what i'll be wearing this fall

With all this talk about fall and pumpkins swirling around the internet, I figured I'd join in and show you what I'll be wearing this fall, if and when it ever arrives.  Above is last year's cable knit sweater, skinny jeans, leopard loafers and an infinity scarf I crocheted myself.  I'm thinking this would be perfect on a cool fall day at a football game but in reality...a trip to Trader Joes.

The next outfit is a pair of skinny black trousers that I've had for about 7 years paired with a vintage sleeveless shell that I picked up at a thrift store for $3.  Larry gave me that leopard cardigan 2 years ago and those awesome Ralph Lauren flats came from the Pasadena City College Swap Meet, $10.
I'm thinking lunch with a girlfriend, yeah, that's doable.

I'm looking forward to wearing this outfit to the Redlands Symphony perhaps.  We joined this year and cannot wait.  Tickets are so reasonable, if you live in the area you may want to consider it. Same black trousers, black kitten heel pumps and this Everlane Silk blouse from last year.  I still love this clutch made from old fabric that I got on Etsy for my trip to London last year.  Too bad she went out of business, she is so talented.

This will be a favorite everyday outfit.  These skinny jeans from American Apparel that I bought last year and my old penny loafers paired with a vintage cardigan from the swap meet, $5.

Yeah, so that's what I'll be wearing. :)

Thank you all so much for the kind comments and emails from my last post.  I was/am overwhelmed by your caring thoughts.  This walk I'm walking is not easy.  In fact some days it is torture but trying to keep the focus on me is important to my sanity.  So if laying out a few outfits and thinking of the upcoming fall season makes me happy then I'm in.  Lots of things in our daily lives can be considered trivial but at the same time they can be touchstones that we need during hard times.  I know I have come to rely on them.  So thank you for reading and bearing with me. :)


  1. All very nice outfits Janet with the accessories adding a lot of panache and all the more special with how you acquired them-with your keen eye, patience, and sense of thrift. I think your mirror will be giving a most satisfying send-off prior to your outings to lunch, Redlands, and Trader Joes.

  2. Janet, we all do that walk sometime. Whatever makes you happy!


  3. Ahhh. Janet, I always feel a little more sane after I read your blog. Sane and peaceful. And focused. Thank you.

  4. Your outfits are perfect.

    I just read your last post. Nothing in life affects us as much as our children and when they have problems, well, as Moms, it breaks our hearts. I've had my share of heartbreak and one of my sons is having major problems now. You are such an inspiration to us with your blog. I pray all will be well for you and yours.

  5. I have thought about you since your last post and wondered how you were doing. Sometimes it is the small every day things that keep us going when the big things seem overwhelming. I love the outfits you have put together and continue to admire your ability and commitment to integrating thrift finds into your wardrobe.

  6. the small things, the seemingly menial small things....those are what keeps us sane during the day, aren't they. How desperately we need that little bit of control. I'm so sorry you're hurting. You know I understand. xo

    you crochet too? another great thing about you. :)

    1. Oh, so true, Sarah. I love Janet's use of the word "touchstones" too. I've had days, weeks, months lately when it seems that every day something -- big or small -- knocks me off course, off track, out of sorts. I think you're absolutely right; if I can maintain a routine of "small things", perhaps that will at least comfort me with the illusion, if not fact, of control!

      Thank you both.


  7. Great looks! And why not be all about you? You are the heroine of your life! Love this!

  8. And you'll look adorable, and simple, and stylish as always. <3

  9. Hi Janet,

    In times of stress I find domestic minutiae and planning outfits calming and soothing.

    Life is difficult and any little thing that can help salve the soul is worthwhile.

    Lots of people care about you and your journey.

    Nice work with the leopard print.

    Take care xxx

  10. I like your use of the word "touchstones" too. It actually sums up what the author Thomas Moore was saying in his book "Care of the Soul" which was about finding ritual and sacredness in our everyday routines. I am going through some struggles with a grown child, and am looking forward to the fall season. It is my favorite time of year and my only sanity. Your outfits are adorable! And I must admit, I am a bit jealous. I would give anything for a Trader Joe's in my town and to be able to fit into skinny jeans. Please keep posting. Thank you!

  11. Lovely items Janet. I hope we will get to see you in them. I'm really curious how the vintage sleeveless shell looks on.

  12. I feel that anytime you set out a wardrobe/seasonal idea like this, it simply reassures that you have enough and you really don't need to buy anything...or else at least it's perhaps a small accessory or one key piece to purchase; cuts down on the spending, feels comforting to know you have what you need. So, you have a good idea going there, Janet; I like your selections, especially that vintage pleated shell.

    Regarding the previous post, I confess to not knowing about the addictions related to drugs and alcohol, yet I know I have a food problem; eating for all the wrong reasons (I'm working hard on that issue, believe me, as too much weight is hazardous to health as we all know; almost more important, though, is to tackle the stress which causes the over-eating. My mom had a years-long friend who has suffered forever over an adult child...now a quite-older adult, said to be in recovery, finally, although there have been relapses...who is an alcoholic and who is also addicted to street/recreational drugs; we've often thought the only thing that kept her sane was a full-time, busy job/career despite her now being long-since retired; yet you only can imagine what she goes through when, with the saddest and most haunted look in her eyes, she's talked about her fear of getting a call that he'd be found face-down in a ditch somewhere. That's harsh to write, Janet, but I say it to also tell you that she has survived...and he has survived. Again, I don't want to expand too much on a subject of which I know very little, but it seems that although his sobriety has left her relieved yet ever-guarded, he did pull it around and they reached a tentative peace between them. I did wonder over time what it must have been for the woman's other adult children, with the focus always on the one...all of his problems and dramas overshadowing the accomplishments or special life moments of the others; it has seemed unfair. I guess it's not unlike having a sibling who is special-needs or, say, an elderly grandparent in there requiring more of everyone...the family members with the greater problems demanding the greater care. I'm just so reminded of my parents saying how parenting, whether or not it should, doesn't just automatically end when the kid turns 18...that you'll always be the dad and/or the mom who will worry over your kids til your last breath. So, yeah, you do things to cope with the worry. Dad would say, "Live. Keep busy." Sounds to me like you're doing just that, Janet. Thinking of you; stay strong, dear.

  13. Blogging has kept me sane over several upheavals in my life, focusing on the pretty things in life is remarkably calming.
    Love the leopard loafers and that stupendous bag. x

  14. I love how simply and elegantly you dress!

  15. Love the outfits. Glad to hear this made you feel better. Do whatever you can to keep your mind, body, and soul healthy and happy. Take care.

  16. Dear Janet, I am so sorry to learn that you are having such heartache; parenting can be both the most wonderful and the most heartbreaking experience. I think that there are many bloggers, myself included, who put on a brave face and don't talk about aspects of their life that cause them unhappiness and pain. Some things, however much we wish it otherwise, are not in our control. It's a good thing to organise those elements in your life that you can control and your autumn outfits look lovely, and very 'you', simple and elegant. And I covet your leopard skin pumps! Look after yourself, dear Janet, and I hope that all will come well.

  17. Janet,
    Do you have any idea how your creating those outfits does to me.
    I love how you just keep rolling. Routine, order and outfits all help us to get up, dress up and greet this life.
    No matter what.

  18. Keeping our dignity-cherishing our life-that's respect. We have to give ourselves respect.
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  19. Sometimes the highlight of a day can be that first cup of tea in the morning. You're not alone.
    Warm regards x

  20. You will never know the number of people your story has helped, and kudos to you for having the courage to tell it. You have given other parents strength and inspiration by sharing your struggle and methods of coping. You are so much more than a pretty face. God bless you and your outreach to others......Jan in Pasadena

  21. Janet, as always, you'll look FABulous this fall! You've made some lovely outfit choices. And please know that you are not alone, as most everyone is going through something. There is not a thing wrong with having a little (diversion) time to maintain your sanity, and look forward to feeling good about yourself. Whilst I agree, gratitude is extremely important, IMO love is even more important. Therefore, I thank you for posting, and send you thought blessings of peace, tranquility, and bloggy love. :) xx

  22. Bearing with you? I think not, cheering you on is more like it. And sending you love of course. I had that sweater, what did I do with it?

    xoxoooxoxoxoxo J

  23. Janet, good choices on your outfits. You will look fabulous (as usual) this Fall. You are very lucky, you look gorgeous and elegant no matter how simple your outfits.

  24. Janet, I'm a weejun girl too! But, what, no pennies??!! Mine have 1962 pennies. The year I was born. A very good year!

  25. Nice outfits you put together...especially loving those leopard loafers and the clutch. Now keep your fingers crossed that So Cal actually gets a Fall/Winter this year!

    My daughter's wedding is this Saturday and the weather is supposed to cool considerably by then. Yay!


  26. Love the leopard. We have had almost a month of beautiful fall weather already. I'm starting to get that manic Christmas twitch and wondering just how early I will put up the (fake) salon tree and start playing Christmas music. Not to say I'm not enjoying fall as it's here though!

  27. I lived with an addict for 12 years, and they were such tough years. I found things happened in cycles..things would be good & looking up, and then it would swing along & turn into a troubled cycle. Then it would circle around again. It really wears one out. I eventually left with my daughter for a better life. Which was the right choice to make for us, as he never did change & is still in trouble, but alive, 10 years later. I had to leave for my own sanity & safety. But with your own children, I could see it being more challenging. Often, though it may make you feel guilty, you really need to put yourself first and take care of yourself before anyone else. It took me a long time to learn that lesson. And yes, keeping things 'normal' and having those routines that make you feel good, are super important. No one knew I was living with that secret for years, as I was too embarrassed to even tell my own family. But once I left, and shared my story, I was overwhelmed with support..which I should have seeked out years earlier, but I had a lot of pride.


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