a pretty pink necklace

my dear friend and talented jewelry designer, julie lorusso is giving away this beautiful pink pearl necklace (look at that clasp!) to celebrate valentines day, good news re a lump she found  and also her blog birthday.
go say hello and enter her giveaway here.

in other news...
my son hijacked my camera the other day so my blog is kind of at a loss without it.
i'm working on my closet and am looking forward to sharing that with you.
also, i have found some amazing pieces for my spring and summer wardrobe that i think you'll love.

so alex if you are reading this (which i highly doubt) i need my camera back!



  1. Oh your son is the handsome one I've seen in pics, what a god looking family. Well I need to see more wardrobe pics and .. guess who is coming out your way soon? Oh I realise your geography is much bigger than ours but yes we'll be in the same time zone!

  2. Alex, please return the camera. We NEED to see your mother's latest finds. Thank you for understanding. We knew you are a fine young man.

  3. thanks Janet.
    Do you think Alex has decided to start his own blog? Hmmm... I hope he brings it back soon. You might have to contact in a more old fashioned way like the phone (just in case he doesn't get your blog message :)

    I scored a coat this weekend that still had the tags on it. $500 -- I paid $10 and thought of you instantly.

  4. ajc - you are too funny!

    julie - i might have to try that method. and i hope you post on your coat. it doesn't surprise me one bit!

  5. Looking forward to see your new finds Janet!

    The pearls look beautiful.

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  6. That necklace makes my heart go pitty~pat!

  7. I can't wait to see the wardrobe post. loove pink pearls and am heading over there now.

  8. Such a tease...taunting us with us words and no visual aids! I hope the camera is returned for completely selfish reasons and now I am off to check out that scrumptious necklace!

    P.S. I LOVE my dress...thank you!!!!

  9. Janet, So happy for your friends good results. The necklace is pretty isn't it? I can't wait to see what you have found for your wardrobe. Hope you get your camera back soon. xo, Susie(She Junks)

  10. madelief - thank you.

    danette - mine too!

    jodi - thanks for going to take a looksie.

    eleanor - i'm lost w/o my camera. so happy you like it.

    susie - yes, it is wonderful news, isn't it?!

  11. Weren't we just talking about entering giveaways?

    But pink pearls.....comeon.

    Geesh, get your camera back. Like now.

    xo J.

  12. My son wants to highjack my car!
    I'd give him the shirt off my back...Alex hurry please, we want to see inside your mom's closet!

  13. Yes Alex give the camera BACK.. !!!we are all agog to see the spring summer wardrobe Janet. Lovely giveaway necklace. Hope all well with you. X Mr SE was asking after you too, the other day! ;-)

  14. Hello Janet,
    I'm sure Alex is reading this, but most likely ignoring that last line. I cannot wait to see your spring and summer pieces...are they fabulous thrift finds? Before I move, will you please go thrifting with me? I need to learn from you! Oh..and the necklace designed by Julie is gorgeous!

  15. For a blogger, being without a camera is like losing an appendage. Perhaps Alex will get it back to you quickly. You are definitely the reigning queen of cheap chic. Most of my clothes are secondhand also. The college town where I live has a wonderful Goodwill with many things in my size! Happy Wednesday to you!

  16. Alex, bring back your Mum's camera right now or she'll scan those naked bath time photos of you as a toddler and share them with her adoring fans. xxx

  17. If it were one of my boys...I'd never get it back, or it would be broken! and they wonder why I'm so "mean!"

    Tell him we're at a loss without full posts from you...return it now! :)

  18. I gasped when I saw that beautiful necklace! I raced over to Julie's blog to leave a comment. Thanks for your generous post about her news and the necklace give-away.



kindness is never out of style.

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