orange marmalade

this past weekend a friend of mine taught me to make jam.  we made peach, apricot and strawberry.  why did i think making jam was so difficult?  it's not.  it is easy and a lot of fun.  my imagination was running wild while we followed the recipes.  so yesterday i decided to try making orange marmalade.  we still have tons of oranges here in the grove so why not?  i basically followed this recipe and added cinnamon and the peel.  it's hard to describe just how good it came out.  here is a photo of it slathered on a slice of homemade bread that is fresh out of the oven.     

try something new today, ok?



  1. I've been meaning to make jam this summer. I usually make freezer jam, which is the easiest way, but I want to try the old-fashioned way. We have lots of blackberry brambles around here that will be producing in the next few weeks.

    I am going to try something new today: I am making lavender sea salt body scrub.

    xo, A

  2. OK. Something new. It's a deal.

  3. Oh I need to try new things, I feel so stuck in a rut just now.

    How is Melinda doing?

  4. Looks awesome! I'll take a jar of each, please.

  5. mmmmm...that looks so good on your home made bread. I may have to give it a try. Enjoy your day Janet.

    xo annie

  6. Looks so good. I tried something new this morning - I cleaned/organized my office and can now see my desk and find what I need, feels so good!

    Have a great weekend. Don't eat too much jam

  7. I love marmalade! We still have plenty of oranges on our trees -- and lemons, too. I thought it would be too difficult to make, but you've inspired me to try. Thanks for the recipe link. How much of the peel did you use?

    Laurie @ Glendora

  8. Rockin' rollin' post. :-)
    Homemade Orange Marmalade...Fun and Easy?
    Oh, wow! Never thought of it that way. Yet another challenge for me to ponder. (still pondering over the homemade bread using the dutch oven.) :-)
    I am getting behind with things... :-)
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  9. tabitha - melinda's spirit is amazing.

    laurie - i made a 1/2 batch and used the zest of 1 orange.

  10. oh. good. grief!
    your picture is too delicious. can a picture actually smell as well as taste???
    no kidding. i love your take on food. it's simple, elegant and sheer heaven!
    ok. am i gushing? just a little. :)
    cheers, JAJ (janet/audrey/jackie)
    tammy j

  11. Have you posted your bread recipe? It looks wonderful! Bonnie

  12. simple perfect yummy food,,

  13. Homemade marmalade and fresh bread are a match made in heaven!

    Something new?
    I suggested this today as well and posted it before I read this..Honest!

    Take care Janet!

  14. Well now I've gone and waited till 8:00pm to read this so it might be too late for me to try something new today.

    I just went shopping and bought a little coral cardigan, That's new.

    I should like to wear it while nibbling on a piece of your bread with the orange marmalade.

    we would look marvelous together.

    xo Jane

  15. Making jam always scared me. I had visions of jars exploding or not getting the seals quite right and giving gifts that ultimately gave all my friends botchulism (OK, I know that spelling isn't right but rather appropo, no?)
    Your marmalade looks delicious however... although you call that "slathered"?! I think we need to have breakfast together!


  16. yum!!! And, I'm with Sim... I wouldn't describe that as "slathered"!!! I love o.m.!!

    happy weekend!

  17. Hola dear Janet, would you believe that my favorite mermelada these past months has been orange one, just delicious!!!!
    I think the only thing I like cooking is jelly!!
    hugs dear

  18. Hey Janet,
    The Fred Harvey bag is really wonderful. Thanks for the info. I have never heard of him or knew of the bags. Good to know, for I'll keep my eye out for others. Great score, indeed!

  19. Janet I am going to try making your bred this weekend. I found your recipe, but I seem to recall another post where you added oil?
    Can't find it now.

  20. I make jam often, chutney too. It was one of my 1st blog posts- nectarine jam. Meanwhile I did something new- I finally learned to reverse my car up my super steep hill into my narrow driveway. Plus I learned to properly weild a glue gun. Behave x

  21. janey - this is the only bread recipe i use. maybe it was a recipe for something else that used oil?

  22. Hi Janet,
    I am going to learn to EAT marmalade and homemade bread!!!!
    Please send marmalade and Janet Bread samba (aussie for sandwich) to Allamanda Hospital Southport Qld, aka.
    PS In 6 months I'll try climbing an orange tree as well.

  23. errrrrr
    That would be SAMBO not samba.

  24. I just discovered your blog and love it! I feel like we may have been separated at birth, given our mutual obsessions - gardening, scoring finds at Goodwill, food, and most importantly, recreating chi-chi items for less! You're the younger, prettier one, of course!

    Oh, and we made strawberry rhubarb jam this week - yummy!

  25. mmm, that looks good. i'm currently enjoying the last of the strawberry freezer jam i made last summer. i'll be sad when it's gone.

    by the way, i've had my first success at getting an orchid to rebloom by following your recommendation to feed it coffee! thanks!

  26. This looks delicious, Janet. I've always wanted to make jam, but have never given it a try. I must try it one of these days.

  27. This sounds delicious! I love the idea, wondering if I could make a lemon version--they've all become ripe and ready to pick at the same time and it would be great to make jam with them. Thanks for the inspiration!

    xo Mary Jo

  28. You're making me hungry! It's been years since I last made jam, I have the pot and the jars, I don't know what's stopping me. x

  29. Recipe Please !

    I love making jams :)

    Love your vegan recipes as well

  30. gosh I love marmalade so I just like to say the's such a pretty sounding word right up there with cellophane and Vizqueen. he he!


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