copy kate and me

on sunday i took the copy kate spade bag out for its first public appearance and i have to report that it got rave reviews.  i was most surprised by this and also by all the comments i received here saying you preferred it over the real kate spade bag.  i went to church, a meeting and trader joes and received a total of 5 compliments.  the last one was at trader joes.  a woman approached me and asked if i had tied the ribbon on the bag.  when i told her that i had, she said...i think i'm going to copy you.  swear to God, that's what she said.  how funny.


i have been diligently working on my list of 33 items for the spring/summer session of project 333.  i am having a difficult time narrowing it down.  i suppose it's all the spring excitement in the air and my wanting to wear more color this time of year.  but i will be channeling ralph and kate very heavily.  i've purchased a few really cute, really inexpensive pieces that i will share with you in the next day or so.  i will be reporting back shortly.  



  1. By end of summer women all over California will be sporting bags with bows tied to them. You've started a trend.

  2. You have started a trend. I'm going to look for one myself.

  3. janetstyle goes viral, just watch ;D

  4. Cute outfit!

    Is there a KS outlet at Cabazon? There's one out here in Camarillo - it's dangerous!

  5. I think you should call your bag "the Janet bag". I am going to look for my own version in my area and once I find it, tie a bow on it, I'm going to call it just that.

  6. nita - well in reality kate started it and i'm just copying her.

    deb - if the trend is copying, then yes i may have started it.

    meg - are you having trouble with your list of 33 for spring?

    julie - there is one and it is v dangerous entering that store. very.

    adrienne - so cute, i can't wait to see it.

  7. Very cute indeed...the Janet a Kelly but more organic!

    Red polish and red shoes...

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

  8. Oh, sandals and painted toes! I'm in Michigan and it's getting to be spring, but slowly. I couldn't resist going out to clear the gardens a little last night, but I had to wear boots and a coat to do it.

  9. The last time I got five compliments in one day was thirty years ago while wearing a black speedo at Halloween. But, I'm not bitter. So with that said, good for you. Janet, you have it down, as they say. I still see yellow with that red, alright so change it to fushia. I think I have spring fever.

  10. leslie - thank you. it does look a little kellyish.

    erin - i know it feels so good to let the toes breathe!

    kev - i know. but remember the bag got the compliments, not me. i love the idea of fuchsia with the red, i def have spring fever or maybe it's thinking about you in a black speedo!

  11. Great look! You are so casually elegant.
    Best regards,

  12. cute bag!

    and, omg... look at that sago palm in the background... it's HUGE!
    looking forward to pedicures and sandels! we're still wearing boots and wool socks here;)


  13. miranda - thanks for saying so.

    joan - i know, it's huge. there is another one just like it just out of photo range.

  14. Here is the trend you will start: All of us, your admiring followers, are going to start saying "What would Janet do?" if we all are not already ....

    I absolutely love your blog, your ideas, your style, your organization, your humor. So funny!

    I too have (had) a little old red cottage here in South Pasadena, California, close in age to yours and since painted white. But picking the right white for outdoors was more than a challenge. I'm waiting for the day you do yours so I can copy you.

    Keep up the wonderful blogging!

    Shelley Rose

  15. Dear Janet, You just look fantastic. What a darling outfit. It was so much fun to hear about the public debut of your bag. Thank you for telling us about it, I was hoping you would. I knew you would get loads of compliments on it and you'll keep getting them too every where you go. Love the white tunic. Those cute sandals would look great with your red spring dress too. Your 'yoga room' looks like paradise, with beautiful pictures of you in it. Just loved your post this morning with my coffee, but then I love every one you do. Hugs, Joyce

  16. shelley rose - thank you, that's quite a compliment. i think they already made the bracelets...wwjd. just kidding of course, but you knew that already. i think i'm gonna leave my house red for awhile longer.

    joyce - hi dear, thank you a zillion x's over. i was quite surprised by the compliments the bag got. i'm afraid i'm gonna wear out these little coral-colored sandals this year.

  17. Yes. My nephews used to wear those bracelets. I was just afraid I might offend you or someone if I put something like "a new adaptive reuse of the WWJD bracelet" -- Shelley

  18. You look fabulous fun to get so much attention to your bag on its first public appearance! I think it's the way you wear it. I'm anxious to see your 33 items list. Maybe you should do a post(s) on all the options of the 33 items for spring/early summer. Some of us need more help than others.

    xo annie

  19. I love that you're going to "channel" people and that you're already adorning summer footwear!

    You are looking cuter than ever and I agree with just present everything so well.

    I'm having a hard time emailing you back...keep getting an error msg. I'll try again later.

    You look fabulous, my dear!

  20. you look so pretty, just love your orange shoes. Wish you lived here. We could do lunch. Your options vegan wise would be limited, but still, it'd be fun xxx

  21. Love the red sandals. I can't wait to be able to put up the boots and slip on some sandals.

  22. Can't wait to see the debut of your Spring 333 items.
    You are so lucky to be wearing sandals, it's still strictly black hose and boots here in London.

  23. Ahhh...So I see now! I thought the Copy Kate purse was smaller from the first pictures, but now I can see that is a tote size! Even BETTER! You wear it well! Definitely hope to see all of your 33 choices...I agree with the above post...Some of us need more help with this 33 project. Thank you with each and every darling post. :-)
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  24. What an adorable outfit. The black & white with a pop of color from your shoes is lovely. And five compliments in one day!! You certainly do look fabulous.

    I love your white tunic. May I ask where you found it? You are so good about wearing colors that suite you.

    Thank you for posting the pictures. I'm sure that I'm not alone in hoping there are more to come! You're such an inspiration.

  25. shelley - you did not offend me!

    annie - i'm having trouble with my list of 33. i think i need professional help sorting it out.

    sarah - i've been channeling people for years. sometimes it works and others not so.

    ff - i SO wish we lived near ea other too.

    bonnie - yes it does feel good to put the boots aside and let the toes breathe.

    comeca - thank you love.

    jo - i'm working on my list. it's much harder this time.

    suzanne - yes, it's really the perfect size. everything fits and it's lightweight too.

    anon - i got the tunic just last week at ross for $5.99. i know! it was originally priced at $50. and i love it.

  26. Now this is my favourite Janet ensemble. Black, white and coloured sandal. Of course the bag is fabulous too. You are rocking it girl!

  27. Hi, nuf' said? Will you be copying my gardening ensemble?

    xo J.

  28. anne marie - thanks, i like it too.

    jane - you. kill. me.

  29. What a spectacular shopper you are. The K Hughes dress, and tunic, such bargains! Then the bag. You know to do everything so beautifully. ox, Sandy

  30. Janet,

    You've a classic beauty and I love your pictures outdoors... so beautiful!

    Have a wonderful day and thank you so much for your comments! It means so much to me! :-)


    Luciane at

  31. 'channelling', 'cute', 'inexpensive', you've got me hooked. I'll be waiting. A lot is not available here or is tres expensive, so I'm always looking for ways to 'get the look'!

  32. Love the bag....very cute :o)

  33. You always look great in whatever you decide to wear.... love those red sandals!


  34. I LOVE everything but....where did you get the white tunic?

  35. anon - i got it at ross. do i sound like their commercial?


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