same.

    I admire disciplined people practically beyond all others. xxx

    1. Cannot do it either! for several reasons:
      1. 4 very different seasons where I live
      2. professional job that does require a professional wardrobe
      3. I do not have "one look"--call me a chameleon but I have a slew of different versions of me and like them all
      4. I find clothes fun and I like to change it up

      that said...I have waaaay too much. Just a hard time parting with things that are well made, fit me and I still like....

  18. Leopard is a neutral,no?

    Your boots wants are similar to mine, I'm in love with A Zizi boot, canon, in tobacco.

    We could buy for each other?

  19. Love those boots. Sincerely hope "someone" gets them for you as a present!

  20. hi janet..i too hanker for lovely things and then hunt for non-leather. Recently, it was those beautiful Tory Burch monogram flats. Well, i found a gorgeous solution instead, and cruelty free! look up the quant vegan monogram flats. purple,navy, hunter leopard! and at about $20 buckaroos i could have all of them and still save!

    1. i looked them up. they are so cute. i liked the orange ones!

  21. You look perfectly organized. I hadn't hear of the 333 project, so thanks for the tip. I find handbags are the hardest things to purge because there may always be an occasion when I could use it.

  22. I love your outfit head to toe! Perfect! I never actually did Project 333, but by you doing it and posting and talking about it--I have to say it has helped me quite a lot. I think about purchases that I do make much more carefully and take good care of the things I have. Your entire approach to life has made me push the pause button so to a good way...a very good way! You always inspire me Janet! Just the other day, Madeline and I were walking to the farmers market and this beautiful big house on the corner of our street was having a tag sale. We found a couple of great things and a Ralph Lauren bag from years ago...for $10. We met the wonderful woman, our neighbor and got some great buys. If not for you Janet, We would have just kept walking that day.

  23. You look beautiful as always. I love the idea of 333. Not sure if I could ever do it, but love it!

  24. Thanks for the peak inside your armoire, I suspected it would look like this (so neat!). I love it. Your mustard and animal print look great!
    What about a winter version of this outfit? I'm thinking wide-leg jeans, mustard shirt (under), chambray shirt (over), brown belt and leopard shoes (or did I just steal the fun out of mixing and matching??)

  25. Your posts always inspire me! Because of you, I've done a good job of culling my wardrobe. This summer I managed to weed out about half my clothes, it was SO much easier to figure out what to wear when everything in my closet fit well and looked good. I purchased a few winter items recently but am trying to keep my winter wardrobe small and manageable.

    Barbara in northern CA

  26. oh do I like the print with the leopard loafer. And the mustard sweater is awesome. I will always be amazed by your blog--You have helped me in so many ways, especially at this time of my life getting things replaced. I do not need much. What a brilliant idea.
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  27. oi td bem ??? nossa amei teu bloge suprendenti td que vir e ja estou te seguindo bjs e ate mais ....

  28. Another reminder that I need to do another closet culling. I would never be able to do the 333 thing, but I do need to simplify what I already have and keep the things I actually wear. You carry the simplicity and beauty all through everything you touch, and I admire that so much. Love the booties - would you get the light taupe?

  29. Oh I love the way everything in your armoire is so neatly arranged.


kindness is never out of style.

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