$10 challenge #5

workshirt - $5 (thriftshop)
skinny jeans - $3 (salvation army)
pedro garcia brogues - free
belt - .25

total - $8.25

last night  i lost the hardrive on my computer. 
i  live with a computer programmer and yet i never backed up my files.
this means that i lost every single picture that was stored on my computer.
every single picture i took of my soon to be 5 year old grandaughter stella.  gone.
2 years of taking pictures for my blog.
everything is gone.  and i don't know if you noticed, but i was on a roll.
i'm on larry's computer right now.
i'm pretty much freaking out right now.
but  while  i'm here and i no longer have any pictures to post i'd like to take a moment to
thank you.

thank you so much for all your sweet,  kind comments, over 9000!   thank you for all your suggestions and compliments.
thank you for always coming back to read the nonsense i write.
thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such an amazing group of people that read this blog.
i never in a million years ever thought anyone would read what i had to say and i cannot fully express my gratitude to you all for supporting me.
this blog would be nothing without you.
 thanks again and i hope to be back soon.



  1. Oh Janet I am so sorry to hear about your computer hard drive, I do hope you can retrieve something (it's all pretty much a mystery to me). You seem to be coping with this blow admirably. I am really enjoying your $5 outfits posts, I love me a charity shop. I do love your blog and check in regularly even if I don't always comment. Take care XX

  2. OMG Im sorry too I will look for you soon. For heavens sake I couldn't have started my love affair with Ralph without you.:)

  3. janet, the photos are not gone!

    blogspot is a google product and google also owns picasa which means your photos are virtually stored in picasa!

    I was surprised, when I once visited the google-mainpage and stumbled upon ALL the photos I ever published on the blog. Scary! how much google knows/has.

    I hope you figure out, how to find them, of not, please contact me and we will figure it out together.

    You not only rock black but also skinny jeans. I am impressed!!!

  4. Oh no. My heart sinks thinking of the pictures of your dear grand-daughter. Did you send them to anyone along the way? Even if a few are saved it would be a comfort.
    Sending good thoughts your way! xo

  5. I ache for you, I too experienced a "crash" recently . . . not fun at all . . .

    I really enjoy your $10 dress posts. You are "smashing" which is much better than "crashing" in my book!

  6. Oh, Janet! Pictures of Stella, that would make me freak out too!


  7. Oh that's awful, I don't have any back on mine either, it's been on my must get round to list but I'd be devastated to lose all the pics of my mum that are on it.

  8. NO...thank you. I hope you know all the positive things you have brought to my life as well.

    I am so sorry about all your pictures...especially the ones of Stella. I would be heartbroken.
    Chin up and don't be gone for too long. xo

  9. Janet,

    So sorry for your computer troubles; I have been there. A local computer shop was able to recover everything from our hard drive; I hope you are as lucky (I know nothing about computers, but I would think it is worth a shot). Losing photos is what terrifies me, as I am terrible about copying them somewhere else.

    Love the $10 outfits; hope you continue! I haven't 'thrifted' since college, but you are inspiring me to give it a shot!


  10. my laptop is away right now being fixed after contracting a nasty virus. the fixer called yesterday saying ALL of my million photos were gone. I took a deep breath and made myself thankful it wasn't life or limb. I see you've done the same thing - turned to thankfulness. I love that we shared the same attitude here 'cause I'm a big fan of yours. you're the best. donna

  11. So sorry Janet, that's a horrible thing to have happen. When my daughter was a freshman in college she lost her hard drive (with no back up) during fall finals week. She had to re-create several term papers from scratch and no one would give her a break because it's apparently a common 'ploy' to get more time for papers and tests, etc.
    This will give you the impetus to take lots of fresh new pictures. Picassa is a good idea, that way they'll always be there.

  12. OMG. I will keep my fingers crossed.

  13. Thank you! You are the best!
    I'm so sorry about the picture loss. That really is awful. Time to ask family to share their pictures of Stella with you. Not the same, but a start. And look at all the wonderful pictures you have right here on your blog. Everything will be OK.
    Big hug to you.
    SF Bay Area

  14. Thank you for sharing a bit of your life with us!
    I guess I should probably be backing up my computer as well. Hoping your day is better today after losing all of you pictures last night :(

  15. How utterly devastating...
    I had that happen a few years ago too and it's like someone has pulled the rug out from under you.

    Picasa web albums through blogger should have all the blog photos on their site if that's any consolation.

    Larry might be able to send your hard drive out to a specialist and see if they can get anything off the fried drive it has been successful in some situations.

    Sending hugs,

  16. Oh no! Maybe the photos can be recovered by an expert. Thank you for having such a wonderful blog... Just found it a few months ago and it is already one of my favorites.

  17. Hi Janet,
    Since I discovered your blog I stop by every day.
    I am really sorry about the hard drive, it happened to me too, now I always print the best pics, I don't trust files after all they are so volatile like almost everything in our lives now.
    I am Italian and as you know Italy is going through a really difficult time, people losing jobs and homes ( I am losing my job too) and your post about the estate sale really touched me, reading your blog gives me some hope and consolation that maybe I can make it through, even if my life and finances have changed so dramatically, by living in a frugal way.
    Thank you Janet

  18. Oh Janet, I'm so sorry. I've been there. I keep coming back because you are such an inspiration. Love the outfit. I was thinking I might be able to post a $10 outfit, but I'd be barefoot.

  19. I love this look, Janet. Loved the LBD from the other day as well. I used to think buying one piece of clothing for $10 was being frugal; but, you are really pushing me here! New standards of frugality: $10/outfit!
    Hope you are back to blogging soon. Is Larry able to find your lost stuff, or is it really gone?

  20. I completely agree with everyone here...I am so complacent about computer safety it's embarrassing. My ex just lost his hard drive, too, and so he's decided our kids get backup drives for their Christmas gifts! I have a suggestion for you: make a batch of Hostess' coconut rice pudding, it will help alleviate the agony. Really excellent stuff, that pudding...

  21. oh ajj!
    paula's comment gives me hope for you.
    and by the by...
    when you are the same size and have the same inner and outer beauty as audrey and when you have the innate sense of style as jackie...
    but of course you can look outstanding in your 8.25 outfit!!!
    i on the other hand, who closely resemble ma kettle with short hair, would have a bit harder time in pulling it off.
    but... that being said.... i feel like katherine hepburn inside.
    guess that's what really matters!!!
    grinnin' big time here.
    tammy j

  22. Janet,

    That is just plain awful about your computer...my husband keeps saying we need to back up our files but have we done it yet? Nope. Maybe your story will get him to take action!

    Love your outfit and hope you get back to blogging very soon!


  23. Love reading this blog! I check you daily. You amaze me with your lifestyle , frugal spending, vegan eating, stylish dressing and overall sense of humor. :)
    So sorry about losing all your photographs. Stella's too? That would kill me. I am sending positive vibes your way for a solution.
    xo Dianne

  24. Oh Janet, what a nightmare. Hope you can recover them through Picasa. The reason we all keep reading your great blog is because you're a very interesting, lovely lady with a lot of sparky things to say and display. Love the skinnies on you. Only $3!! x

  25. My IT guy likes to repeat "every hard disk fails; you just don't know when."

    Note to self: Take home a DVD to burn all photos.


  26. Oh Janet...I am so sorry to hear this...I've only recently started backing up...Is it possible that there is a solution to recover? I love your blog, the way your write, your style for self and home...I've learned so much from you! Seriously, you have no idea! You are an inspiration to so many!

  27. Hi Janet,

    Sorry about the crash, and I hope everyone is right about the possibility of getting the pics back.

    Thank you for your posts-- you always stimulate my thinking. Every time I buy food from the grocery store, I am conscious of what I am buying and its larger impact, and that is due to your notes about how and why you became a vegan. Each time I purchase something, I think about your experiment of "simply stopping shopping." I appreciate the ways your words have increased my awareness and, thus, influenced my actions. Your blog is a joy to me.

    Take care and know that this, too, shall pass.

  28. Oh no! This happened to one of our computers at work, but we took it to a company who were able to retrieve a great deal of what was on the hard drive, so it could be worth you looking for someone in your area.
    I LOVE this outfit, you certainly have an eye for a bargain!!

  29. Oh no, I'm so sorry for the loss of your hard drive. Jon's lap top had a similar catastrophe a while back and we lost years of India photos. I suppose we'll just have to go back and revisit all those places again.
    Fabulous outfit, perfectly fitting jeans and cool brogues and all so fabulously thrifty. x

  30. Yikes,Janet, That is awful. I hope you can get back up and running again. Some times i like have pisture I can touch and pass around...not all of computers. Still rocking those outfits girl. Susie

  31. I love this outfit, really casual chic. and for only $10? what a steal!

  32. Oh no! This happened to my brother-in-law and a techy guru was able to get everything back for him. So don't lose hope.
    Thank you Janet for all your fabulous posts and photos.

  33. So sorry to hear about your computer and pics! I lvoe reading you, I don;t always comment but I always find you an inspiration on so many levels.

  34. Big virtual hug coming your way.

    Let's take a deep breath, I know this can be resolved.

    Larry help her!

    Love and more love, Jane

  35. I'm so sorry for your loss. That's a huge loss to mourn.

    Also, your post made me tear up. You're lovely and your blog is lovely. If I lived near you, I'd stalk you until you agreed to be my friend :)

  36. As hard as it is, we pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off, and start all over again.
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  37. That just happened to my friend too! Her little toddler's baby photos are gone!
    That's it! I'm gonna learn how to back-up my files!
    and I just have to say...
    I found your blog this year and it is one of my absolute favorites! I live in a tiny house and on a very limited budget and I have just started to let my "grey" grow out. Your style and beautiful home inspires me with every post! And it's so easy to read what a nice person you are between the lines. I'm so sorry this has happened and I will count the days until another post of yours appears!
    :) - Cindi

  38. Dear Janet,

    Oh, that feeling from losing pictures, losing a hard drive -- I think many of us can relate. DARN! Well, it looks like you have a ton of positive vibes coming your way. And we all will sit and wait for new outfits, food, house style pics to come again along with the fabulous sense of humor!

    Shelley Rose

  39. So sorry Janet. Hope you can cover the hard drive, and that at least your blog photos are all online at Picasa.

  40. So sorry about the computer crash -especially the photos. It happened to me a few years ago. Did you see the Blue Screen of Death or whatever they call it? I am still not good at backing up.

    I love your blog, and the $10 outfits are great fun. You are a gifted stylist.

    Good luck and I hope you retrieve something.

  41. I hope you find someone who can get back those precious photos, good luck.

  42. Love your latest $10 outfit and those brogues are fantastic. Not such good news about your hard drive though :( oh dear... very sad. So sorry... And you know how much we LOVE your blog Janet... Tip Top Tips and you - a winning combination.X

  43. Oh that sucks Janet.
    Remember the old days when we had negatives as back up. Sometimes I do wonder if, in this techno world things are really not as simple as we imagine.
    Annie xx

  44. Dear Janet, I do hope that you will be able to access your much valued photos, as some of your commentators have suggested. I love it that you still present a smiling face to us fellow bloggers.

  45. Dearest Janet, my heart aches for your loss. I will take this as a warning to get my pictures backed up onto a flash drive at the very least.Thanks for your blog and all of its inspiration. Even in your worst moment you inspire me to take care of my pictures. BTW, I love your hair, it always looks amazing.

  46. So sorry Janet! I only have one word to say - Mac. You HAVE to get a Mac computer. Used to have so many problems on my previous PC (viruses, crashes, etc), but no more! It may cost more but is so-o-o worth it in the long run! I love my Mac!

  47. Your challenges are so inspiring! And you have fantastic style...


kindness is never out of style.

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