raw soup

last week i came across this beautifully styled and photographed food blog called

i love the way each recipe is described in depth and they also share the styling ideas of the photo shoot.  i thought i was doing good with my vegan diet until i saw these ladies diet.
omg, it is so beautiful and so healthy.
what an inspiration they are. 

so yesterday i made this raw green veggie soup from their recipe file.

it is absolutley delicious and i just had to share it with you.
i followed the recipe exactly.  the only change i made was the garnish.
i used cracked black pepper, red pepper flakes and sunflower seeds.
it was even better the next day.
the flavors of all the veggies are just so fresh and it feels like you are sipping a spring day with each spoonful.

i'm going to be trying a lot of their other recipes too.
they all look so amazing.

now go on and have a simply beautiful day today.



  1. wow! you can't get any fresher than raw & their photos are simply gorgeous! i am excited to try their recipes.

  2. oh my gosh...their photography is stunning! I already have about 20 recipes bookmarked to try. I thought I was doing good too with my diet...now I'm just grossed out with my diet after reading some of their posts. :)
    I'm going to try the Julienne salad tonight.
    Thanks for sharing and spreading the pretty and healthy good word!

  3. Thank you Janet. Love the Alkaline Sisters site. Love.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  4. looks wonderful and it is just so pretty! So many soups/stews are better the next day.


  5. Awe Thanx for the link Janet and for sharing this lovely soup! It certainly is Spring in a bowl! Lovely photo too!

  6. wow, those photographs are spectacular, i could sit here looking at them all day.

  7. Thanks for the link, I love the site. Your soup looks fantastic, I love how the fresh green of the soup is echoed by the green grass in the background...brilliant styling!

  8. Janet- I've been stuck on their blog for the past 45 minutes~ THANK YOU, it's full of great information and stunning images.
    I'll have to try that soup as well.

  9. Hello Janet:
    It is always a thrill to find a blog with which one connects deeply. We have never seen the 'alkaline sisters' but we shall certainly now be seeking it out. For, although we are no cooks ourelves, we do love eating!!

    We think that it is extremely difficult to photograph food and make it look appetizing. However, your spring green soup looks and, we are sure, tastes, positively delicious!!

  10. I find it hard to believe that any other person could make a bowl of green puree look as good as you, but I'll check out their site.

  11. What great timing, we just got a Vitamix! I actually came to your site looking for recipes. I ramped up my health and exercise routine after your inspirational post. But now my husband is ready and he has always wanted to "juice". Honestly and I never thought I would say this..once you start eating more fruits and vegeatbles you actually start to prefer them over anything else!

  12. I LOVE that soup and the alkaline sisters-thanks for sharing.

    It is so vital to get off dairy for good skin. People need to know that dairy can be a major culprit of acne. And even if you don't get acne from it, it wrecks you're immune system and can be attributed to other diseases like arthritis, cancer and diabetes to name a few. Acne is a much more sinister beast to cure involving hormones and stress, and yes sugar and animal products. Eliminate them from your diet and watch your skin glow! Water, drink lots of water. People do not drink enough water!

  13. This looks so healthy and nourishing. I must try it once the sun decides to come out and give us warmer temperatures. xo

  14. Lovely!
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  15. What a beautiful job they do. I don't think it's something I would run out and make -- I have an aversion to cold soups -- but I'll bet I can find a few other things that would suit my fancy from this new find.

  16. Janet, I like the tips you always offer us for living a simpler, more beautiful and healthy lifestyle. The other day I came across another site that I know you'll love! It's Fran's House of Ayurveda. (http://franlife.blogspot.com/) The articles and recipes are super motivating. Like your blog, I had to save it in my favorites!

  17. Forks Over Knives is one of the best movies you could ever watch.
    Shows the health disasters that result of eating animal products
    my husband and i drove 30 miles and paid to see it over a year ago.
    now you can watch it for free on hulu-!

    here it is on hulu.


    1. loved the movie and i wish everyone would watch it shell.

  18. oh how yummy. seriously, those sisters are amazing.
    ...as you are too.

  19. This looks delicious Janet! Thank you for the tip on the blog!

    Liefs van Madelief x

  20. It really does look great and the recipe's easy. I have every thing in the house to make it tonight except one of two ingredients...so it will have to wait...but God do I probably need the detox they claim it provides!

  21. Dear Janet, Oooh!, I thought as I saw this picture! You do such lovely soups. I was just thinking of how to get more veggies into my long suffering girls and this fits the bill perfectly. Avocados are omnipresent in Chile (it is un-Chilean not to love avocados) so we have a heap and this is something new to do with them. I hope that you are enjoying the Spring. love Lindaxxx

  22. That looks so delicious Janet - am going over there straight away and thank you for sharing. And so enjoyed your post about cleansing the face... felt quite relaxed just reading it! x

  23. This looks wonderful! I'm going to have to try it when its too hot to heat up the kitchen this summer. My husband is a big fan of cold soups and I know he'll be thrilled to try this. He made me a cold cherry soup one night for dessert and I must admit I was a little scare, but my was it delicious. I've been a fan of cold soup since!

  24. Isn't it fantastic when you find a recipe you love? Looks like a good one; I'll be trying it soon.

  25. Wow - that looks delicious! Your toppings are perfect to me. Thanks for the link to the blog. It looks like a good one and I can't wait to spend more time over there. They make healthy look beautiful but then so do you :) Thanks for sharing your journey.

  26. janet, this is a wonderful post.
    i came to your site this evening to help me feel that there really are people who care about the animals. care enough to quietly spread the word about being vegetarian, or even better, vegan.
    i saw once again on national news (diane sawyer) which i seldom watch anymore due to the anxiety it brings... sure enough, it was an expose' on the egg (factory farm) industry and the torture the animals endure so that we might have cheap eggs. those who can't lay anymore are being picked up by their wings, often breaking or being torn off, as their bodies are slung into a bin so they can lie there dying. some dead bodies of chickens are left in with the live ones all in overcrowded dark pens. their feet never touch ground. they don't know about fresh air or sunshine.
    and these are just the chickens. cows and pigs have it even worse.
    dearest god in heaven. this country has known about how animals raised for food are being treated every day. they've heard about it for years. NO ONE can say they do not know. and yet NOTHING is done about it. NOTHING. several of the factory farm states have even now placed into their state laws that it is illegal to take pictures of the farms and the conditions in which the animals are kept. it is a huge dirty secret. what it really is, is a national disgrace by supposedly civilized people. people who find it easier to look the other way. i just can't do that anymore.
    i literally sobbed when i watched that news show two nights ago.
    "forks over knives" never made it to where i live. i heard it was excellent. but really. people go watch it, then go have a hamburger at their favorite restaurant. then forget about it.
    i'm not fool enough to think the country will go vegan.
    but every day we wake up and enjoy our life, an animal is crammed into a cage with other animals in the dark, so closely that they can't even turn around or move. they defecate on each other. they're sick. they're shot up with antibiotics so they can stay alive long enough to face being slaughtered in totally inhumane ways. at least they no longer have to suffer. but the days must be endless for them. i honestly can't bear to think about it.
    i'm sorry to write this here. and please delete it when you've read it. i realize it's very heavy.
    i simply had to share my pain tonight with someone i know who cares as deeply as i do.
    i have sent emails to the dept of agriculture. they pat themselves on the back that they're doing a wonderful job. well. they are not. it's all about big money. big corporations.
    there are many celebrities who are vegetarians. you would think we could get a large enough group to make a trip to washington or wherever we could make a big enough noise in an election year...
    oh i don't know.
    again. just delete this. i had no other way to reach you. you have my email if you'd care to respond. or if you have any ideas how simple people can get other simple people to join in this cause. there is a group, a foundation who accepts your money. but what they do, i haven't heard.
    and it's still a major, ongoing reality. so they must not be doing much.
    wonder if washington would listen to george clooney again.
    i love your blog and your sensitivity and love of beauty and your kind spirit.
    thank you for listening to me. (i'm truly not a nut!) i'm the one that calls you ajj.
    for audrey-jackie-janet.
    all the best, always.
    tammy j

    1. dear tammy, i would never delete this comment,it is full of passion that is sorely needed. i don't know what the answer is. i think people will slowly come to realize that eating decomposing animal flesh is an archaic way to live. society will have to come around to a new, fresh way of looking at their diets. the disease aspect alone will mandate the change. this is what i believe is going to happen. all my best to you tammy. xo,


kindness is never out of style.

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