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while looking around the internet for inspiration, i came across stella mccartney talking about why she doesn't use leather in her clothing line.  click here and see what she has to say.
isn't she beautiful?!

this is me on my way to see
moonrise kingdom, which btw, was fantastic.
this silky tunic top was made by the webster miami for target.
it is on sale right now for $15.
it reminds me of the wallpaper at the beverly hills hotel.
so if you like wearing wallpaper, then go get one.

and i could not agree more with this...

“I wish I cold tell you it gets better, but it doesn’t get better. You get better.” — Joan Rivers

see you soon.



  1. How funny! You make wallpaper look so chic! I do like it, though, and I happen to be going to Target tomorrow, timely post! Stella is beautiful and Joan Rivers is right! I love it every time you post something...whatever it is:-)
    Whew, I said alot didn't I!

  2. I love stella. I have a patent pleather bag by Stella and it's amazing.

    I love your target webster top. So chic!

  3. I enjoy your musings and admire your love of fashion . You bring such a freshness to ageing gracefully.


  4. You are just one of my absolute favorites. All around.

  5. Stella is a force in the fashion industry and isn't she beautiful? Her skin is a testament to her healthy lifestyle.
    I like that top even if you are wearing Beverly Hills wallpaper print :-))

  6. Your "wallpaper" blouse looks so bright and summery. Always love to read your posts.

  7. Just catching up with my NY Times Magazine issues. Thought you might like this if you haven't seen it already. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/08/magazine/jack-white-is-the-savviest-rock-star-of-our-time.html?pagewanted=all

  8. Love this sweet casual look!

  9. Yeah, I might get better too with tens of thousands of dollars in cosmetic surgery!

    1. i got the feeling she was talking about the hardships in life, not so much her looks.
      but i could be wrong:)

  10. I saw Moonrise Kingdom on Friday - what a cute, feel-good movie! It received a standing ovation and deservedly so.

  11. Great quote, very true. And I love the Beverly Hills Hotel wallpaper!


  12. Janet, thank you for posting the interview with Stella. Although uncomfortable and very sad to watch I learnt a lot from it and this will definitely impact what I purchase, clothing-wise, from now on. I like your lovely pink dress and hope you are having a great summer. By the way, I tracked down some Aveda products, thanks for mentioning them. Fifi x

  13. Stella is an inspiration, sticking to her Mum's vegetarian ethos and making non-leather a viable and desirable alternative.
    You are totally rocking those pink hot pants with the wallpaper print blouse, oversized bag and pretty sandals, your legs are fabulous and so are you. Good to have you back in Blogland, I've missed your posts and my daily dose of Californian sunshine! xxx

  14. I love that top, and you know how much i love the wallpaper, if we had a Target here I'd snap it up.

  15. Glad to have you back. I like the tunic, it looks very summery. And I love your bag, you don't need leather to look stylish.

  16. I loved Moonrise Kingdom - thought the styling was fab.

  17. See you painted your sandals again - very pretty. Like the feminine look. Great post!

  18. You do make wallpaper look really fantastic! About Joan Rivers, you gotta love her even though you want to hate her. Did you watch her reality show?

    I'm doing a giveaway for a $50 gift card to Novica -- hardly anyone has entered so the odds are ever in your favor. Pop over!


  19. you always look like a million bucks! i love the shirt from target & your straw bag too. target has an adorable straw bag right now that i've had my eye on for a while. maybe your look with this outfit will give me the inspiration to go buy the bag.


  20. Moonrise Kingdom is on my list of things to enjoy for Saturday :)

    Joan is a wise chick-but I think experiences deepen the mind as well, not just age.

    Happy Fourth!

  21. Ah yes, I love wallpaper soooo much...

  22. Janet- so glad to see that you are still blogging. I thought you had given up. Your outfit is charming. Love the top. Please keep on communicating with us. I look forward to your intelligent and entertaining posts.

  23. Thank you for your recent posts on leather.
    I needed a reminder. And I love your blog.

  24. Hello Janet, I check in every day and am always cheered and inspired by your bloggy wordnessess. I have to admit to severe jealousy - or perhaps that should be envy, not so nasty - you have beautiful weather there!! We haven't had a sunny summer proper since 2006, and this year is really bad. When it's not raining it's overcast. I am still wearing some of my winter clothes, and there you are, looking babealiscious in SHORTS!! Not that I would bare MY legs in shorts...And look at your roses...and your garden...oh I think I'll just go away and eat a biscuit....
    Love you anyway!
    Suzie xxx

  25. I am 'mostly' vegetarian. Eating meat has been a hard habit to break. After watching Stella McCartney's Peta video, I am through. I will never buy leather either. My purse is made from seat belts, doesn't look like it and I get many compliments on it. Thanks for the nudge I needed.

  26. PS. WTF? When is your hair actually going to go grey??!


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