grapefruit and avocado salad*

this delicious, refreshing little salad is ina's recipe.  the only thing i added was a tiny bit of agave because i didn't have ruby red grapefruits which are sweeter than mine. 
i served this salad as a small plate before the main course which was this salad. 
i thought maybe that was too much salad but no one complained, out loud at least.
i have nice friends.

let's all have an amazing weekend.
all we have to do is decide to.


*of course no animals were harmed making this salad.


  1. Love Ina, she's one of my fav's. I have to tell you that I've also enjoyed reading your blog. So much inspiration here and love the recipes you've given. Happy Friday to you, Theresa

  2. Hello Janet:
    So pretty and, no doubt, absolutely delicious this beautiful salad. Presented on the huge white plates raises it to a restaurant standard, in our view, and the whole scene is made charming with the sprigs of greenery as a table decoration. Simple perfection, Janet!

  3. Ina is my go to girl. She never fails me. I love salad lunches. I don't think anyone was complaining, both look delicious. Happy weekend!

  4. The whole table is beautiful. I had to stop eating avocados as my potassium levels were so high and that's what they thought was most likely the culprit.
    I could happily scoff two a day.

  5. it's so pretty with the white dishes!
    This is what I want for lunch on my first day there. :)

  6. looks wonderfully refreshing! Have a good weekend, Janet!


  7. I'm allergic to avocados and I want to eat it anyway! Beautiful subtle colors.

  8. It looks delish. I have to get over my fear of avocados and try it.

  9. This looks delicious! I really enjoy different salads and this is a combination that I wouldn't normally consider ~ leave it to Ina!

    Who ever complains about a free lunch? LOL!!! I enjoyed my visit today!

  10. as always, janet audrey jackie,
    simply beautiful and beautifully simple!
    coming to your site is like coming to a cool, calm oasis in the middle of the heat. i love it.
    it is so you.
    small, spare, beautiful.
    cheers to you and your family this weekend!
    tammy j

  11. I love, love, LOVE avocados! And I am always happy to know a new way to eat them. This looks delicious. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Hi janet,

    Looks delicious and I loved the Asian slaw salad...I don't know if I mentioned I made it when my sister was here and we loved it! Your table looks beautiful, of course!

    xo annie

  13. Janet : Oh boy, I LOVE soy yoghurt, I'm sure it would work, my hubs thought my cheese looked vile but I like"odd" food.

    I like lots of salt and pepper - just whatever suits your taste buds really,

  14. Oh Janet,

    I love how you set a table...everything looks wonderful.
    I would be most honoured to be invited to your divine cottage and dine with you.
    I see that you are making that bread!
    We had the opportunity to sample some fresh baked Batard and I am going to try my hand at bread making too.

    Have a great weekend!

  15. yum yum! great combo. i also love avocado and papaya together.

  16. I've made a salad like this often, over the years. Usually add lettuce. The pop of grapefruit juice released from the little cells, the creamy avocado, your photos, as always.

  17. I think grapefruit and avocado (blood oranges too!) were made to go together. Yum. That white and green arrangement on your table is so pretty -- as is the beautiful vase that holds it.

  18. Dear Janet,

    The funny thing is I can almost taste this delicious starter over here! Definitely a recipe to remember.

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  19. This would be beautiful served in the turquoise Le Cruset. I can't wait to make it.

    Every weekend is amazing!

  20. Very tasty and healthy looking. Your guests are fortunate people!

    I am going to have a fantastic weekend. Why? because a) I just decided to because of you and b) I have no commitments so the weekend is wide open (except to visit my FIL, which I like to do anyway).

    xo, Adrienne

  21. Yum. I was waiting for you to say both fruits came from your own groves and then I was going to be all exorcist jealous.

    But you didn't so I can tell you how delish it looks and how much I love this salad:)


    xoxo Jane

  22. Janet, your table is gorgeous! What kind of dining table do you have?--the surface is lovely.

    You have totally inspired me to made a delicious salad AND the bread (got all your recipes) and set up a picnic for friends!

    I love your blog! Your home looks so calm and soothing. And I love your style--it looks amazing on you! So glad I found you through DaniBP!

  23. One can never serve too many salads in my book Janet!

  24. Avocados are what gives our coyotes such shiny coats where I live :)

    Lovely tablescape.

  25. So simple and healthy and delicious - I'm going to try it! X

  26. You have nice friends who are blessed to have a friend like YOU! Dinner at The Gardener's Cottage looks lovely...Grapefruit and Avocados! Wow! Will definitely try it...and I did make the Asian Cole Slaw Salad. Scrumdelicious!!! Now I just have to make the bread! I do so appreciate that you share your ideas... It's nice to have a personal reference to all things incredibly lovely. You definitely should write a book, Janet!
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  27. This looks like the perfect salad to have in the summer - simple and refreshing! I have never had agave before. The table setting is so elegant. I love the palette of pale green and white. Gorgeous photos - thanks for posting these!

  28. beautiful, beautiful. i'm sure it tasted divine.
    xo - tera

  29. Janet - I have been CRAVING (and eating!!) this salad all Summer. There's a little cafe that serves this same salad over hearts of romaine with a vinaigrette dressing - so so good! Thanks for sharing!
    xo Melissa

  30. How simple and pretty the salad is.I like that.

  31. I'll make this salad! Of course if it's Ina, it has to be great. Also, I'm making C do your no-knead bread you posted months ago...can't wait...


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