mens style

so far my hardrive has not been recoverd.
this picture was taken with larry's camera last weekend and we just remembered that we had it.
yay, one picture!  don't ask about the date stamp on it, we're old but not that old.

anyway i thought i'd use it to talk a little about men style.
is there anyone else out there who has trouble getting their spouse to wear something besides levi's?
larry could care less about fashion. 
if you want to talk skis or ice axes then he's your man.
he doesn't own a suit or even a sportscoat.
i've been working on a sportscoat for about 10 yrs now and i may as well give up.
everytime we are in a store and he tries one on he adopts an english accent and starts calling me lovey.  

so the plan was to get him to look as good as possible in a pair of levi's.
getting him to switch from 501's to a slimmer fit was sneaky but it worked.

he's wearing...

american apparel vintage green t shirt
american apparel black thermal
levi 514's
clarks desert boots

see i had one photo, cropped it and now i have 2.  i'm a genius.

so have a lovely weekend all you gorgeous people.
and go talk your man into some slim jeans. 



  1. Y'all are adorable! Great picture!

  2. You are "smashing" in style and "looks"!
    Love the smiles and happy . . .
    I am showing this to my hubby to ENCOURAGE a clothing change . . . smile!

  3. cute cute cute and cuter!

    You guys are adorable!

    I have literally given up on fashion and Chad...there isn't anything he cares less about.

    Hope you backed up your 2 pics! :)

  4. Hi Janet,

    You and Larry look great on the photo! My husband has the same style of clothing as yours :-)

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  5. Such a cute photo!

    I am also married to a man who just wants to wear Levi 501s (I did sneak a pair of Lands' End Canvas jeans into his closet recently); I do like the 501s on him, though, just wish he would be more willing to wear something other than a t-shirt...he will relent to a button-down, but a Harris tweed sport coat would be nice once in awhile! He could even wear it with a t-shirt underneath.

    My husband and fashion? Those words do not even belong in the same sentence. Oh well, he's a sweet, generous, and kind man, which makes me a very lucky girl!

  6. t - i can't complain either. but yet i just did. you are v lucky.

  7. I`m with Larry, could care less about fashion, myself.

    You are both very beautiful!


  8. Oh, god, he's gone to the dark side. What have you promised to make this happen?

    I think this is plenty fashionable and hip enough for everyday.

  9. Hi Janet. What a lovely looking bloke Larry is. You look like the perfect match! But seriously, do you both have shares in The Fountain of Youth? Like your dinky little shoes as well. x

  10. Whoever has taken that photo would be a close friend, no? Such a happy scenery ...

    Yes, suits, if only I could bring Mr Paula to part of some of his suits he wears once a year: December 24. It's always a big "ahhh" and "ooohhh", since no one ever sees him wearing a suit and yes, men look adorable in suits but for the 364 days left it's jeans and shirts.

    Would men let women decide what to wear? I would never be able to talk Mr Paula into wearing something I like if he does not like it. It only works through gifts. But they do work, believe me! Because men often aren't aware of what they enjoy to wear.

    Would you dare giving your husband a suit as a present?

    PS: have been thinking about you, snacking celery stalks and jiffy peanut butter.

    Again, I enjoy looking at the two of you!

  11. PS: My parents gave Mr Paula button-down shirts for Christmas several years ago (originally it was intendet to be not more than a nice gag, since the name of the shirt-company matches Mr Paula's surname). He tried to talk them out of it, they continued and expanded the shirts to birthdays and Christmas and guess what: after 3 years Mr Paula actually asked for shirts for Christmas! horray!!

  12. PPS: is it just the photo / camera or did your hairstyle change? layers, lighter colour?

  13. Cute as buttons---you are both fashion icons. My hubby gave up's khakis all the way. But to be honest I'm just as glad because I don't really want to share too much of the fashion budget...just sayin.

  14. You both look gorgeous - that's such a lovely photo. Given half a chance, Mr That's Not My Age would live in old Rolling Stones tour t-shirts!

  15. What a gorgeous couple! My boyfriend has always worn slim jeans, even before the skinny jean rage. People always thought he was British because of his jeans... weird.

  16. What a good looking couple you are.
    My husband couldn't care less about clothes and I like it that way, I couldn't be with a peacock man.

    DO not pop over to mine today, it's all about pheasants and will just annoy you, I don't want to ruin your day!

  17. He is a cutie! or now they say hottie!I have the same thoughts/complaints about my husband's attire as well. I no longer mention it. Two pictures are better than none. Have a good weekend.Tell us about those shoes you have on!

  18. What a great picture! Larry is fashionably casual - love the look.

    Good job getting this post out inspite of major computer issues!


  19. You are a genius. And you two are too cute for words!
    SF Bay Area

  20. You look so gorgeous together and totally in love! Larry dresses a lot like Jon, he knows his style but needs a nudge every now and then to stop him getting in a rut.
    He's just been bullied (by me into buying a new pair of Clarks' desert boots, the last pair lasted him 10 years. x

  21. You two are a great looking couple!
    I love your hair style...

    My husband has to dress up for work in suits, ties and shirts. The minute he gets home and drops his briefcase he literally runs to our closet and puts on sweat pants and a polo shirt, and they are not upscale RL pieces they are generic of the bargain basement variety.

    Larry looks relaxed and comfortable...
    I bet he'd look drop dead gorgeous in a tux :)

  22. ah... I WISH the bf could wear slim jeans. He's got legs like tree trunks (20 something years of rugby playing)and will never fit into them. He pretty much lives in jeans, too, but doesn't mind adding a sports coat when we go out, so I can live with that. Besides, I don't want him to look better than me! Karin/

  23. Fabulous photo(s)! You are a genius and I want your hair.

  24. that is a GREAT photo! You are an adorable couple. I think he looks cool in his style.

  25. If you're going to have just one photo, then that's the photo to have! It's very natural and you both look so happy. Love your shoes too!

    I had such a chuckle over this post. I can relate! My husband wears shorts year-round. 32 degrees and snowing? He has on shorts and layers of T-shirts and sweat shirts with a corduroy jacket. He is able to wear shorts and t-shirts to work too. Dress up for him is anything with a collar or a couple of buttons.

    He doesn't wear jeans much anymore. I've been working on him to get a pair of darker, more stylish jeans. I'm making a little progress (has tried some on at least). But after 16 years of marriage, I'm used to his "style." He's an outdoorsman and doesn't care about fashion. I love him just as he is.

  26. You two are looking fabulous and adorable on the picture! Your hairstyle is lovely! You two look like a perfect couple !

    You can still join our shabby apple giveaway 

  27. You are a genius and so darn cute. This is your photo yet. I love it. Back it up!

  28. you two look so cute, I could puke.
    oops, sorry.
    that was the jealous green monster talking. :D

  29. I love this, what a beautiful couple the two of you are. That is a great picture, and if you only have one it will more than do.
    Larry is clearly very stylish and I love his outfit. My Sweetie Pie needs some new jeans, he ripped his working in the garden and he loves to wear them on the weekends with a black sweater like Larry.
    Guess what it's snowing here! Have a great weekend with your Hunk Of Love.

  30. I'm going to try sneaking the Levi's in. My hubby still wears Wranglers, can you imagine.Love the layered look with thermal shirt....going shopping this weekend.

  31. I've hated the big oversized baggie jeans on men. I like to see that a man can look good in t-shirts and jeans...but just not those old big things- ewe. You are both so sweet together. I think every man needs black slacks, shoes, socks, and a neutral sports coat for sure. You know for those weddings and funerals. Have a beautiful weekend . Susie

  32. okay... so I know that this is a fashion post on your guy and his wardrobe..... but I just want to say two are quite the "couple"!!! Gorgeous picture of you guys!!! Terri

  33. paula - no i would never buy larry a suit. our son alex took the picture and i haven't done anything different to my hair. no color or layers, just the same old cut.

  34. for those who asked, the shoes are sperry topsiders.

  35. too cute! y'all make a very handsome couple!!
    I used to have Dan watch Oprah's "men" makeover shows with me- got him out of those baggy jeans quick!

    happy weekend to you both!

  36. Levi Strauss needs you two for their next ad!

    Shelley Rose

  37. Call The Sartorialist! You both look hot!

    I'm going to look those jeans up for hubby. He'll wear whatever I tell him-I guess I'm lucky?

    Such gorgeousness, really.


  38. What a great looking couple!

  39. Yep, all my husband wants to wear are Levi relaxed fit, I think he has one pair of Liz Claiborne jeans and the rest are Levis which make it look like he has no butt at all.

    I really wish I could get him back into fashion like he used to be. I remember when he asked me years ago to make sure he never dressed like a certain uncle. So I remind him of that when I think he is on that slippery slope!

    Love your picture, you two are quite a handsome couple... And definitely not old!


  40. I like Larry's style. When you look that good in jeans, who needs fashion? :-)

  41. He looks good -- you both do. Great picture(s)!

  42. What a handsome couple. And my significant other had a period of clothes interest. It has since passed. Oh well:).

  43. My husband belongs to a "tribe" of s--t dressers, shorts and t-shirts! When he 'dresses up' he'll put on casual slacks and a Tommy Bahama or Hawaiian shirt. That is for a wedding, etc., maybe 4 times a year...He did wear his one and only navy sport's jacket (sans tie) to a special wedding this past year...first time in 4 years. I have given up.
    A note for the ladies who do care...don't marry outside of YOUR "tribe!" Trust me!

  44. oops! Forgot to say you both look great and great together!

  45. larry is so handsome and he looks great in his updated pants. looks very hip without trying. a great pair of jeans is really all you need. you look awesome - adoring and adorable.

    thank heavens the blog has a record of your life (at least what you wore) for the past few years...

    xo terri

  46. Adorable! That picture needs to be framed.
    The two of you make a perfect couple--Two gorgeous people who complement one another very well. You're A. Bening/M Griffith and he's...well, I am not sure who your husband reminds me of, but he's as handsome as can be. :-)
    I will TRY to get my hubby into slim jeans-- I doubt that I will succeed, but I will most certainly try.
    P.S. Took a big trip to Goodwill last weekend after reading your posts on the 10$ outfits. Didn't find as well as you did, BUT, I did find several things that I absolutely LOVE and actually needed after the big closet downsizing...(again thanks to you) I felt awkward at Goodwill--at first-- but I had conviction, and the purpose behind shopping second hand is very noble. I plan to do it again! As always, thank you --you are so heartwarming.
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  47. Look at you two! Such a gorgeous couple.
    My English husband wouldn't dream of wearing jeans. Ever. Sometimes I'd love to see him dark Levis just like these but it's button downs and chinos for him only.
    LOVING your shoes.

  48. I've enjoyed every moment of this post from the pics to the comments.

    Larry's a hottie.

    And you've got him an American apparel for sears so....

    xo Jane

  49. I love your style (clothing and decorating). Thanks for sharing!

  50. I think Larry likes his new look...he looks very happy (and snazzy)!
    No sportcoats here either...such is life.
    xo J~

  51. Love to see you both together looking so great!!!! And, oh my dear Janet, you look gorgeous and joyful!!!
    Love your hair cut... and, didn´t you stop coloring your hair???
    hugs dear

  52. Larry is indeed handsome and you look to adore him, which is probably what makes the photo so fabulous. I hope your hard drive can be recovered in some way. It made me seriously rethink how I am backing up my stuff, and that I am not doing it regularly enough!I need some sort of scheduled back up program. I have plenty of external hard drives, but no schedule, just ad hoc.

  53. Ps I just think its fabulous that Larry wears his wedding band, so many men around me don't. Possibly due to the risks of losing fingers in machinery and fences. My hubby wears his too.

  54. Love seeing you and your hubby looking so cute together and so happy. I began [ years ago ] buying clothes as gifts for my man - he hates shopping and is so not interested in clothes. Luckily he likes everything I have bought him.

    Yesterday I went to the local Hospice Thrift Shop & scored 2 wonderful blue & white Chinese happiness pots. The prices were great - they $$ goes to the hospice & I got 2 items that are similar to some things I lost in the fire of 2007.

  55. Oh my goodness you two are SO perfect together. What a striking couple you make.

    My husband is awful when it comes to buying clothes for himself or keeping the things I buy him. He also wears 501's but I don't like them on him so they have mostly been relegated to yard work jeans. I will have to see if those 514's come in a 36" inseam for my giant mate.

    Thank you for the tip! xoxo, A

  56. Hi Janet! How smart of you to think about Larry's sartorial style. Women put so much thought into their own appearances, and then it pulls their look down to be dragging a messy, bedraggled man along for the ride. Most of us are challenged with men who don't share our passion for fashion. I'm not good at men's fashion either, so I will look to you for direction. Bob is getting a pair of 501's! Also, j'adore those animal print ballet flats. Allegra

  57. What a beautiful couple you are.

    My own sweetie has taken up an interest in clothes, in fact he's sewing right along with me :).

  58. What a great photo...I swear you are super talented and with great style and the camera loves you...were you always this natural in front of the camera?

    I'm taking my husband to the Levi store asap.

  59. It's already been said a million times, but had to add that you all are pretty darn cute together.

  60. i love his sense of humour.
    and any guy that looks that good in a simple shirt and jeans...
    suffice to say...
    you are one lucky lady!
    love to the ever stylish ajj and her gorgeous man,
    tammy j

  61. As you know, I love, love, love this picture. gorgeous. Jer wants to know how come Larry never gets any older. Tell Larry I've always thought he was good looking and I'm still waiting for that lottery win..;)


  62. SO, MIss Janet! And what is wrong with being called 'Lovey' in an English accent!!!
    These are the happiest of photos and I think that you both look GREAT.

  63. Your Larry sounds so cool, love the idea of him putting on English accent when trying on jackets in shops!well done on the slim jeans he looks great, I can't get Mr B into those, he complains about comfort issues and is not happy unless he has 36 tissues stuffed into his pockets..


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