happy independence day

hello everyone.  how is your 4th going?  it is super hot here.  i picked some red roses from the garden and couldn't resist taking a few pictures.

larry is working his way through hawaii

i'm making a peach crisp

and watermelon sangria.

the roses are loving this sunshine

my blues drying on the line

my $12 gap sandals finally gave out and i've replaced them with these saltwater sandals.  does anyone remember these?  my kids all wore them when they were little and now apparently they make them in adult sizes.  i really love them, they are so comfortable.

wishing you and your families a happy 4th


  1. Happy 4th!

    Your sandals rock and watermelon sangria - Lord have mercy! Sounds so perfect on a hot day, can you tell us how you make it? I'm thinking prosecco and watermelon slush and ice?? mmmmmmmm....

  2. Rockin' your red, white and blue, I see! Loving the roses and pillow against the linen sofa. Where do we find those wonderful sandals?
    And, please, please share your watermelon sangria recipe.
    Stay cool in the heat and have a fun holiday.
    SF Bay Area

  3. You get better all the time. This is wonderful. And those sandals are all the rage amongst the young and hip. You just sense these things, don't you?

  4. My kids used to wear those same sandals...I think we bought them at Buster Browns!

    I love this post...it's so real and we totally get a feel of a summer day at Janet's house.
    Thanks for the advice...I haven't changed clothes yet! :)

    Have a great afternoon!

  5. I'm coming right over!
    The first pic is so wonderful. I really love your lifestyle.

  6. Love your red, white and blue. I was thinking about your post from last fourth earlier today. You had that sweet picture of the flag in your pot/urn - equally poetic.

    Have a great day and enjoy that crisp (it sounds delish!)

  7. Love the red roses, white sofa and blue toile pillow! As well as, your outfit-of-the-day. Simplistic perfection.
    Happy Independence Day!! Cheers!

  8. Agree with Mona! Your house looks so festive for the 4th.

    Happy to report our crazy neighbor did not play the patriotic music at all today. But I still woke up early in anticipation (and dread) of it. :/

    Have a great 4th! Peach Crisp...yum.


  9. Happy 4th to you! Looks like a beautiful day there. Love those roses, it must be incredible to be able to just go out and pick some to bring inside. And cute kitchen! I'm just in love with it. :)

  10. Happy 4th to you! I love the blue toile pillow with your red roses. Heck, I love everything on here as usual.

  11. Looks like a lovely day.

  12. Happy 4th to you! What a great 'day in pictures'.

  13. happy Fourth Janet! Love the deep deep red of those roses, how lovely to pick them from your own garden. Love the jolly red of your sandals, they are cute xx

  14. Love the red and blue in your place.

  15. Peach crisp my favorite, please post your recipe! When I get home to New England from DC I'm going to grab the first ripe peaches and make it. Happy 4th!

  16. Happy 4th janet!

    I took a quick break from baking and getting ready for tonight and just had a feeling you weren't going to disappoint your readers...what a great Independence Day post! love the red roses sitting on top of two well selected books. Love your salt water sandals. Madeline always wore those as a young child and we recently saw them at Madewell...I tried to convince her that we should get her a pair. So cute! I'll bet your peach crisp and watermelon sangria are amazing!

    xo annie

  17. Your house looks so pretty, loved the photos, hope you had a good day.

  18. What is July 4th without
    That is the one saving grace about hot summer.
    Enjoy the 4th

  19. I love your gorgeous uncluttered home and what appears to be a lovely, easy-going lifestyle.

    I think I need to plant more roses, yours are always blooming and putting on a show!

    Hot day in Northern Cal too, I'm in the central valley a bit south of Sacramento - hotter than a firecracker right now!

    Happy Independence Day everyone!


  20. The roses are a gorgeous red. Your kitchen looks wonderful, as usual. Love the tile on the floor and wall. Love the black and white.
    I'll bet the peach crisp was wonderful!

  21. Hi Janet, Just a great post and pictures, loved it. Going to Wilson Park in Torrance tonight for fireworks. Gosh, you make everything beautiful. Happy, happy 4th to you and Larry and family. Lots of love, Joyce

  22. Your roses are gorgeous, and your kitchen looks wonderful - Happy 4th!!

  23. My daughter wore her silver salwaters today! They're so chic and simple, I may get a pair myself. Happy 4th.

  24. Happy Independence Day to you! Your roses are beautiful. If only Macs came with a fragrance key! Are they David Austen's?


  25. Excellent post! So cool...As always. :-)
    Happy 4th of July!
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  26. Happy 4th to you too, Janet. Was the peach crisp good? I cannot begin to tell you how much I love your kitchen.

  27. I hope you had a terrific 4th, janet.

    I love the candid shots of you in your beautiful kitchen....that chandelier really makes a great statement. xo

  28. Happy 4th July from Australia. Love your red, white and blue arrangement; your roses are amazing. Always liked a red shoe, and your sandals are perfect.

  29. Very patriotic and beautiful too - LOVE your photographs Janet and hope you had a wonderful 4th July. Great new sandals too. xx

  30. Oh I love this post for so many reasons...It makes me happy that I finally got my application in for U.S. Citizenship! I'm a sucker for a good ole' watermelon photo in the summertime, I love a black & white floor, of course you KNOW how I feel about roses, and I had sandals so similar to those when I was a little girl!
    Please tell Larry I LOVED the book Hawaii, but it's awfully sad. He might be crying into his sangria in some parts.
    Happy 4th to you and long may this beautiful sunshine last!!

  31. Perfect 4th of July display red roses and blue toile. Love it! Loved seeing your kitchen, its so great. I wish I'd seen this recipe for Watermelon sangria before this past weekend, I so would have tried it. But I guess nothing wrong with making it for next weekend. Sounds really good.

  32. I love that top and the red sandals just do it for me. lol Still in love with that kitchen.

  33. Those roses are stunning. You are so lucky to have such a green thumb. I just may have to order those sandals. I need some new comfy ones.

  34. Janet, thank you for sharing your
    4th with we lucky ones who know to expect a pleasurable visit each time we stop by the Gardener's Cottage. Linda

  35. What a lovely day you had! Love your roses and recipes!

  36. what a fun post! i have the red salt water sandals too as does my four year old daughter. we love them! have a great week!

  37. Nice shot of you in motion actioning the peach crisp.


  38. I also love your uncluttered home. You are such a great inspiration. I have told everybody about your blog. I also live in a cottage. We built the Southern Living Brookgreen Cottage which is built at Brookgreen gardens in NC. We love it! Of course, if we had it to do again, we would make many changes. Overall, I love it! Thanks from a music teacher from Vicksburg, Mississippi!

  39. Love your sandals...yes, every summer my children had them...brown for my son and white for my daughter. Now I think that I need some red ones like yours!

  40. Love this post. It is so natural that I can almost smell the peach crisp in the oven.

    Thanks for sharing!

  41. Janet,
    I've been so wicked, I've been reading and not commenting.

    You look as elegant in summer as you do in Winter, I envy you so much.
    i look like a dishevelled grub all the time!

    Getting new parts for the dreaded back on Monday, big news for me! But I don't think it will make me more elegant.

    Read an hilarious 4th July post by a Chihuahua, I think you'd get a kick out of it. Link's in comment on my second last post.

    Hawaii - that takes me back, it must be 20 eyars since I read it. Ask Larry if it's worth reading again for me?

    Louise in Townsville

  42. Roses, peaches and red sandals-- how perfect! We kayaked in the harbor and had fresh-picked strawberries. I love the 4th.

  43. There you are cooking in that oh so beautiful kitchen! sigh.

  44. I love your version of red, white andblue!! And I love your kitchen...the tile is amazing, and everything else is lovely!!
    Fabulous roses...
    xo J~

  45. Reading this post was like having a icy cold drink on a hot day - so refreshing! I bought the toddler size version of the same sandals for my daughter (who is 2 years old). They are classic and look great on everyone.

  46. Janet, My kids both wore salt water sandals when the were younger and I always wanted a pair for me! : )

    Love the red roses with the blue and white...and I LOVE anything with peaches!

    Happy Birthday to the Gardener's Cottage blog!

  47. Very nice pictures! You have a lovely home! :) XO


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