my spring 33

would you be interested in seeing a few pieces i bought for my spring wardrobe?   i had really big plans for this season, i was so excited, even dreaming about fashion.  but then the IRS decided to decimate my kate spade fund and now my month in france fund is currently being attacked so i've been forced to get creative.  a big thank you to the IRS for helping maintain my blog's mediocre status.

putting together 33 pieces of clothing that will get you through a season, makes you think ahead.  i have no weddings, parties or special events that i have to attend because i have no social life. but you might, so it's something to consider.  these days i prefer to stay behind my gate.  narrowing down this list to 33 was much more difficult than putting together the fall/winter list and to be honest with you i don't know if i'll be able to stick to it.  anyway, it's done and i hope it will all work out.   one of my favorite things is a pair of white levi straight 552's that i purchased at the end of last summer.  i feel optimistic when i have them on. 

so here we go...

this happy little peasant top is from walmart. yes, you read that right.  i was in walmart to buy a heater filter and i found this.   it is 100% organic cotton and it's as soft as baby pajamas.

this is my picnic shirt.  i call it that because when i see it i want to have a picnic. 
this shirt runs big (this is an x small) it's from target.

i love everything about this top.  3/4 sleeves and plenty of room for a big lunch.  have you ever been to forever 21?  this sailor top is so, so cute in person and the fabric is nice and it's well made. why don't i have on my julie lorusso pearl bracelets?  a stylist i will never be.   i think coco would like this bow detail. 

legs - benjamin moore decorator white

this is by far my favorite find.  i love this dress.  it's a cotton poplin safari dress from walmart.  with its crisp collar turned up i feel so ladylike.

so i'll see how these new pieces hold up.  will they make it one season?  my bet is that they will but i will report back.

my list

white levi's
dark levi's
black full skirt
black slim pant

red kayce hughes dress
black cotton dress
black safari dress

chambray shirt
white shirt
red and white picnic shirt
orange peasant top
white tunic top
black 3/4 sleeve t-shirt
navy and white striped long sleeve t-shirt
black and cream sailor top

black cardigan
yellow cardigan
red short trenchcoat

black sandals
brown sandals
coral sandals
black loafers

pearl bracelet
turquoise cuff
skinny brown belt
skinny black belt
wide black belt
1 or 2 scarves
straw bag

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  1. The IRS took my new downstairs bathroom so I can relate.

    LOVE the picnic shirt. I would live in that all summer if I were you.

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I love your new pieces. It looks like a great list. Can't wait to see more.

  3. A designer I think you already are!

    I LOVE the peasant shirt. I always find the cutest things at walmart and love even more when they're only $8!
    You look fabulous...

    I'll let you know April 15th what the IRS takes from me!

  4. Oh Janet you inspire me so much.

    I adore that striped top with the bow detail...I think bows = FUN!

    I don't know about you but I am much more content leading a quiet life these days...I cannot party the way I did when I was in my youth.
    I thought you were pretty hip though when you went to Jack's concert in Hollywood...dancing around in high heels into the wee wee hours...

    You might laugh at me but my eye went up to the top right of the first image and I thought I saw a disc suspended in the a flying saucer...
    In a later image I see that it is supported by a stand and must be for shade...silly me.

    Hope that you have a great week Janet :)


  5. steve - oh man that sucks.

    paige - thanks.

    sarah - thanks and good luck on the 15th.

    leslie - haha, an umbrella!

  6. I love the "Benjamin Moore Decorator white" to funny!! Great outfits for an even better price!!

  7. This looks as if you are going to have the most stylish spring ever - now with the reduced wardrobe, only winners accompany you through the day.
    Hostess of a Humble Bungalow is right, now I see the flying sausage, too! hehe.

  8. PS: the first forever21 store in Austria will open this spring. yay, somthing to look forward to.

  9. LOVE the sailor shirt! LOVE the picnic shirt! LOVE the orange shirt! LOVE the little shirt dress! LOVE the Levis white! OK. So I love it all! Excellent choices! (I'm making your Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies this Sunday morning.) :-) Gotta love ya, Gardener's Cottage!
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  10. Janet, you look marvelous!

    I purged my closet yesterday afternoon and there were things in there from the 80s!!! An acid wash denim jacket to name just one, lol! I have 2 garbage bags full for Goodwill :)

    Can't wait to see more of your spring wardbrobe!


  11. I really love this idea -- am new to your blog and to the 333 project. I checked out all your posts on the project and am intrigued. I just feel so clueless about my personal style. I love interior design, but am a complete fashion dummy. How does that happen? (Well two years post twins doesn't help.) Any tips?

  12. angie - decorators white or ultra white, i'd say.

    paula - you have to be v careful in f21 b/c there is a lot of crap there.

    suzanne - thanks and i need some of those cookies today.

    sue - good for you, doesn't it feel good?

    vintage object - i would def recommend the project 333 in helping define one's style. i would say that has been the biggest benefit to me.

  13. Cute finds. White pants totally make a summer wardrobe. I ALWAYS had a new pair every year until I got so fat. ANd yes, the shirt dresses make you feel so great. I used to love those too!! Love the decorators white. xo

  14. That is all astonishingly stylish. And for less money than I usually spend to breathe. Amazing. I have to say one thing. Somehow I believe you should have a pair of nude sandals or pumps. I feel them calling to me, "Send us to Janet..."

  15. Janet, another winning post from you! Did I read mediocre? What on earth are you talking about girl. Your blog is in my top 3 favorites. It's real - it's beautiful.
    As for the IRS - do you know the definition of rape & pillage? Evil empire...
    Love your fashion choices. I just found my summer bag at a thrift shop for $5.00. Beautiful hand made Italian (forgive me)leather in a pale stone color with small daisy cut outs. Your fashion style really does inspire me.
    Thanks for the fun Sunday blog.
    Miranda SF Bay Area

  16. glenna - thank you.

    terri - thanks and white pants do sorta call attention to the bottom half don't they.

    lisa - i know re the prices! the sandals i'm wearing w/the safari dress are sort of nude. they are a faux snakeskin pattern, i just called them brown. my legs are so white you can barely see them.

  17. Janet, your spring wardrobe is gorgeous. I'm actually sorry we are moving into Autumn here because your choices are so cute. And Autumn is my favourite season.

    You have such a lovely figure, and photograph beautifully.

    I feel in good company as I have the same shade from the colour chart on my legs too.

  18. That gingham buttonup !!! I love it!!

  19. Thank you for your lovely comments in my blog. I appreciate it so much!

    You look very stylish and pretty! :) XO Nicky

  20. Everything looks great on you! I love the peasant top the most I think, I love how you shop Walmart and Target.
    If your legs are Decorators White I don't know what mine are.

  21. Dear Janet, Oh, you look so darling. Love 'the picnic' shirt, there's just something special about it on you. I think it will raise everyone's spirts seeing you in it, like it did mine. It does say 'Picnic and Happy Days' Bet it would look cute 'out' too. Sandals are so perfect with it. The 'Black Safari' is just out of this world on you. I mean what a find! You can wear it anywhere. You can dress it up and down, I'm picturing your pearl bracelet, and black kitten heels with it too. So classic, no wonder it's your favorite find. Gray, windy and raining like crazy here , looks like you are getting some too. Your beautiful post really made it sunnier. Tons of Hugs, Joyce

  22. Just shows sometimes you can find cute things at Walmart and Target. I've bought things to wear at both and swear that when someone asks where I got them...I won't tell. But then I always do. Which makes me mad at myself because otherwise they never would have known. I love that striped shirt with the bow in back...very Coco!

  23. miranda - thank you so much and your bag sounds fabulous. i have nothing against 2nd hand leather goods.

    fiona - oh my goodness, what lovely compliments. it sounds like together our skintones could light up a room!

    comeca - thanks and it would look good on you too.

    nicky - my compliments to you are sincere and thank you v much.

    deb - thanks and maybe yours are ultra white.

    joyce - i love the picnic shirt too. and i should have worn my turquoise cuffs with that safari dress, but i like your idea too. not raining yet here.

  24. Janet,
    You look great in all of the outfits. I have to say, LOVE the white jeans with those shoes especially with the picnic shirt and the forever 21 shirt. (I might have to go get one of them). Thanks also for the link over. One of your readers just ordered one of my pearl and starfish necklaces. Yeah!

    I hope you're doing better this week.


  25. What inspiration...!
    I found a deep orange top a bit like that one really cheap at H&M sale a couple of years ago and it's holding up great so I might copycat (mind you, much as I'd love to combine with white jeans I don't have your lovely figure!) ;o
    And I might be fixing a big black bow on my striped T, too... I already copy-janetted your copy Kate bag the opposite way, using raffia on a black basket!!
    Those little coral sandals are great, too. Surprise - I have very similar ones in pink, had them for ages. We seem to like similar colour combos.
    Wondering if that cute green hoodie could be part of your 33 (climate?)?

  26. Janet you look fab. Love the orange walmart top and sailor top. We don't have Walmart here, more's the pity. xxxxxx

  27. Janet, you look lovely as usual.
    I particularly love the picnic shirt and sailor top!

  28. nita - thanks, i always blab everything, age, weight, it doesn't matter to me.

    julie - oh that just makes me so happy. i LOVE the starfish necklace and how perfect for summer! i still need to send you some of my mom's old vintage stuff and let you work your magic.

    meID - oh i love the sound of your bag. my green hoodie is part of my morning workout wear so it is part of my everyday clothes. workout wear does not count in the 33.

    ff - thanks and you really are not missing that much.

  29. Janet, (first, LOL @ your response to FF)I love your wardrobe choices too. I will be doing the spring/summer wardrobe editing too--very soon. I was able to get the fall/winter down to under 30 items and I am hoping to do the same for the next seasons. Last year I bought a plain white button down shirt from Walmart because I read in "Real Simple" that the "Riders" brand they carry had a great cut for the overly endowed ladies. I was pleasantly surprised. Right now I am saving catalogs gearing up to find some key linen pieces. I am so happy Spring is almost here!! xxBliss

  30. super cute! you look great in everything. i so admire that you do this.

  31. Thanks for posting your list. The safari dress is great & tres fashionable right now too.
    I keep meaning to ask - does this list include the clothes you wear to work? I don't think that I could survive a 5 day work week (admittedly two of those days are at home) on just 33 items!

  32. bliss - thanks and good to know about the riders brand. i think if a garment is well-made who cares the brand name. plus i go through white shirts pretty quickly so i don't like spending a lot of $ on them.

    tera - thank you!

    jo - oh yes, this def includes workwear. i have to wear head to toe black which explains why i have a lot of black on my list. BUT i only work part time.

  33. stylish shoe girl - i love them both too!

  34. Dear Janet, Oh yes, the turquoise cuffs will be so great with the 'The Safari Dress', could not be better. Hugs, Joyce

  35. Stripes are IT in England at the moment, so the sailor top really fits the bill, and I love pink gingham, so covet your 'picnic' shirt as well!

  36. Did you hear me gasp at seeing the bow! I'm a sucker for a bow. My daughter bought really inexpensives ballet flats with a bow from Kmart and I'm hot-footing it there to grab a pair.
    It's pretty amazing the pieces to be found at these stores just like your orange top.
    I like all the items J and congratulate you on following this 33 campaign.

  37. Love the black dress and the purse!!! but..I have to tell you.. i almost fell off my chair.. I was laughing so hard at your comment about your legs!!!!

  38. The striped shirt is fun, and I find the black shirtdress very elegant. Overall, very nice buys (and I envy the nice warm weather!)

  39. Exciting.. and I really love your 33 pieces Janet especially the black safari style dress.. still stylish and chic every season I say! XXX

  40. I normally make it a point NOT to shop at Walmart, but I am seriously re-thinking that now! That Safari dress!! Cute! Great choices -I LOVE them all. Now that it's getting warmer here I'll have to get started on my 33.

  41. Our Walmart is miles and miles away, so not really even ours.

    So when you finds clothes this chic and cheap why don't you buy extras and send them to me? That would actually make a cute post...

    You look like a million bucks as always.

    xo Jane

  42. you look fabulous as always (even with "decorator white" legs;) love all your purchases and love them even more that they are great values. I HATE to clothes shop.... now maybe if someone put a clothing shop in an anitques shop I'd be all set!!

    wishing you a week filled with new-found joy!

  43. Gorgeous looks! I always think that red and white on a brunette is breathtaking.
    The black crops are J Brand Gigi jeans.

  44. Janet,

    I'm really enjoying your outfits! You look fabulous and in GREAT SHAPE! What do you do??? :-)

    Great tips and I love the fact you've shown pieces that are affordable and really pretty. That's great!

    Have a Beautiful Spring!


    Luciane at

  45. Janet,

    On my way to walmart and then Target...It's probably going to be packed with women looking for your fab finds! You look gorgeous! And I loved the comment about BM decorator white legs...Mine too! Can't wait to share this post with Madeline.

    xo annie

  46. HI, You like a doll. My legs are BM's 'Simply White'. ox, Sandy

  47. i'm loving these outfits and the prices you can't beat. I actually bought 2 miley cyrus shirts from walmart last year. you shoud check out nector. i just bought a really cute purse there and a couple of shirts, one striped, for hilary and the prices aren't too bad.


  48. just popping over to say THANK YOU for coming by the blog and saying hello! I'm so happy you liked the botanical project! :) xo, Artie

  49. I love all the outfits! It takes someone with true style to look so classy & put together with Walmart & Forever 21 finds, so hats of to you. :)

  50. joyce, - yes i think the turquoise will look good.

    rosemary - stripes are in everywhere it seems.

    anne marie - i'm a sucker for the bow detail too.

    ocean breezes - thank you.

    terri - i'm glad you got a laugh!

    chiara - thanks.

    sarah - thank you!

    karin - i usually make it a point to avoid walmart too. i was quite surprised.

    jane - clothes for wallpaper?

    joan - thank you and i'm surprised you don't like shopping for clothes.

    tabitha - thanks and i love the flare on those gigi jeans.

    lucianne - thank you my dear, so sweet.

    annie - haha. i seriously doubt it!

    sandy - oh simply white is warm.

    margot - oh i love nectar.

    artie - thanks for dropping by.

    anon - thanks so much!

  51. My first time to your blog, I think I came via a design blog not sure who's at this point. I relate and feel Like you are talking my language! I love what you say, how you said it and how dang adorable you are! I just checked some previous posts and I can't wait to read all your past stuff. I will go to tar-jay tomorrow to find the picnic shirt! I would say keep posting about you in your outfits, you look so good! I bookmarked your blog and can't wait to read more! FYI I bought a peasant shirt at Forever 21 last year!It is still holding up!Keep up the inspiration on the fashion front, I am past five zero also and need all the words of wisdom from someone like you!
    Regards, Karen

  52. OMG..we bought the same shirt at Wally World..I bought the Navy chic we are!!! Lovely post. I sure do enjoy your clothing posts as I am trying to donwsize mine even further. Thank you for the inspiration.

  53. Just one suggestion Janet: Benjamin Moore Decorator White + St. Tropez Foaming Tan = Caffe Latte legs...a nice transitional hue before we move on to Early Summer Cappuccino gams.
    OK, one more thing; you must never say "IRS" and "my month in Paris" in the same sentence again.
    If you dream it, it will already have the clothes to wear!

  54. Are you sure we were not switched at birth? I really admire your practical side and ability to reign order and chic on a slim budget. Decorator white legs look so proper, just the right trim.

  55. I just love that 'picnic' shirt! I made my 422nd trip to Target this weekend & didn't see it there. I will be heading back asap to find one.

  56. karen - thank you so much for your thoughtful comment.

    heather - thank you too and i hope it holds up b/c it is so soft!

    slim - i promise never to utter those 2 phrases in the same sentence again.

    pve - omg that is the best comment ever. my white legs are really just the trim. how funny.

    kristen - you are too funny. 422! if you can't find it look on line.

  57. @ Kristen...look's on sale this week at Target. : )

  58. thanks heather. i couldn't find it online. how much is it on sale?

  59. Okay I think I really need to go shopping. I will pass on the safari dress, as they will make my BM white legs look bigger than life. As a friend says, tan legs just look thinner. So I keep 'em covered! You look great!


  60. p.s. Shopping on a budget and looking chic, classy, and cute--what can be better?! Thanks for the inspiration.


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