winter skincare

Just in case you thought I had dropped off the planet...I give you this unedited video of me. The video contains a few winter skincare tips and a few errors.  It really was done in good fun.  I hope you learn something and get a good laugh.

Also, thank you to everyone for their warm holiday wishes.


  1. I am glad to say that we have avocadoes on the menu for this evening along with snow to get out and ski and rev up our circulation!
    Nice video! ENjoy UtaH!

  2. Very cute! You have a nice voice. Thanks for the tips.

  3. Janet - Brava! You are a natural in front of the camera. Thanks very much for the tips. I'm going to make some guacamole this weekend. That will be a good way to get more avocado in my diet and if that doesn't work, I'll slather it on my face for a quick mask. Have fun in Utah!

  4. You have a lovely soft voice Janet. I laughed at the blooper.
    Have fun on the slopes!

  5. Thanks for the tips! You are so cute! Have a great trip.

  6. Hi Janet,
    Great post- you're so cutting edge with the video! I was also very cool to get a more realistic feeling for you- you speak softer than I expected. I'm also impressed that you continue to blog from a mountain top.


  7. Janet,
    the more you talk, the cuter you are!!!

    Now I feel like I know you a million times better ~ you're adorable.

  8. Thanks for the tips... You did great - a real natural. Happy New Year!

  9. hey cutie, so this is where you've been hiding out...

    Loved the video and hearing you speak. I sound like Minnie Mouse so you won't be getting anything from me. Except a miss you and have fun.

    xo Jane

  10. Thanks!

    I will try your tips; my skin has been driving me crazy!

  11. I love the video from the snowy slopes of are as cute as ever!
    Maybe this is the start of blogging!
    Happy skiing.
    P.S. Mr HB is making me a cocktail called a Christmas Snowball as I read this how crazy is that?

  12. I agree! You are great on camera. More please.

  13. patricia - yay, a fellow skier.

    deb - thank you and you are welcome.

    deborah - thanks for inspiring me to do this post.

    anne marie - thank you for enjoying the blooper part.

    paige - thank you so much. i am having a very relaxing time.

    julie - thank you. i know i write like a truck driver, i guess i just don't sound like one.

    sarah - hmmm, i wonder if larry would agree with that more i talk bit. but thanks.

    lisa - thank you so much and happy new year to you too.

    jane - oh come on now i want to hear your minnie voice.

    bruce - yes, please try them if your skin is feeling the dry weather.

    leslie - thank you and please do post including a christmas snowball recipe.

    lisa - thank you, it was fun.

  14. Adorable! Adorable!
    Did I say you were adorable? A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.
    I can see it now--
    The Gardener's Cottage: Home,Gardening,Fashion, Beauty, Cooking, and Health with Janet, The True Modern Day Renaissance Lady. Learn how she stays so ageless and charming!
    THE BEST blog up in the wireless clouds...Coming soon to an HD television near you--Or at least it SHOULD! Sooooo....
    HGTV, Sign her up!! Janet, you would be the perfect television celebrity! Martha Stewart pales in comparison to adorable you. :-)
    Best Wishes!
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  15. Happy Holidays Janet!
    This is such a cute idea!! I love it.
    I am totally down with the avocado and olive oil- I can happily do both those things, and I will, as I just arrived in Sun Valley today and already my face feels like it is going to fall off.
    Have a wonderful time with your husband in Utah (land of the smallest martinis EVER)

    xx Slim


  16. Janet,
    You have a really young spirit. I'm going to watch this every day to get my dose of Janet.
    P.S. Does your brown tweed blazer fit under that ski jacket?

  17. super cute video. you look amazing as always. i miss you. come home already.


  18. Dear Janet, So there you are!!! You were missed!!! Will try tips of course, they are from you! Have fun, take care and come home soonest. Hugs, Joyce

  19. PS. I agree with Suzanne. Hugs, Joyce

  20. suzanne - thank you and you are way, way too kind and sweet.

    slim - thanks and i don't know about the tiniest martini's but for sure the weakest.

    steve - have i inspired you to post a picture of yourself yet? and no tweed or loafers here.

    margot - hi love, i'll be home soon.

    joyce - thank you for missing me!

  21. It´s your birthday my dear!!! Lots of happiness to you, lots of hugs and kisses, and it was so nice hearing your voice in the video and you looked so pretty (and cold).
    I really wish you have a great and happy new year of life, that everything you wish comes true and fills your heart with joy and peace, that you feel plenty in everything you do, that there be only love among the ones you care of and are around you, that you continue giving us so much joy through your wonderful blog, that you be complety healthy and beautiful as you already are, that our friendship in the distance grows and that you and your family have a very good 2011 year plenty of success and Love.
    Lots of happiness to you my dear Janet.
    abrazos del corazón
    maria cecilia

  22. Oh Janet I loved this (as did Mr SE - he wanted to come and watch too!).... You are so cute and look very pretty and young with your lovely snow outfit on! Hope you are having a great break. X.
    and p.s. am very impressed by the technology side of it too getting a video on the blog.

  23. Janet!!!!!!!! I love it that I have seen you in Motion and HEARD your lovely voice! Exciting. It's almost a year since we found each other's blogs and started emailing and as soon as I am able to I am definitely actioning a trip to the USA to meet you. You look so young. Like seriously about 32. My dreadful Christmas has taken a bit of an upturn and things are a bit cheerier all round for which I am Grateful. It is hot and humid here and it rains torrentially non stop. Do not get me started on what this has done to my hair (shudder) xx

  24. Hi Janet,

    Well it seems that everyone is in agreement how cute you are! You can really pull off the beanie look!

    Is it really your bday? Best wishes! Hubby's is on the 26th. Poor thing.


  25. how cute is the video?! and how cute are you!!! it was great to see you "in real life"!
    enjoy your vacation... oh, and you forgot to mention how important it is to "drink"-- lots of wine does wonders for the skin:)!

    have fun!

  26. Hi Janet,

    You have become a real moviestar :-)! Good to see you for real!

    I Wish you and your family a Happy, Healthy & Creative New Year!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  27. You have such a pretty voice! Fun little video and a great reminder.

  28. marie cecilia - thank you my dear and happy bday to you too my fellow capricorn!

    sarah & mr se - thank you both v much & my husband gets the video credit for sure.

    ff - thank you and 32? now way. the great thing about being in the snow is wearing snow hats! i haven't actioned my do in days.

    linda - thank you and my bday is in 2 days.

    joan - thanks and yes wine and after a day of skiing resisting the hot bath is near impossible.

    madelief - ahaha, thank you though and happy new year to you too.

    cricket - thank you and happy new year to you too. i hope your family is well.

    heather - thank you, you are v sweet.

  29. Janet,

    Oh my gosh...I agree with Suzanne from are a modern day renaissance woman...this is great! Oh and have a wonderful birthday!


  30. love it! i went to school for esthetics and obsessed with skincare! would love more of your tips and advice :)

  31. Janet, I love it! What kind of rich skin cream do you recommend?

  32. Well I was wondering if you had gone skiing with Larry. Hope your holidays were wonderful. You should do this more often your a natural. Maybe I am a bit lets say, opinionated!! Love you Sis, Teri

  33. I love the video, and I hope you make more! Just catching up on my blog reading and enjoyed your recent posts so much. Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

    Mary Grace

  34. Great job and thanks for the advice...although it only snows on the tops of the Volcanoes here in Hawaii, our skin does get dry when the hurricane winds come during the winter, so thank you for the advice!

  35. Hello! I am your newest follower and have been going over your older posts and relishing every minute... honestly I haven't been able to tear myself away! Your style is fabulous and I have a vegan son, he is a great cook and so when he comes home to visit he does his own cooking but he has inspired myself and my 12 year old daughter to become vegetarians, one step at a time I think! So I look forward to more recipes, have read your posts on no shopping and because of the new year I am inspired to clean house and get rid of the excess... thanks for the inspiration, all of it! Theresa xoxo

  36. annie - thank you. you are too funny.

    desiree - yay, another esthetician. maybe we can swap stories.

    ali - not knowing your skin type would be hard but if your skin is dry any rich cream will work. i work for aveda so i am partial to their products. i cannot live w/o my aveda green science moisturizer.

    teri - thanks and i'll call when i get home. love you too.

    mary grace - thanks, i'll try too.

    connie lou - thanks. i know you are lucky in your tropical paradise.

    theresa - thank you and you are very welcome. once i'm home i'll be posting more recipes again.

  37. Janet, I took off a few weeks as my boys are home and there was so much going on. I see that you, too, took off a bit of time. I loved this video. I am such a visual person, it is fun to watch you and you have a great media presence! You are easy to follow and the info is practical! Nice!!

  38. Thank you for the tips! :)

    Happy New Year! May 2011 bring you peace, health, success and great company! XOXO Nicky

  39. Wish you and your family a happy new year:)

    Best wishes from Norway,
    Camilla at home

  40. Hey Janet, if I could only do one of the things you have suggested I would be much better off today!

    Your such a cutie....Happy New Year

    Clink Clink


  41. I'm so thrilled to see you and your cute accent on film! Love all your tips for cold weather too.

  42. I am really enjoying your new role as a film star Janet, excellent, you are so cute on camera, are you sure you are not Selma B?? Please could you add chocolate to your skincare tips - either eaten or smeared on face? No, oh well, worth a try I thought. What about chips? Lard? Cake? xx


kindness is never out of style.

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