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Courtney Carver, the creator of project 333, graciously asked me to write a little bit about my experience.  I did and today she posted it here.  If you are even a little bit intrigued by the idea of project 333, then pop over and see just how you can be more with less.
I'm starting to put together my spring/summer list of 33 and hope to share it with you soon.

meanwhile, tgif



  1. Can't wait to read that post. I just finished my 3 months, but it's too early to think about changing my wardrobe to warmer-weather clothes, so for now I'm sticking with my same 33 items. I really haven't found it hard, but then again, I haven't been much of a clothes horse since my college days. The only time I even thought about it was when I went to the Oscar party, which was formal, but I borrowed something for that, so that doesn't count, right? Looking forward to seeing what you pick for your next 33 items! Karin

  2. Gorgeous photo of you, Janet. You are so long of leg!

    I will check you out over at Courtney's.

    Happy Friday!

  3. Is that a geranium next you? it's huge!

  4. The laundry-bucket, your smile, the sun reflecting on the red tiles ... I really like this photo!

  5. and now on the project 333: the only downside I noticed are the co-workers who comment on the "same clothes" I have been wearing recently. When working in a surrounding where co-workers invest a lot of time, $$$ and thoughts on their wardrobe, you stick out when wearing the same items over and over. It is ok. But I don't particuallary enjoy the fact that they notice. They make me feel weird. Especially when they comment. Shouldn't it be the other way round: that those who dress rich in variety stick out? I wonder if others also feel uncomfortable with this project when surrounded by fashionistas at work. They can make you feel like a weirdo, even though the clothes are impeccable.

  6. You among others have been an encouragement to me to keep streamlining my own wardrobe. I am not down to 28 items (not including accessories, jewelry, exercise clothes) in my Fall/Winter/Early Spring wardrobe. I love the freedom it gives me and license to get creative. I will be working on my Late Spring/Summer wardrobe soon. xx Bliss

  7. I think this is so interesting. I have been wanting to clean out my closet and this could give me a way to focus on it.

  8. you look cute, cute, cute!!
    what is that fabulous tree behind you?
    and that geranium...... omg- it's a shrub!
    lucky girl!!
    off to read your story!

  9. correction: "I am NOW (not "not") down to 28..."
    What a doofus...

  10. Adorable! You look absolutely adorable. Perfectly put together. And...
    As always, you have the greatest, most interesting blog. I am definitely inspired to streamline the closet yet once again. Hopefully this summer I will do major cleaning out, thanks to YOU!
    And...YES. T. G. I. F. That's a BIG T. G. I. F.

    :-) -Suzanne in Illinois

  11. Hey there....
    You're looking phenominal, as usual. :)

    I've started but I'm not down to 33 yet. I should be since I basically where the same outfit day after day. It seems like this would be so much easier in the summer - think I'll skip right into the spring/summer outfits. I'm determined though.

    So, is that a humongous geranium?

  12. Limiting myself outfit wise will only happen when the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse ride into town but Janettttttttt- you look GORGEOUS!!

    Glad you've posted- I miss your posts xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. You look lovely Janet, as ever. I'm off to check out your guest post. x

  14. I've read on your blog about this - but with today's post I jumped in. Summer is ending here in New Zealand - so I pulled out everything in wardrobe & draws & planned for autumn. Will start in a few weeks when officially autumn - as probably will not need summer clothes then.
    My husband is going to join me.

    Thanks for inspiration!

    Love Leanne

  15. Janet,

    First, you look beautiful. Happy. And inviting.

    Second, when I moved out of my loft/studio/gallery and in with Susan a few years ago, I let go of so much--clothes, books, etc; stuff that I was not using and stuff that was simply taking up space.

    Letting go was a spiritual awakening, so-to-speak.

  16. Janet,

    you look beautiful here and on Courtney's blog. You know you have me so inspired and I am going to get on board. When you take this on it not only makes you think about your wardrobe in a more simplistic way, but everything around you. It really just makes a lot of me anyway. Not my daughter, but that's okay.

    xo annie

  17. Love your guest post Janet. You say so much in so few words, just like your wardrobe.

  18. looking good!

    i see what looks like wicker furniture in the background - do you leave it out during the so Cal rainy season? i'm wondering what the best option for outdoor furniture is - whatever we get doesn't make it through all the rain very well.

    am going to check out your guest post.


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