cannellini bean and artichoke spread*

i swiped another recipe from
and it's a good one.

we've been eating it every afternoon for lunch.
oh my is it delicious.
and nutrious.
i'm totally addicted to their website.
i want to eat everything they make.
so i kinda am.

they have me drinking alkaline water and eating raw.
i've switched my normal wheat flour to spelt (which i'm loving) and have me questioning everything i eat.
i love it when i find a blog like this.
it is so refreshing.

*no animals were harmed making this recipe.

have a splendid day.



  1. Hello Janet:
    You write here with the zeal of a true convert!!! The sisters' food really does look delicious and, we are certain, tastes so too. An intriguing mix of ingredients, something to really set the taste buds singing!!!

  2. That looks amazing.. I heading over to have a look. I'm in a constant dilemma about food these days. You be may be interested in my blog post today...a recent discovery about eggs. (not trying to get clicks, just really think you may be interested)

  3. I have poured over their blog since you introduced it last week....they are amazing and true inspirations for healthier eating. I read it back to the beginning and there are so many changes I want to make now. Even though I thought I was smart with food choices and how I eat, I don't think so anymore.
    This recipe looks delicious and easy enough. :) and anything with artichoke is high on my list.

    I love it too when I find a blog that really excites and inspires me.

  4. this is right up my alley!
    cannellini beans are so smooth & buttery.
    i will be making this, for sure.
    i have read lots of kris carr {crazy, sexy, diet} and she is big on pH & eating alkaline foods, as most of what is traditional american food tends to make us over-acidic. i need to spend some time on the alkaline sisters site ~ sounds like they are on the same page ♥

  5. I'm so excited you found this blog and passed it on. I just bought the ingredients to try the spread you listed...glad to know its good :) I think you might also like the blog My New Roots if you find their blog valuable. :)

  6. Thank you for linking us to the Alkaline Sisters blog. So far my favorite recipe there has been the avocado/blueberry pudding. I like it so much better than the usual avocado/chocolate version.

  7. I'll be serving this on Friday. Looks so good.
    Also, sent this site to my good friend who has MS and is fighting against through pure and healthy eating (recently went raw). She will love the wealth of info and recipes..


  8. Ooo yum, okay I've now found my lunch for the week! Thanks

  9. Hi Janet,

    This looks delicious! I had a look at the website of the Alkaline sisters. It is beautiful! Thanks for introducing me to it.

    Happy new week!

    Madelief x

  10. this looks yummy, I will try to make it tonight to have it for my lunch tomorrow, I think I have all the ingredients at home... thanks!

  11. Looks divine and I can't wait to make it.
    Are you making the No Knead loaf with spelt? I've got a NK cooling as I type :-)

    1. yes, i've made it twice with spelt and i'm loving it!

  12. Looks fab.

    Meanwhile it is freezing and rainy here. I so do not want to treck to the Orphange or the Coalface.

    Do you ever miss meat? Or want to eat cheese? Or icecream? And not the subsititute the Real Deal????

    I've sewed. Pop over to the blog and check our my products.

    SPRINT DON'T STROLL Janet xxxx

    1. nope, i honestly do not miss the real thing, in fact the opposite. can't believe i ate them EVER.

  13. Janet - I made that one too and love it!

    to razzamatazz--Chicken and eggs are the top sources of arachidonic acid in the diet, an omega 6 fatty acid involved in our body’s inflammatory response.

    to Faux Fuchsia--your taste buds WILL change but it takes 3-4 week for them to get dialed back. I used to love cheese & ice cream & now the thought of those makes me gag. eating meat is like ingesting suffering & death.

  14. Just how you love it when you find a blog like this, well, that's exactly how I feel about The Gardener's Cottage! :)
    Thank you, Janet, for all your great posts...Can't wait to try this new recipe!
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  15. Oh gosh Janet, I'm utterly flattered that you love the recipe(s) sooo much that you wish to share with your lovely readers! They are oh so kind to visit my blog and I hope they are as inspired to eat healthy as you are!

    Thank you to all of you here that have visited, I wish you all abundant health and energy from your nutritious food choices! A green smoothie cheer to you all!

  16. Janet.

    I'm such a fan! Love your style!

    You might like one of my fave vegie sites -

  17. I've printed off the recipe and off to buy the ingredients, thank you for sharing, looks delic.

  18. I would love to eat raw food, unfortunately my intestines are not meant for raw food. Take an interwinded, long intestine, put it in a body with a short torso (compared to the total body-height) and a raw/ fibre-rich diet will lead to massive problems.
    A doctor explained to me that every indiviual works different, looks different (also from the inside) and that there is no such thing as "one healthy diet" that would work for everyone. She actually recommended croissant instead of whole-wheat-bread for breakfast. Back then I realised, how great I actually felt during those weeks in France, when I switched from healthy fibres to croissant and baguette. The media, new products and messages similar like the one from you the alkaline sisters made me believe raw = healthy.

    I often envy my partner, who can eat whole wheat and raw products, also fruits at any time of the day. You can be sure, I do envy you, too! Because I love raw food, the taste, the sounds it makes when you bite in it ...
    I actually "sin" when I eat raw vegetables or certain fruits. The next day I have to deal with a hang-over and a bloated tummy, because the raw foods will ferment no end because it takes so long to make it through.

    And you can imagine the surprised faces of my nieces and nephew when I reject the salad, because it is not healthy for me. What, Aunt Paula does not have to eat salad?

  19. This recipe looks beautiful and so yummy - we will be making it soon. Thanks so much for introducing me to the alkaline sisters site! I'm really enjoying reading through it and inspired.


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