pink and gray

have you seen the caftan from emersonmade?  take a look right here.   i love emerson, i first discovered her right after i started my own blog.  i wrote about her here in august of 2009.  she is irresistable and so is her clothing line.  well i fell in love with her caftan but it was out of my price range.  so i went looking around and found this pink and gray one at world market for $29.99, not as classy but not bad.  i originally thought i would just wear it to the beach and around the house but i've worn it a bunch of times out in public, which now that i've seen pictures of myself in it may have been a mistake, but oh well.  the pictures really do not do it justice.  it is so pretty and made of the softest cotton from india.  i feel a litte bohemian in it or like mrs roper.   i would love nothing better than to wear caftans everyday and never leave my garden. 

and speaking of's an update on that situation.

it's coming in all gray and wiry.

i have no idea if i'll be able to do this or not but i'm going to try.

so apparently it's friday...

oh hell yes.



  1. If you go ahead, make sure you buy the purple shampoo for grey hair to ensure it doesn't yellow. I think you will be stunning...a real silver fox!

  2. Thanks a lot (I'm being sarcastic here!) for turning me on to the exquisite but oh so pricey Emersonmade. I love everything on the site. You did a great job finding a suitable replacement, I think it looks perfect on you. I love all Indian block prints and paisleys, and I always keep a sharp eye out for good ones at thrift shops. Now, if I can just forget that I ever came across that Emersonmade website...

  3. I like the dress the colors are beautiful....I think you can pull a classy grey off no problem!

  4. You look fab in the kaftan! Oh I am so much more grey than you are, mine is solid now. I just showed hubs your pic and the said " Oh she is so much of your tribe!"

  5. Oh and with our colouring I think it's stay dark and then go completely silver grey, there is nothing in the middle that works with our colouring. I love silver grey so do it!

  6. I think caftans are the next big "it" thing and, once again, you're way ahead of the curve. Kinda hip, kinda cool, kinda wow!

  7. I LOVE that caftan! You look great in it! That's the point .... you're supposed to look comfy and casual. I think I want!

  8. I love that caftans are coming back in. So coo and comfortable. I suspect you are going to have gorgeous silver hair.

  9. I read your blog daily but never comment . . . but I will just this once.
    I let my hair grow out 2 years ago (I'm 50ish) and I am so happy I did. I cut it short and I love my "salt and pepper" look - it's who I am. Why should I pretend to be 30? I'm not. Be true to who you are is what I say.
    Keep the faith and grow it out!

  10. keep the gray.

    also I have to agree with your husband on a previous post, your legs do look the best in shorter shorts - although, they do look great in a dress or longer shorts also.

    i found that interesting, just in concept....and it got me to buying a shorter length of short for myself (it does make my overall leg look thinner oddly enough

    i love your posts and your website. keep it up. you are inspiration.

    thanks for your time in doing the posts.

  11. Nature's highlights! You are lucky they look highlighty rather than regrowthy.

    Your caftan is wonderful, now I want one. I love Three's Company and also George and Mildred (also with Mrs Roper) from the 70s.

  12. You look great Mrs Roper! You are always at the forefront of fashion. I want to let my hair go grey too but Mr LC has a different opinion. I await more grey with anticipation.

  13. Janet, You will be beautiful with a little gray. The person on the inside is the true person. On the More web site under hair there are many gorgeous people with gray hair. No worry about roots to cover or the chemicals you using on yourself. You will be fine. Your pretty eyes will stand out. Be patient. Moj Beli Cvet, Tammy

  14. I want that kaftan. Badly.
    Also, I have a question: How's the olive oil moisturizer coming along?

  15. Janet you really do inspire me, I am gradually getting there with trying to dress well, comfortably and simply at my age, over 50. I dye my hair, would love to go grey but work in a young office and will have to wait until I retire.

  16. I loved Mrs. Roper, she was so wacky but truly had her own sense of style.

    You could be related to me we have the same coloring, oh it's the Irish in us. The Black Irish go gray fairly early.
    I've had loads of gray for years. I'll be following you with the root grow-out.

    Love this look on you, it's perfect for the garden.
    And yes it's Friday, Miller Time! Have a good one.

  17. You are so pretty in the lovely caftan and you have the prettiest face in that last photo!

  18. Mrs. Roper ha ha!
    I think it's much more boho chic...the intricate pattern is lovely Janet. I like the sleeve detail too.

    You have very little it will look like highlights!

    I am off to look at that browse.

    Hope that you have a fabulous time strolling in your garden with your flowing kaftan rather like a garden goddess.

  19. Why try to look like we're thirty?

    Cause my GF is, for real.

    I can ( and do) keep my hair blonde, moisturize to hell and back but there's no way anyone would mistake me for 30.

    unless they were much older....hmmmm.

    You, my dear, look AbFab.

    xo Jane

  20. I can picture you now roaming around in your garden looking carefree and gorgeous!

    Love the dress, love Emerson and love the gray... :)

  21. Oh doo do hang in there re the grey. It took me 9 months of transition stage. Then I cut short and now I am in growing long transition. Lots of yummy hats in winter to get you through the transition time frame.

    I see other ladies in transition stage at shops at wanna say to them hang in there - It is soo liberating having own hair colour. I doubt I'll eve colour again.

    DO yell when the days of oh no WHAT am I doing appear.- and we will cheer you on.

    Love Leanne

  22. Hi J so much to like in this post- you know my views on a caftan! love them! You are brave re the grey!Garden is stunning.I am getting so many snarky comments on my blog that I may up sticks. What ever happened to manners? Cybersnark sucks, xx

  23. Well, you might feel like Mrs. Roper, but you sure as hell don't look like her!!


  24. YOU are beautiful no matter the color of your hair! How blessed you are!
    And in keeping with making decisions, I am liking this old Dr. Seuss quote. I think it says it all:
    "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  25. love!

    i'm thinking definitely not mrs roper, not at all.

    i agree 100% - you should spend all your days in your garden in a caftan. just be sure to post the pics on your blog. :)

    xo tera

  26. LOL! this really makes me laugh because you have no idea how many times I put things on and say "TOO Mrs. Roper??" ( I am, after all, a dyed in the wool BoHo gal, but at a certain age Boho can veer precariously close to dear Mrs. Roper I do agree!)
    Don't worry though- you're not turning into a nosy landlord in this caftan anytime soon!

    Have a great weekend Janet

  27. Janet,

    Love the caftan make anything look beautiful and hip and in no way Mrs. Roper...that reference is just hysterical. Unlike Slim, I haven't thought of dear Mrs. Roper in many many years, but I will be thinking that now. So hell to to the yes, it's FRIDAY!!

    xo annie

  28. I love the last photo of you, Janet, with your hair swept back. And speaking as a WHITE haired woman, I think that your teeny bit of grey looks good!

  29. Dear Janet, Your kaftan is lovely and you look gorgeous in it! I think one simply feels very feminine in a frock with a long skirt - it is the swish and flow of the soft material. Where is the grey, Janet? Hardly any! I am off to relive some Mrs Roper on YouTube - thank you for reminding us! love Lindaxxx

  30. Janet, You are a beauty, with dark or grey. I've missed your clothes modeling. We all think you are great. Smiles,Susie

  31. wow!!! I had no idea you had such beautiful eyes my dear Janet!!

    I tried to do the same but after almost 2 months I HAD to paint my hair again, I culdn´t stank the reflection of the mirror, there was an old lady looking at me!!!!

    If you manage to do it I will follow you!!!

    hugs dear

  32. ps. I aslo cut my hair very short, alsmost shaved my head, some years ago and let it grow natural... but had to paint it

  33. Love the caftan on you!
    They are so comfy.
    Go for it with the gray.
    At least give it a try and see what you think!

  34. Kaftans rock. Silver hair is cool and you are still my favorite blog ever. : )

  35. There's not a lot of grey; just enough to look like it's been hi-lighted, lightly frosted. Either way, it serves to soften our features as we age and I Love it and think you will too. I've been natural for about 12 years now and would never go back. I receive compliments on my grey - a proprietor of a popular antiques shop commented that some women pay big bucks to get the natural look I have. Hope you keep going with it for once you're there, I think you'll wish you'd done it sooner.

    Your caftan and accessories are lovely. BTW, have so enjoyed your recent blog entires, especially the last one with the true story of the musician. It is a respite to visit your blog. Thank you for sharing.

  36. oh my. you have the most luminous skin, i must say!
    i always thought i'd like to live in hawaii and wear nothing but tropical printed mu mus. no, mmuu mmus? mu-mu'es. oh h*ll. you know what i mean. those lovely long thingys.
    i simply love your beautifully simple blog!
    cheers to you audrey jackie janet!
    (see... i changed the order this time ... just to see if you're paying attention)
    tammy j

  37. Too funny! I recently bought a beautiful caftan that had been drastically marked down but it was from a boutique at the flea market--so I couldn't really try it on. (After watching the New York Housewives morocco trip where they lazed around in them looking so chic I thought I had to have one.) My exact response once I got it home and on was, "yikes, I look like Mrs. Roper". Matt agreed that it looked comfy, but I should only wear it around the house :)

  38. Hi Janet, You are beautiful either way. Love the caftan. xxooxx

  39. Love the colors of the caftan.

    I "went natural" (sounds better than going gray and kind of like going native!) recently and posted some pics and thoughts on my blog. I'm liking the salt and pepper look so far. Good luck - and we know where they hide the chemicals in case we want another color!

  40. hey sweetie,

    I've been thinking about you lately. I'm so sorry I don't come here for a while. I'm spending less time in front of my computer. The more my baby grows, the less time I can spend sitting on a chair. :-)

    You're a beautiful! There's something so light and peaceful about you.... it's a gift seeing you.

    Wishing you a great day!


    Luciane at

  41. Love the caftan - my daughter was here for a visit and wore the same one and I LOVED it.

    re hair....whatever makes you feel good. I was getting a bit of grey by 16 - let it go in my late 40's and I am now snow white. I have moments when I am tempted ( when asked if I was my friends MOTHER) but mostly I am happy to just be me.

  42. Hi Janet - The caftan looks smashing on you. Everything looks great on you, by the way. I hope you are having a good weekend.

  43. Hello Miss Janet,

    My Mum says thank you for showing us your "greys".
    I don't know what "greys" are, but she went to the mirror and looked at her hair after she saw your "greys".
    Mum said a very rude word to the mirror, I hid under the bed because she was pretty cranky.
    Miss Janet, why do "greys" make my Mum cranky?
    Do they mess up the house or something?

    Miss Janet, Arnie and I like your Olive Oil instructions. We lick our Mum after she has a shower, because she tastes really nice. But that makes her cranky too.

    Gosh Miss janet, our Mum is a bit of a cranky puss isn't she? Would you like a visit from the Dodgy Brothers - your house and garden sounds really cool!
    Lots of love
    Siggi B.

  44. You look lovely in your caftan it suits you.

    You have such amazing skin and beautiful eye colour that I think you will carry silver hair off beautifully.

    I grew mine out a couple of years ago, and although it's quite salt and peppery and I have a Cruella D'Ville fringe, I love my silver hair. The condition of it is so much better since I've stopped colouring, and it feels amazing after using your new moisturiser, lol.

  45. I bought one of these caftans from cost plus too and a lovely tunic as well! I was shocked to see Cost Plus carrying clothing (don't go there much). It is so comfy. I've only worn mine to the beach, but it's about to go public after this post! It looks great on you. Have a great week.


  46. I am 53 and stopped coloring my hair several years ago. I love it. I often get compliments on it and have had hair dressers say " don't ask me to color your hair...i won't'."

    I hope you will be content with your hair choice. Just as content as your are with the lovely caftan.

  47. oh and I really like your turquoise jewelry. It looks old and authentic.

  48. I love the caftan, if you want to wear it out, why not? I've seen people in clothing a lot less elegant. And I think the gray hair makes your eyes stand out more. Keep it growin'.

  49. Your gray looks great! My mother is about done letting hers grow and it's not a sassy chic salt and pepper bob! Her hair looks healthier than ever and the purple shampoo is definitely key. Her favorite Web site is now I think it gave her the confidence to keep going, so you might check it out.

    P.S. Just stumbled upon your blog and loving it!

  50. Oh Janet you are beautiful! with your blue eyes you will look stunning with silver hair, but equally your dark hair is a lovely combination with those blue eyes, so unusual..xx

  51. Janet, as a 'silver' head myself, I can tell you, it will be a long time until you reach that point. You have so few grey hairs right now, I'd just dye them or pull them out.

    I began going noticeably grey at 16 and dyed my hair until I was 43 and figured it was no longer premature, but appropriate.

    My hair was initially battle ship grey, but not bad with my skin and eye color. I actually had a clueless man ask me if I dyed it. (Does anyone dye their hair GREY?!)

    Slowly the grey turned to silver and it's a really nice color now.

    As for the caftans, I love them too! I got some on clearance at Collections Etc for $7-15 each. I use them for nightgowns, but feel comfortable reading the newspaper on my front porch or meandering in my garden in them.

    I first became entranced with caftans with Rae Woodard wore them on 'Ryan's Hope' reruns on SOAPnet. Her boy toy, Michael, said to her "Do you have any idea how sexy you are in that?" Of course, he liked her money and power too..

    Vive la caftans!

  52. I love, love, love that caftan. I had one made just like it in the 70's and wore it completely out. I have looked for years for another one made like that. Where on earth did you find it?

    Love your blog!



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