old things

so here are a bunch of old things.

1.  me
2.  my pendleton
3.  the belt
4.  the boots
5.  the handbag


a few of you wanted to know about this bag.
i got it at a junk store in the desert.
a super good looking version of ralph lauren sold it to me.
really, you should see him.

it's a genuine gucci with loads of patina and style
it was $40.

also, here is my old hair.
you can see it is getting pretty gray.
those are ralph lauren collection sunglasses.
alex gave them to me.
it pays to have people in the right places.

next post...my weight loss, if you are interested.

this weekend just may be fabulous.



  1. Hello Janet, I was waiting in anticipation for the name & make of your lipstick, I kept scrolling......and it was'nt there!!! it looks such a lovely shade in all your pictures? Your outfit is lovely as always! you certainly know how to wear your clothes with such style! Much Love From Amanda in New Zealand X

  2. Love your style and outfit today. You look great. Since reading some of your posts, I have worn belts again as an accessory and have had fun with it.

    Love the bag, too.


  3. Yes, tell us about your weight loss please Janet!

  4. amanda - so sorry, i forgot. i've mentioned my lipstick in older posts. in the fall and winter i wear aveda's shizandra and in the spring and summer i wear aveda's poppy.

  5. Hi Janet, love all your RL stuff--inspires us to hit the thrift stores, which on the OR coast is ALL WE HAVE in our town! I just started working with a trainer and can't wait to hear your weight loss story. Thanks again, Allegra

  6. Very elegant and chic as ever Janet. Love the outfit and the sunnies (as you know!) X and p.s. thought you were looking very trim ... a weight loss - yes please do tell all! X

  7. Janet, I want to come over to your house and play...it is so cold in Indiana. You look good, why are you losing weight.:):) I love those boots. Smiles, Susie(She Junks)

  8. god, i need both your climate and your list of great shops right now. and your diet. :D

    looking fab, as per usual.

    xo terri

  9. Think you look smashing!
    Your haircut is terrific.
    Would love to hear about weight loss...

  10. Chic as always...can't wait to hear about the weight loss - you look great!!

  11. So excited to see a new post!
    You look dynamite !
    Very interested in losing my weight - but, you? seriously, the woman with the perfect body?
    I wish I looked as svelte and stylish as you.
    Happy New Year and I hope you have a fantastic weekend.
    SF Bay Area

  12. I love old things.

    1. You
    2. Your handbag!!!!!!

    You always find the best deals. I'm afraid I'm winning in the gray hair dept.
    Weight loss. You???

  13. You are hilarious--old thing. Sure. You look swellegant as always!

    Looking forward to the weight loss story!

  14. Yes, just like wine and wisdom... Love the Gucci, the same deal my friend got at a resale shop...a Chanel...$40! When she almost walked away from the deal, her daughter threatened to 'make a scene!' Whatever it takes!
    Love your humor! Can't wait for next time!

  15. Gucci?
    Weight loss?(Please share)
    If I come over the pond & hang out with you in sunny CA will some of your good karma rub off onto me??

  16. You look beautiful as always. I wish I had your style.

  17. That's the best looking group of old things I've seen!

    Very smashing!

    Should there be one...I'd buy your style book. :)

  18. Hi Janet, You look marvelous as usual. The purse is a fabulous find. I wish I had your luck at finding good stuff. Would love to know more about the weight loss.

  19. You have the ideal legs for personal style blog modeling!

  20. I thought you were looking quite svelte.

    Great looking old bag. I mean the Gucci.

  21. I love your blog. I check often for new posts. You are so witty. I am looking forward to your next post on your weight loss. I thought you looked svelte too, like an urban cottage said. (I like the word svelte too.) I'm jealous. Happy New Year!

  22. Oh my gosh you make me crack up so!

  23. I knew you looked thinner! Just beautiful!! Do tell all.

  24. You look great, can't wait for your post on losing the lbs., I could use some help. Love the bag. I once scored a Louis Vuitton bag at a thrift store, a real one too:)

  25. you are not old...
    the bag was a fab find,
    weight loss, you are already tiny and lovely...
    but I am all ears...you rock my world Janet.

    I've just tidied up after our dinner party and am sipping on some wine after having 2 glasses of bubbly...
    Oh the joys of being the hostess and the kitchen clean up crew!

    The weekend has already started out fabulous...

  26. I love everything about this look. I had never heard of Pendelton before I found your blog. You are looking as sleek as a whippet, as always.

  27. The thriftanista (I just made that up and think I rather like it!) in me is forcing me to make grabby hands at that bag.
    I always love to discover a good Pendleton...lately I have been finding many, just none as divine as yours!

  28. What did I miss, when did you gain weight? Or are you referring to recycling old clothes and lightening up your closet?

    I've never seen an errant lb. on you.

    Looking good sistah.

    xo Jane

  29. Weight loss...in detail...pleasssse..ASAP! 8 pounds are sticking like glue, but I am so afraid you're going to McDougal on me and tell me to give up the Earth Balance. Arrrrgghhhhh.....
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  30. Tell us about your weight loss...I need all the help I can get.

  31. Beautiful background, beautiful outfit, beautiful model. I really like the touch of silver in your hair. It's very stylish!

  32. Love your style Janet....

    xoxo kelley

  33. Great find with the bag and I love the boots!

  34. Oh my Janet...you look so stylish as always...and not at all old. Love the Pendleton shirt and the gold T-shirt with it...perfect...and your bag...why do I never find anything like that...patience...

    Weight loss...??? what could that mean...?


  35. I'm looking forward to your next post. You have such great style!

  36. Weight loss? I hope you mean that you have lost weight and not that you are intending to do so. You look just great, skinny girl!

  37. Great outfit...you look amazing!

    What a score on the handbag! I just recently purchased a pair of sunglasses (a Christmas gift to myself) that are almost identical! You have great taste!

    You were never overweight at all but you do look even tinier. I just lost 5 lbs. from the flu but now my jeans are baggy, baggy. But hey, I'm having fun trying to gain the weight back!

    And if you are old then I am too because we are the same age! :)


  38. You are looking so stylish and svelte. I keep looking to find out about your sunglasses from the post with the leopard sweater.
    I want a pair!

  39. Oh and where are you keeping your expanding wardrobe? Your closet must be busting at the seams!

  40. So polished. I just dont know how you find such treasures in a 'junk shop'?
    Cannot believe you possibly needed to lose weight.
    This is the year i spend more time on myself. I love having an inspiration.

  41. Janet,
    I am always envious of all your wonderful thrift finds. Maybe I should send you some $$$ to pick me up a few things. I'm in my early 50's and am struggling to find a more appropriate sense of style. Keep posting all of your wonderful outfits and yes the weight loss too.
    Much love, Gail

  42. fabulous bag! your hair looks fine to me. i was inspired
    by you janet to let my hair go gray. i have been considering it for some time now.
    so i cancelled my jan 11 hair coloring appt. my roots are showing way more
    gray than yours are - but i am determined to see how i look with my "natural" color.

    to the commenters interested in weight loss : the vegan diet is a naturally slimming one.
    my husband and i went vegan Dec 1 2010 and in a few months he lost 25 pounds.
    and he was never hungry! check out drmcdougall.com
    and watch this clip:


    vegan eating is the healthiest way for us and for our planet.

  43. yes, would love to hear about your weight loss, but I already thought you looked so good without it!
    This outfit is oh so you too!

  44. Another great outfit Janet!

    Happy new week,

    Madelief x

  45. Thankyou so much for that Lippy info Janet, very much appreciated.X

  46. classic! love it all, especially the bag and the boots... oh, and you;)

  47. So cute! As I write this I believe I am wearing the same boots. Too bad I don't have that bag...

  48. wonderful post little ajj!
    weight loss? you? is that carrying coals to newcastle?
    i love the touch of silver in your hair. very very chic.
    tammy j
    and ps... do share the weight loss ideas with those of us who really need them!!! and like sarah in the yellow house... i'd buy your book!

  49. I agree... you look wonderful, always have, and aren't old. We're the same age, and I never call myself old. A woman from work calls herself "soooo old," and we were born the same year as you.

    I love reading your blog. It has inspired me, and brought a sense of peace and calm to my otherwise very busy life. You give me hope that after all the busyness, there will be more calm, fun, beauty. I'm still in the midst of moving, decluttering, remodeling, and this spring, will be getting married!!

    I too would love to hear a weight loss story. I can't imagine you as anything but tiny. Will your story include a bit about your husband, and what he eats with a vegan wife? I've often wondered if he is vegan as well.

    I'm so glad you keep posting.

    Colleen in WI

  50. hi colleen, larry eats vegan when he's home but when we go out or if he is on the road, he does eat meat. thanks for your lovely comment.

  51. So I just dug back into the archives and saw a photo of your closet. OHMYGOODNESS. Please fill us in on the backstory and tell us that you once had 4 overflowing closets full of clothes...to give us hope. Yes, I am trying to streamline...but after years of superb thrift finds I also have a LOT of fantastic clothes I love that fit. Sigh. A former somewhat minimalist person who is not yet in minimalist recovery.

  52. funny, i was just thinking, "wow, janet has lost some weight since i started reading her blog." i think i started to read your blog almost two years ago?!?

    can't wait to hear about your weight loss.

  53. Thought of you as I sorted through piles and racks of stuff at the Long beach flea market last Sunday...telling my friend how darling you looked in your Pendleton shirt and that Gucci bag...


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