an ordinary day

this is what i'm wearing today

I chose this outfit today because I'm running errands (library, market, lunch) and i want to be comfortable and still look good.  I  love wearing clothes that move with me.  I hope you are not getting sick of this jacket yet because I'm not.
So it's my levis, rl plaid shirt, brooks brothers jacket and loafers.

This is my beautiful bracelet that I won from Julie .  It's a triple strand of freshwater pearls with a vintage earring turned into a clasp.  I love it so much I hardly ever take it off.  Everything Julie makes is gorgeous, well made and so affordable.  Go take a look and say hi.

 my first stop was the library.  Our library is so beautiful it deserves a post of its own.
so i'm working on that.

 next up was trader joes.  i must say i love trader joes, they make being vegan very easy.  the clever girl stacking these cans of pumpkin told me that i better get it while i could because it is a seasonal product and when it's out, it's out.  so i bought 6 cans, i told you she was clever.

I met larry and we had lunch at Joe Greensleeves.  Don't let that sign fool you, they make an amazing portobello mushroom burger. 

when i got home i made this cake.  have you ever heard of this crazy recipe?

1 box duncan hines spice cake mix
1 can root beer soda
mix it together, bake and eat.

while not the best cake i've ever eaten, it was the fastest cake i've ever made and it's 100% vegan.

i suppose there is no limit to the different combinations of cake mix and soda you can make.

i told you i lead an ordinary life.


  1. Good Morning!
    Janet, you may say it's an ordinary life but it's definately full of style and beautiful things ~ I need to take a few lessons from you.
    Hope you have another lovely day ~
    I wish I could dress like that...I'm covered in scarves, mittens and boots! :)

  2. You look beautiful Jeanet !!.....their is lots of snow here in i see more different than your today !!....hahahahhaah!! lovely day Ria....

  3. You look tres chic! I adore that bracelet too. I have been making vintage button bracelets and now I am going to see if I can use a vintage earring as a clasp--what a great idea! The second day in a row I have been inpired by something in your post. Yesterday, your link to "Vegetarian Times" led me to the "Black Bean and Winter Squash" chili. I made it last night and it was great!

    And please do write a post on your library. : )

  4. Love, love, love that bracelet! It looks fabulous with the outfit. You lead a charmed life, don't you? I think I mentioned yesterday how much I love Trader Joe's. Not only do they have great stuff, it's just fun to shop there - and I travel 2 hours to get there! (There is currently a petition going around town, which I have signed, to beg TJ's to come here. Doubt if it will do any good in this economy, but...)

  5. I will never get tired of that jacket.

    I want to try that cake - how long do you bake it for? And what about that glaze I see on the top?


  6. I love your outfit; kinda reminds me of what I wore yesterday for my self-portrait.

    I love Trader Joe's too.

    Wishing you a wonder-filled day!

  7. Yay for libraries-- And I agree, that's a beautiful one.

    I also had a portobello burger yesterday. And the day before. :)

  8. You look great for your day out Janet! How I wish we had a Trader Joes in that place.

  9. You're so cute ! I've been absent from the blogworld for awhile, but it's nice to stop by and see your post. You can also mix a can of pumpkin with the spice cake mix and it IS one of the best you will eat. I make it into cupcakes/muffins and everyone loves it. :)

  10. Hi Janet,

    You look very stylish and sort of English on the photo's. I like it very much, but I am more or less an 'English' type of girl myself! I enjoyed your tour of your town. The library looks very impressive. Your cake looks delicious. It has the shape of a Christmas pudding!

    Enjoy your day!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  11. Janet,

    Libraries do have a special place in my heart...
    I hope that you found a good book or two...will look forward to the future post on it.

    How could anyone tire of such a classic jacket?
    and the cake...who knew?

    As an adoree of all things pearly I have two thumbs up for the bracelet!


  12. Firstly, you look extraorinary and I love everything, your look, your outfit, your library, that recipe, trader joes and that nothing seems forced, just ordinarily good.

  13. You look lovely! I really adore your style. You manage to look perfectly put together, but effortless at the same time.

    I grew up in Redlands and when you post pictures from around town it always makes me happy. I love Smiley Library!

  14. You look great. Classic. Fit. Ready for anything. But I was wondering something. My ex is a vegetarian, and for quite a while he wore no leather. Do I remember you are practical about this and do wear/carry leather? Or no?

  15. sarah - thank you and we have been enjoying the best weather here lately. notice i'm not wearing socks even.

    ria - snow in holland? how lovely and thank you for your sweet compliment.

    vintage dreamer - yum, that chili sounds fantastic and thank you too. i'm working on the library post.

    karin - thank you but my life is far from charmed, trust me. but i do love my bracelet!

    claudia - thanks i don't think i'll tire of it either. i baked it according to the bundt cake time on the box and the icing is some apple cider reduced and stirred into a container of vanilla yogurt.

    bruce - thank you and it is similar although i think you were wearing a vest. which i loved btw.

  16. I love that jacket. I want one for myself. I went to the Brooks Brothers web site and they have maybe two blazers for women. Whatever!

    The waist detail is perfect.

  17. ms m - i think i could eat a portobello burger everyday and not tire of them.

    t - i'm shocked that houston does not have a trader joes. shocked i say.

    closet therapist - i hope you are back b/c i'm getting tired of seeing that rachel z person on your blog! i have heard of the pumpkin and now i have 6 cans of it so i'll try it. thanks.

    madelief - thank you and what a sweet comparison!

    leslie - i knew i couldn't go wrong with you in this post containing pearls and libraries. i know you are gonna love ours.

    patricia - thank you and i can't help my ordinariness (is that even a word?)

    anon - thank you so much - and so you know how great our library is. yay!

    lisa - by practical i'm guessing that you mean that i use what i have? i do. i don't buy new but i use all my leather goods from before i became a vegan and i will also puchase used leather goods. and i know how much you hate the idea of used clothing but i truly love it.

  18. ali - have you tried a brooks bros outlet? that is where i got mine about 2 years ago. it's worth a try.

  19. I don't hate the idea of used clothing:). I just have a hard time with it for myself. I'm overly sensitive to smells and have odd fears about substances. I think the idea is great, and am very glad to see the used clothing commercial set up mature.

  20. I think you lead a lovely life my dear!! Love the jacket and that bracelet is wonderful! I, too, have several cans of Organic Pumpkin in the pantry, oh and cranberries in the freezer!


  21. lisa - i think hate was too strong a word. i totally understand your position b/c some of it just stinks! and believe me, i am very sensitive to smells too, so i have to be very careful. in fact this house we live in stunk to high heaven when we started the renovation and that really scared me. thankfully it smells great now.

    joan - thanks joan. julie can make anything into something beautiful - she reminds me of you and dan.

  22. Janet,
    We never get tired of seeing you in this jacket. No, really.

    I made pumpkin custard the other day with a can of pumpkin (already with the spices in it, 2/4 cup of soy milk and some egg replacer, maybe two teaspoons. Baked it at 350 or 375 or about 15-20 minutes (until it seemed firm) and let it cool. It was great. I ate it with my leftover cranberries. It was great.

    Love the bracelet. It's muy elegante!

  23. janet,

    That jacket is a fabulous piece that I will never tire of and hopefully you won't either!

    When I see pictures of your quaint town and darling home, I find it hard to believe you live in Southern California (I know, I'm stereotyping!). It really looks like a town I once lived in years ago in New England.

    And your library is something else! Ours look so utilitarian and boxy, circa 1965. I'd love to see pictures of the inside.


  24. Honestly - your ordinary life seems so glamorous.

    I LOVE that you blog about it.

    Thanks Ms. J,

  25. You look so pretty, like a Ralph Lauren ad!

    Your life looks soothing and calm- it's funny- I always think my life is quite ordinary and routine based and am always surprised that anyone wants to read about it too!

    J you have to visit Australia.


  26. It is a great jacket, and should be worn often.

  27. Well you look fantastico as ever.

    It's so cold here ( for me) I wore two hats last night to walk the dog. Even i knew I looked a little off.

    Once you get the Lab some $$$ I can move out there and dress like you.

    xo Jane

  28. steve - i never tire of your comments. no really. your pumpkin custard sounds so good and i'll try it and report back.

    adrienne - thank you and redlands was originally developed by old east coast money so i that is why it has that flavor.

    mmw - thank you so much.

    ff - yes, i want to come visit!

    paige - thanks.

  29. What a lovely day you had. Your library is beautiful! And I love that jacket. That portobollo burger sounds so good. The last time I went to my favorite pub in town to have their fabulous portobello burger....I was so disappointed to find out they no longer offer it. They said no one ever ordered it. I ordered it! So now I'm back to salads there and honestly...won't be recommending them for lunch any more. I only went there for the portobello burger...well and maybe the sweet potato fries and they do have the BEST fried pickles...maybe I'll rethink it because their strawberry spinach salad it great too...but hey they have all these meat options...can't they have one vegetarian sandwich on the menu?

  30. bonnie - that's a good thing b/c i do!

    jane - 2 hats! i'd like to have seen that.

    nita - i agree. to get a good vegan meal can be hard. thankfully we have a few restaurants to choose from here. this restaurant in particular really knows how to cook a portobello, so good, yum.

  31. No Janet NOT an ordinary life - meeting Larry for lunch and visiting that gorgeous library is far from ordinary!! (Could even be deemed as charmed I feel!) And you look gorgeous - yes, just an RL ad. !! I agree with FF - you have to visit Australia. x

  32. Ahh, I love your peeking into your pretty life! That outfit is adorable, and the library is gorgeous! I, too, love Trader Joe's. I always feel so smart and worldy while shopping there.

  33. You lead a wonderful life Janet and this simple day would have been perfect.
    The library building is magnificent, so wish our local boring brick library could be transformed. Yes please I want a library post.
    Oh and you look fab as usual. You know we could almost be twins. Yesterday I transformed from blonde to brunette, in fact the colour is called milk chocolate, sounds good enough to eat don't you think?

    I'd like to pass on a recipe for
    Beer bread which is super easy like the above cake.

    3 cups self-raising flour
    1 tsp salt
    1 dessertspoon sugar
    1 can beer
    Mix all together & bake in greased round 8inch tin, 190C/375F approx 40 mins


  34. Janet,
    Has anyone ever told you that you look like a blend of the adorable Melanie Griffith and the elegant Annette Bening? I think you do! And, if I may add, you look marvelous! You surely practice good skin care and a healthy lifestyle--It shows! What's your secret?? Also--- LOOOVE the Levis! What number are they? I gotta get some! Like-TOMORROW!
    Thank you each and every day for sharing what you call, "An Ordinary Life," because it inspires us all to appreciate our own lives. After all, you remind us that the recognition of the simple things is what can fill our lives with dignity and grace.
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  35. On second thoughts....vegans don't eat milk chocolate do they. Is carob a substitute Janet? See, learning all the time....

  36. sarah - i so want to visit aussieland. thank you for your kindness.

    marygrace - thank you and i feel the same about your life too.

    annemarie - thank you for the recipe. it sounds right up larry's alley. i will try it and report back. and blonde to brunette, wow. carob is a good substitute as is very dark chocolate.

    suzanne - thank you, you are making me blush. no one has ever said i looked like either of those two. ever. my secret is good clean living. haha. thank you so much for your kind words. i like living simply and if it inspires anyone, well how wonderful is that?

  37. It IS wonderful!
    P.S. Levi number? I really DO want to get a pair of those jeans-They're great jeans... So hard to find these days!
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  38. suzanne - mid-rise straight 552's. i love em.

  39. OK, great blog, which I discovered from Hollywood Forever's Kevin, but I LOVE the jacket!!! The details on the pockets are insane! Definitely keep wearing it. :)

  40. Hi Janet, just dropped by to see you! Lovely post - your garden looks beautiful with those dark red leaves. And your library is so lovely - you would cry if you saw our horrid 1960s prefab thing with the carpet inside which always smells of damp dog.. You are also looking tres chic. That's French for super slinky, I think. xx

  41. liz - thank you and i'll thank kev for sending you.

    blighty - merci!

  42. You know Janet, I think that doing and actually appreciating the simple things in life is so NOT ordinary. I think it's easy for people to get all caught in the craziness of life and the things that really aren't important. You've got the right idea. I think you look great and that blooming tree in the first photos is so pretty. The bracelet looks great on you -- Should I go ahead and just call you my muse?

  43. I'll be driving through Redlands today, on my way up to our unitarian universalist church camp. i think the downtown area in redlands is so sweet. my son always wants to stop at chipotle (not nearly as charming as the restaurant in your photo - but they do a great vegan burrito!).

    like others - i love the bracelet and you always look just right. so put together, yet approachable.

  44. julie - thank you. i have always loved being ordinary. thanks for making that sound so special.

    tera - maybe next time you are coming through redlands we can meet and have a nice vegan meal together. wouldn't that be nice?

  45. Janet,

    You make living an ordinary life look oh so beautiful! Love the jacket and love the bracelet. I am so inspired by your wonderful posts!


  46. ok...meant to say ordinary know what I mean.

  47. You are adorable! Jack White would be so lucky.........

  48. annie - thank you so much for your kindness, and i do know what you mean.

    emily - thank you but i'm old enough to be his mom so i doubt it...but thanks!

  49. Dear Janet, Well, you make a day beautiful. Hugs, Joyce

  50. Went shopping today and tried to find Levis 552s, but couldn't find them anywhere! I guess I am officially on a quest for these perfect jeans now. :-) I'll keep trying! Have a good weekend. -Suzanne in Illinois

  51. Hi Janet, and might I say "Greetings from the Oregon coast" where it's BEAUTIFUL today! You've got me crazy about plaid and when I dug out an old jacket to wear out the other nite I got several compliments. I'm going to haunt the thrift stores for some old menswear jackets to alter and whip into a delectable style. I can't wait for the library post--and a list of the books you're reading. Oh, and---how was your Thanksgiving? and what are your plans for Christmas? I'm feeling very nosy today.... Allegra

  52. joyce - thank you joyce, as always.

    suzanne - did you try a levi's store or outlet. mine are about 2 or 3 years old.

    allegra - thank you and i bet you did get compliments on a plaid jacket! i get my best stuff from thrift stores. i'm reading 'a year as a widow' by john irving, it was made into a movie entitled 'the door in the floor' with jeff bridges, which was excellent btw. thanksgiving was nice and christmas plans are simple, hopefully.

  53. you always look so gorgeous, my dear!!!!!!

  54. Janet I have a jacket so similar to yours!
    Your library is SO beautiful- looks like a set from a movie.
    I'd like to be a librarian in a setting like that.

  55. Hello, I just found your blog - another reader from Australia.
    What a stunning area you live in, with gorgeous architecture!!
    Love the BB jacket - I've been to the US twice this year and done major damage at BB and RL. Keep up the great work!

  56. Janet, I would love to have a nice vegan meal the next time i am driving through. I go up to our camp several times a year. hope you had a great weekend!


kindness is never out of style.

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