$10 challenge #3

california finally got the message that summer is over and it rained yesterday.  
larry took these pictures just before it started.
it was cold and gray out.
just like my hair!
omg - it is looking so gray.
it's freaking me out.

my grandaughter stella calls her pj's comfys.  i felt like i was in my comfys all day.

ralph lauren-like made in usa skirt - $2  (salvation army)
black long sleeve t shirt boys section - $2 (salvation army)
pedro garcia brogues - free
scarf - borrowed from larry

total - $4



  1. You look great, as always, Janet! I never wear my skirts that long anymore, so I would probably shorten this one and the one from #2 as well. I loved the idea of cutting sleeves to 3/4. How creative :).

  2. Great outfit! I am loving the long flowy skirts I'm finding at the thrift stores...I didn't think I'd wear the style in winter, but I do like the look with tights and boots. The slim top balances your outfit out nicely. And your hair looks great, so far so good!

  3. Another amazing outfit!
    I love this series.
    Your hair is growing out nicely. The gray always shows on us dark haired girls with such contrast but with your haircut I think it is coming in beautifully.

  4. You look great and don't be discouraged by your hair. The growing out stage is awkward, but once it is all grey I am willing to bet it will be stunning! You are a great role model for women.

  5. You are gorgeous and thrifty as usual. Are you going to keep the gray?

  6. Janet,

    You look fabulous and I think your hair looks fine because (a) you have great hair to begin with and (b) it's a cute and stylish cut. Two of my sister in laws have a lot of gray and they just wear theirs long and not styled, one even in a pony tail all the time. It makes them look old! :/


  7. Love the whole outfit, but I think the addition of Larry's scarf was a nice touch! :)

    P.S., feel free to send the ottoman my way!


  8. You look great as always! What are your tips for thrifting?

  9. I think your gray looks great. Better than solid brown, in fact, kind of like silver highlights. And how did I not know you have a grandchild!!!!

  10. arte, come and get it. it's yours.

    paige, will do in an upcoming post.

    deb, i plan to stick with the graying process.

    lisa, i don't know - she'll be 5 this month.

  11. The grey is coming along nicely. It looks so much more sophisticated and natural than a full-head of dye.

  12. Amazing, Fabulous, Smashing!
    I went "thrifting" yesterday and no luck.
    Michigan vs California, could that be my problem?

  13. Hi Janet!
    Love this series. Decided to challenge myself as well and went to my local Goodwill. Found a beautiful black cord Jones New York shirt for $2.75(half price day for purple tags). And a black with white stripes, boat neck, long sleeve Ralph Lauren sweater for $7.00. Both are perfect! Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. Sorry...meant to say Jones New York sKirt not shirt. Together they make a great outfit. WooHoo!

  15. I love the shape of your haircut and the lift at the top in the back is what seems to give it such oomph...Barbra Streisand wore her hair in a similar style and I always thought she looked so elegant.

    I cannot remember if you mentioned how tall you are...this look works well on you because it suits your tiny frame. The form fitting top must be the secret to making this skirt look balanced and flattering.

    Boots would be a fun footwear choice with this skirt, very Ralph...

  16. Janet..You are still the cutest girl ever. You are making me want to go thrift store shopping.:):) Susie

  17. I love this look! You always look good! You
    ARE the cutest thing!
    You are inspiring me. I am about ready to stop coloring my hair.
    Thanks for showing the way. I have found wonderful things at Goodwill.
    A great Eileen Fisher 2 piece outfit
    hardly worn and less than $20. I also found a marvelous Jones New York
    jacket [ $18 ] a handknit Italian sweater with the tag still on it--never worn [ $35 ]
    and a London Fog trenchcoat [ $25 ].

  18. De-lurking to say, You So Rock. I just love your blog, and you always look marvelous, most especially this post! Please don't worry about your gray; it is growing in way better than mine did - I wound up looking like a deranged calico cat until it all grew out. I wore a hat for a full year. Yours looks great, as does your hairstyle. I am always inspired to be my best by your posts. Thank you! Okay, re-lurking now.

  19. Oh my gosh...another fabulous outfit! You look amazing! Love the skirt, love Larry's scarf and I don't see the gray...I always love those shoes too! This makes me want to go thrifting today!

  20. You are just terrific Janet!! I love these combos you come up with--they are classic smart and hip all at the same time. I adore your hair!

    Your thrift scores are brilliant. I have horrible luck when in comes to thrifting--you've clearly got trophy winning skills!

    Thanks for sharing all your outfits--I love them!

  21. Here's what I think. I think you could start a wardrobe thrift consulting business. I'd pay you big bucks to save me this kind of money while still dressing me fashionably!

  22. Okay I'll say it. With all that $$$ you're saving on clothes you might be thinking about buying me a ticker so I can fly out and go "shopping" with you.


    xo jane

  23. Hi Janet,

    Another winner!!

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  24. shell where do you live? those prices are so high for gw. i don't think there are any clothes in our gw over $10.

  25. You are amazing! Your finds are perfect on you!
    And I can identify with the gray thing. A girlfriend was taking a photo of me in the sun and she said, "Wow, your hair looks so silver, like a reflecting mirror!" I promptly had more honey blonde added!
    Always...thanks for the inspiration!

  26. You look fabulous. I'm too dazzled by that gorgeous floaty skirt to notice any grey in your hair. x

  27. I am new to your blog, and I am so glad I found you. Your cottage is absolutely adorable. I have enjoyed looking through your photos.

  28. I live in San Diego but those particular items I bought at the Novato CA Goodwill store. Novato is in Northern California - a little bit north of San Francisco - Marin County area. I have relatives and friends in that area and when I visit we always hit the Goodwill store.

  29. I need better skills. I always come away with nothing! How do you do it?You look fabulous and I love the gray. Would love a post on that with a closeup. :)
    xo Dianne

  30. Nice photos and really nice outfit, you look great, I love your skirt, what a great length and that blouse is so nice, the perfect touch to the outfit; your shoes also rock, you are really cute! Your blog is awesome by the way and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  31. With great fondness, I remember wearing long skirts and never feeling more feminine. I think you look so timeless and utterly gracious.

  32. Looks great - I have been strolling through your blog catching up - I smiled when I read your granddaughter's word for pj's. My daughter still calls them bed-jams!
    Hope you have a blessed day,


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