fast and furious

i'm away skiing and have limited internet access so i have to type fast and i'm probably not going to make much sense.  but here it goes anyway.


first of all happy new year to you.  you are all an amazing group of people and this blog would not exist without you.  long story short...i love you all.


ok, yesterday while in the market at this ski resort i noticed the most beautiful, older woman shopping.  she stood out because most people here dress in puffy parkas and uggs which makes sense b/c it is so dam cold here.  anyway, around the corner comes this gorgeous woman wearing the most beautiful long cardigan.  i wound up following her down a few aisles checking her out.  i finally went up to her and asked who made her cardigan thinking for sure it was something like prada or some other high end nonsense and she smiled and said...forever 21. 
so here it is for $45.
so if you want to look elegant and attract stalkers in the market, order one.


my new years resolutions.

1.  stop sneaking into movies.
those are two movie tickets in larry's hand.
it was hard to do but i did it.

2.  stop cursing.  no grandmother should curse as much as i do.
this is going to be way hard for me.


whoever said giving sweaters is a bad idea for christmas gifts was wrong b/c i got this leopard sweater for christmas and i love it.

ok so while i'm connected i'm going to catch up on as many blogs as i can.
see you soon and i hope this made sense b/c i'm not going to waste time and proofread it.



  1. Love the leopard sweater--you look great. Have fun!

  2. I'm digging the leopard too.

    #3 was my favorite resolution.

  3. awesome resolutions!!! but don't kick yourself if you have to break them. :)

    Have fun skiing!

  4. What great long cardigans there are at F21. I will have to check them out in person at the mall next time I'm there.

    I really dig that sweater on you...and can you please tell us about that bag when you get back home and have a moment??

    Happy New Year to you and yours....xoxo, A

  5. I love that cardigan, look at you just smiling away so pretty in your new cardigan, you look beautiful, as always. Happy New Year to you!!

  6. Happy New Year Janet! Leave it to Steve to notice that there was no #3 and that's his favorite! For me it's 2. Stop gosh we are terrible around here. How the bleep did that's gonna be really difficult.

    How fun that you are skiing in Utah...30 degrees sounds just about right to me.


  7. Happy New Year, Janet.
    You look wonderfully stylish.
    Have fun.
    SF Bay Area

  8. You look amazing and I mean that sincerely...
    What great sunglasses and the whole look just screams fabulous.
    Have fun on the slopes.

  9. Oh Janet, I feel your pain. About the cussing thing. I worked with men and picked it up. Now I sometimes say ,son of a seasailor,or hoss-in-fiffers(rabbit). You can learn cussing from cartoons:):) I try notto say those things any more. But yikes, it slips at times. Smiles, Susie

  10. I don't know what I like more - your leopard sweater or that F21 sweater! They're both FABULOUS!

  11. I like the F21 cardi and your's is cute. The cursing thing I have given up on. It's keeping my blood pressure down, and it's not like I teach Sunday School or anything so I'm going to keep doing it! OK, I'll stop when the dog complains!

  12. I meant "yours"...I am half asleep!

  13. Love both cardigans and esp the photo of the two of you looking so happy. Great resolutions list my friend. Cheers to 2012 now back to your ski trip!

  14. Love both the cardi's and your bag too, is it a thrift shop find?
    I swear too much also, it comes from working 27 years in the airline industry!
    HNY x

  15. Love the leopard sweater and your sunglasses! I want to know who makes your sunglasses, I want a pair!!!
    Happy New Year!

  16. happy new year! Have a great time on the slopes.
    love the cardi and the shades!! You know I love my big cats :)

    I need to know more about this sneaking into movies thing....


  17. I should try to curb my cursing as well...I can throw F bombs better than the most seasoned trucker and even came up with a semi-curse-but- totally-inappropriate phrase for jerky people this weekend.
    If you fall off the wagon I'll share it with you!
    Have fun a winter sport fanatic I am more than a little envious...we have had nary a snowflake fall from the sky!

    P.S. I love that sweater too.

  18. Happy New Year!

    The dotted cardigan is so good looking.

    So is the Forever 21 cardigan-coat. Too bad about the wool content.

    Wool - Animal Cruelty

  19. You are absolutely adorable and stinkin' funny. You just make my day.

  20. Oh you are so funny! I'm glad you're buying tickets to the movies but maybe you can still sneak in some snacks.

  21. Happy New Year, Janet!

  22. Happy New Year!
    Digging your leopard cardi.

  23. Your look is perfection! You and Larry are the best looking couple ever!

    You sneak into movies? How? Do you hide in the bathroom?

  24. Love your cardigan Janet! Years ago I had a similar one, not sure why I got rid of it. Stupid me!

    We never go to the movies anymore, my husband thinks it costs too much and I can't handle rude people and their cell phones.

    I too, need to make a New Years Resolution of not cussing. I found around the holidays I was using a particular word a lot, mostly when I was home alone with the dog because I would be embarrassed for anyone else to hear me! It does become a bad habit.

    Have a great time on your vacation!


    P.S. Love you too!

  25. Love, Love it getting that sweater! Will look fab with turquoise jewelry! Happy New Year and have fun!!! Where is there snow???
    Love your glasses,!

  26. it. it.
    Sunglasses...Gotta have 'em!
    Might as well post where to get them all! Inquiring minds must know! :)
    Simply gorgeous as always!!!! Think I just might wear black pants, denim shirt, and an old 60's EBay leopard cardigan tomorrow to work.
    Inspiration as always!
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  27. Hey Fast and Furious . . .
    Fabulous picture of the two of you . . . "enjoy a great ski fest!"

    Happy New Year . . .

  28. OMG I thought you were a young Kate Spade.

    xo jane

    Oh God, I live to curse. It's my signature sound.

  29. Gosh you are adorable! And, wait, grandma?!?!

  30. How on earth do you get to sneak into movies? Here in Oz we have to pass 2 lots of attendants to get in the door. Looks like you are have a great holiday!

  31. WTF!! You sneak into movies?!
    You are a minx
    especially in that adorable sweater.
    Too funny you missed #3 (I think)
    I also posted my resolutions and skipped #6 & 7.
    Perhaps we could take a remedial math class together (and swear our asses off when we fail our tests)

    Happy New Year Janet!

  32. Hi Janet, this is nosy but I have to ask--have you lost weight? Lucky you to get a start on the New Year. My new trainer is coming on Friday. Allegra

  33. Handsome couple you are; great sweater. I don't like skiing, but impressed you're that athletic. Can't believe you sneak into movies; I'd be too chicken. I settle for videos at home - the popcorn's cheaper, too. My grandmother didn't often at all, but she could swear like a sailor. Kept us all on our toes, she did! Best wishes for 2012!

  34. You look darling! Have fun skiing!

  35. LOVE picture #3 and the leopard cardigan. Yes, please tell us about that one too.

  36. Happy New Year, you gorgeous pair! Enjoy your holidays! xxx

  37. Love how I can feel the excitement and enthusiasm over your cardigans and not cussing is a good thing.
    You look far too ladylike for that.
    Happy skiing and Happy 2012.

  38. Happy, Happy New Year to you and Larry!! I have the same number 3 resolution;)


  39. Never mind about how elegant the other woman looked in her cardigan you look STUNNING Janet in your gorgeous leopard number... So chic (and Mr Larry too very dishy) I would like to know where did you get those fab specs from too? Yes I have been cursing a little too much recently - it's addictive once you start!! Happy New Year my dear!! XX

  40. Of all your lovely outfits, this one is a stunner--it's the sweater, the sunglasses, and the terrific bag. (Where did you find that handbag?!) It would be good with your favorite boots too! But then you already knew that! Have a wonderful time on your trip and hurry back to us! The best to you in the new year! From a very faithful reader.

  41. Hi Janet, I think that is the Jenna cardigan but I can't be sure. It is so pretty on you and of course I love it with the chambray shirt and Larry your best accessory.
    If you are going to stop cussing my advice is do not watch The Sopranos. Watch Leave it to Beaver instead, you'll be able to gosh at least cut way back!

  42. Happy New Year hon - you are my goddamn hero.


  43. I fn love you...haha, I did not make the same resolution....especially with all that's going on.


  44. Sneaking into movies? Hello, how old are you?

  45. Stylish people - what a start to 2012, I thought it was an image from a trendy mag! And the Christmas cardi is fab.
    Hope the skiing is good. Back here in Blighty iwe are 'enjoying' storm winds and rain, rain, rain. :-(

  46. I try not to shop at Forever 21, because it's a right-wing nut job company whose founders are freakishly religious -- to the point that religious stuff is printed on the bottom of the plastic bags and employees are preached to and pressured to convert to Christianity. So weird. Some employees have also had their hours cut when they did not conform religiously.

    On the other hand, I just got the red heels that you highlighted from Payless. What a great deal, and so happy that they are also vegan! So far, they even seem comfortable.

  47. Happy New Year! So glad I found your blog this week!Love that you have fashion for the over 40 something and now seeing that an older women was shopping at a Forever 21,well I sure wont feel so out of place next time in there....thank you!
    Cheers, Terri

  48. Forever 21, religious! I think I will start shopping there!!!!

  49. Yes stop cursing!:) I really hate cursing for some reason, and it always takes me aback when someone lovely and feminine and NICE looking (like you) curses.

    Whatever you do, keep sneaking in the water bottle and snacks when you now pay to go to the moives! Wild horses wouldn't get me to pay those crazy prices.


  50. I am over 50 and I got a fabulous coat, scarf and purse at F21 a few years ago.

  51. Hello Janet, I am loving following your blog so much, your sense of humour is absolutely wonderful, and your sense of style within your home and your clothing is amazing, so looking forward to following you this year, to see what you have in store for us all!!!
    Just wondering if you can please let me know the colour & make of your beautiful lipstick? it's gorgeous!!! Much Love & Best Wishes For 2012 From Amanda... New Zealand X

  52. Your sweater is gorgeous!

    I think it's really funny you used to sneak into movies.

  53. Love the beautiful home, garden, and fashions on your blog. Wonderful resolutions!--now your words and actions will be more beautiful also.


kindness is never out of style.

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