stacked luggage

i love this photo

and this one too.

steve is doing it.

i think when an image speaks to you it is only polite to answer.

i've been trying to figure out where to put my turntable so that it is easily accessible.
it looks like a little suitcase so...

how about on a stack of vintage luggage?

and the luggage can hold the albums!

i'm not hating this.

have a beautiful weekend and above all...
 be yourself 


joining nita and her awesome mod mix monday.


  1. Hello Janet:
    Perfect in every way. Stylish, useful storage and a permanent reminder of the many wonderful places in the world to see one day!!

  2. I admire a stacked look but find whatever I need is ALWAYS in the bottom case! Hence I don't do stacking well but envy those that can pull it off.

    I just love your honesty in saying you don't hate it yet. You make me smile Janet :)

  3. Cute!

    I love the quote on the blackboard, lol!


  4. I love them too and the dude in the pic - you'll see a pattern emerging - men with shoulder length messy hair draw me in like a moth to the flame.

  5. Love the luggage! Hmmm has me thinking...looks great in your room by the way.

  6. I love your house. Curtains are amazing, and I am wondering how you created the chalk board Janet?

  7. LOVE IT! That second image is in my style files, too - and I love what Steve did in his dining room closet. So smart! Your collection is beautiful, too, and I love it in your dining room!

    What's more, I think you just solved my dilemma in my hallway!


    P.s., thanks for following!!!

  8. What a clever idea!!! Both stylish and functional...can't beat that!!! Love your new drapery panles too! They are gorgeous :o)

  9. I likey it too, and I like the symetry!
    I'm thinking you like that first picture because that dude looks like a "handsome";) version of your dear Jack!! Second photo... my mother gave a stack of those very suitcases to a local department store about 20 years ago because she noticed the store using them for display. this from the woman who teeters on being a horder. I have no words.

    happy weekend!

  10. I'm with Tabitha ....that guy is a hunk!
    Love all those leather suitcases.
    Very Ralph, I so concur.
    BTW he's got some seriously lovely pieces of jewelry these days have you seen them?
    A Jaw dropping experience for me.

    I have a few vintage cases and use them for storage and they rest atop a wardrobe.

    I see that your record player is a Crosley, my daughter just bought one.
    We still have our vinyl LP's...and now our kids are collecting vintage vinyl...apparently it's making a comeback. So what is old is new again.

    Happy weekend to you Janet.

  11. were just inspired by the hot guy in that first photo! I love Steve's closet and suitcases. And I love your stack too...that's the perfect solution for the turntable. Looks great in your house.

  12. I luggage shelf could be really something ... but I don't see it in your living room. I guess it needs a less accomplished life-style to work out, imho!

  13. Hi Janet,

    Love your stack of vintage luggage! I am afraid I haven't got a stack like this :-)

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  14. That Steve, he's always ahead of the pack. My daughter has a similar record player. She's going to kill me when I tell her about your idea. (remember my green suitcase?) On second thought, maybe I won't tell her!

  15. I remember that first photo from my "ex-girlfriend's" blog. She seems to have left me. The second image is killer. But that third image leaves me speechless. I don't know what genius mind thinks of these things.

    Yours is perfect. Don't change a thing. The fact that the record player looks like another suitcase is what makes the whole thing work.

    But I want to know what's playing on your record player!

  16. BTW, your referrals are blowing the fuses on my traffic meters!

  17. The three 'S's. Style, storage, symmetry.

  18. Very stylish, how handy that you had the stack already!
    T x

  19. FANTASTIC idea!! I LOVE it. If I didn't already have a vintage styled stereo with a turn-table, I would so do this. You have inspired me to get back to my pursuit of the perfect train case. xxBliss

  20. Perfection. Effortless perfection.

    Is Steve our leader in all things stylish?

    I thought so.

    xo jane

    ok,ok white.

  21. In my neck of the woods, we called it "playing records on a record player." Turn it on and dance this weekend, Janet! How cool! As always!
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  22. Brilliant Janet! It's right at home on vintage stacked luggage. It balances the room perfectly with the chalkboard above it...(love that quote).

    I love the other images you found too!

    Still waiting for photos and how to on that fig jam! Have a wonderful weekend!

    xo annie

  23. It not only looks great but would be handy for an after dinner singalong. I think I like your mini-stack best out of the examples.

  24. Perfect. Always love stacked luggage-so up my alley.

    I thought of you the other day Janet when I read that Jack White and his wife were throwing a divorce party (I know, it's old news I guess-saw it in a gossip mag, the kind I'm not allowed to bring into the house , in a mani/pedi parlour in NY!


  25. It looks great, Janet. Perfect solution!

  26. looks great. I like the stacked look too. And when it is actually serving a function it's even better.
    On another note, You are using a turntable?!

  27. Hell there and it must be my stage in life because anything 'suitcase' is VERY appealing... always ready to go and see the world. Lovely photos, too. Thanks for the post.

  28. Love it. I had forgotten until now that I had a portable turntable in the 70's that ran on batteries. I would even put it on the floorboard of my car and play albums while travelling ! Thanks for bringing back the memories. Love the look of stacked suitcases

  29. I really like the look. I'd worry that I'd find unstacking the luggage to find an album to be a major pain...

  30. We have some stacked luggage cause we use the steel kind with wheels now for travel....

  31. Looks wonderful. I would try a switcharound though, just to see if you like it better. Put the suitcases under the mirror on the right and the white table where the suitcases are now. It will balance out all the dark stuff being on the right as it is now. Only problem, think you might have to raise your mirror just a tad, then you would have to raise your chalk board, and right now the tops of them are the perfect height . . .oh forget I said anything!:-)

  32. I love picture number 2, I wonder if there is actually anything in them? I have always adored vintage lugguge, especially the ones with the travel stickers all over them. What a great storage idea if you don't have enough closets! I also love Steve's idea! I think they look great in your dining room, and what a great way to store your records! I hope you don't "unlike" them! - Lana

  33. i love the addition of the stacked vintage suitcases.
    they have a wonderful smell when you open them... a timeless, slightly musty, other world of adventure smell to me... conjures up memories of the train era...
    we used to spend 3 days getting to new york, going to the dining car with its white cloths, china and silver... people wore suits and hats to dine! a more elegant time for sure.
    the aged cases and the wooden floor and the music player... it all works! lovely ajj!
    tammy j

  34. Perfect combo: functional and pleasing to the eye! I love it. And I love the colors, too. It all blends. Also, love the hunting wall paper in the image above...drool!

  35. I love all these photos of stacked luggage. I really like the one with them stacked up to the ceiling.
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. You make a very good point about the strength of the cases.

  36. *** Dear Janet~

    As MUCH as I TRULY ENJOYED this (I really DID!), I must ask you to "forgive me" for bringing up one of your OTHER wonderful blogs, from several weeks ago...

    ...Today's blog is sooo good AND interesting, that I decided to do a little back-reading to get a true feel for your writings... That's when I found and read:

    MISSING BEAUTY (August 4, 2011)

    For a person like me who, sadly (?!), NEVER runs O*U*T of words, I actually DID here... Then again, I didn't try to THINK of any! After I finished reading, I just enjoyed running it back thru my head, & looking for any nuances I might have mistakingly missed.

    I am forwarding it to all my family, men and women alike, and our closer friends as well... I thought it was just WONDERFUL!!! Annnnd, so timely!!!!

    Many sincere thanks to you,
    Linda in AZ *

  37. I love the stack! I have a small stack in my bedroom storing photos that need an album...someday.

  38. I like....& White Stripes...hmmmm...interesting...
    who would have thought that.

  39. I'm always late in commenting, I'm so sorry!
    I'm a sucker for collecting vintage cases, we have a stck by the bed instead of a bedside table (crammed full of books) and I absolutely love the pile with the record player, you may have solved our ongoing dilemma with where to stick out turntable, you little angel! x

  40. I love it!!! Very "Cottage.. chic" if there is such a thing!!! lol.... Hope you leave it that way .. for a while anyway!! To me..It's picture perfect!!! how innovative to put the albums in the suitcases!!!! Thanks for sharing , Terri

  41. hi ajj,
    i hope you see this...
    it's a blog i happened onto and it made me think of gardener's cottage! only it's in rotterdam.
    but it's simple and beautiful and one that i think you'd enjoy. let me know if you like it... the address is a long one. i hope i'm not stepping on some kind of blogging protocal here... if i am forgive my ignorance please! it's a long addr:
    enjoy a little gardeners cottage in rotterdam and a new friend!
    tammy j

  42. tammy, i read madelief's blog all the time! thanks.

  43. oh ajj,
    you NEVER disappoint!!! you are still my favorite however.
    tammy j

  44. OMG, you have a turntable. That is so cool!

  45. Janet -
    Thanks for all your kind comments of late. I got back on the horse today and put up Mod Mix Monday. I featured your stack of suitcases. I love them but really I just wanted to show of your pretty dining room too.

    May thanks for your friendship.


kindness is never out of style.

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