eggless egg salad sandwiches

summer is finally starting to wind down here and i wanted to share the sandwich we've been eating quite a bit lately.  i've shared it before, but in case you missed it, i'm sharing it again.  my friend steve gave me the recipe and i'm so grateful b/c this sandwich is flat out delicious.  even larry likes it and i'd say he's probably the biggest non-tofu loving guy there is.

steve's recipe is very thorough and very easy so pop over and check his out.
say hello while you are there b/c he's a super nice guy.


  1. How did I miss this one? Eggs are the one thing I miss since I stopped eating dairy and meat. Thanks Steve and Janet!

    Email me....I miss you. :)

  2. I admire your commitment to veganism.

  3. This looks delicious and I'm gonna try it right away!

  4. My mouth's watering! That looks delicious. xxx

  5. Excellent! I go into anaphylaxis with eggs and so I know this will be a delicious addition to the lunchtime repertoire. As a former caterer, do you have a recommendation on what can be substituted for eggs in casseroles as a binder? Saw an amazing recipe for stuffed squash but the egg bit turned me off...maybe other vegans have advice, too....

  6. whenever i need a binder i use ener-g egg replacer. you can find it at health food stores, it works great!

  7. I've stopped eating meat, but the problem is I hate the taste of cooked eggs. This might be just the ticket!

    One of the natural foods restaurants around here has stopped serving tofu and edamame because they say 99% of domestic tofu has been genetically engineered to survive being sprayed with Roundup. Do you know anything about this? I suppose if you buy organic tofu you don't have to worry about exposure to ROundup, but the genetic engineering thing gave me some pause.

    1. What a beautiful tofu salad. The receipt sounds delicious.

      Many commercially available brands of tofu are made from organic and non-genetically modified soybeans. The words "NON GMO" are usually prominently featured on the package.

      Cattle ranching and the genetically modified soy used to feed cows, pigs and chickens are two of the major reasons for the loss of the Amazon rainforest. Expanding cattle ranching is the number 1 reason for Amazon deforestation.

      Why is the Brazilian Amazon being Destroyed?

      In the US, 90% of soybean crops are grown to feed animals raised for food
      (UN Food and Agriculture Organization, Livestock’s Long Shadow, 2006)

      For more info, see "Quick Facts" from Eco-Eating


  8. I have picked up the baked tofu at Trader Joe's you recommended in a couple of recipes - it is GOOD. I'm anxious to use it in the breakfast scramble and this salad, plus several recipes I've seen at allrecipes.com. Thanks for your recipes and photos - they are very enticing and inspire me! Janet, I enjoy your blog so much - you are delightful. Yours is the first of my "favorites" that I look in on regularly. I get and share the joy you find in making life simpler - it's so freeing! Your home is beautiful. Thank you for all you share with us. I've scored some really fun things at thrift stores recently - wish I could show them to you! ha I used to have a hard time finding things that fit me (I'm tall), but now it seems like things are finding ME!
    debi, amery wi (not really anonymous)

  9. I've given up meat but not eggs yet, and want to...so this recipes tempts me. I'll give it a try. Thank you.

  10. YUMMY! We are going to experiment with removing meat and dairy from our diets beginning next week. I've already tried to knock out sugar. If only there was an all natural, additive/sugar free wine out there. Not sure I can give up my nightly glass of vino!

    You've made me hungry now~I'm off to lunch.

  11. At my house we make an 'egg' salad sandwich from a recipe using smashed garbonzo beans, veganese, spicy brown mustard, sweet pickle relish and salt and pepper. It too is absolutely delicious.

  12. Since you consider eggs to be evil somehow, why not just call this what it is: a tofu sandwich.

    1. Eggless egg-salad tells you what it tastes like. A "tofu sandwich" gives you no indication that it tastes like egg salad.

    2. eggs are not evil but the way chickens are treated to provide us with eggs is.
      like anon says, it gives people an idea of what the flavor of the sandwich will be.
      lots of people are catching on to the realities of factory farming and also becoming more interested in saving their health and saving the planet so they do a google search for alternatives to some of the traditional foods they eat. by putting eggless in the title, i help them find what they are looking for.

    3. Information about the poultry industry can be found here:

      Cage-Free Eggs: Behind the Myth

      The public is being mislead by labels such as "Cage Free," "Free Range," "Humane Certified," "Grass Fed," "Organic," "Local," etc.

      For more information, see

      Humane Myth: Deconstructing the Myth of Humane Animal Agriculture


  13. Janet, I love your blog!

    I can't do tofu--soy allergies. That said, I don't eat eggs from the grocery store..my neighbors provide me with eggs! They're delicious. Even if I didn't get them from neighbors, I find it's pretty easy to access eggs that are sourced locally from ethically-treated chickens. More and more people are keeping chickens as backyard pets. Anyhow, I can't call myself a vegan, but not all eggs are sourced from chickens who have suffered.

    1. Some U.S. cities are are changing their urban farming policies to allow people to grow crops to feed themselves or to sell as an additional source of income. That's wonderful.

      Sadly, this good and well meaning urban farming policy change initiative has given the Urban Backyard DIY Animal Slaughter Hobbyists a foot in the door to lobby for their horrific activities.

      The process began with egg-laying hens which are now legal for residents to keep in most major cities in the United States. Now, however, some urban über-locavores want to eat (and sell) not only eggs but also the chickens themselves, not to mention rabbits, ducks, goats, and even pigs. Municipal codes on keeping and slaughtering animals vary, but most of them are sufficiently vague for backyard butchers to quasi-legally hack the head off dinner within a few feet of the neighbors. A USDA survey found that 10 percent of residents in Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York who keep chickens also kill them.

      The Butcher Next Door: Why the Rise of DIY Animal Slaughter is Bad for People and Animals

      The backyard slaughtering vision is wrong on multiple levels. It aspires to be an alternative to factory farming but really only offers an addition to it. More egregious and unnecessary violence against animals.

      The municipal records of major American cities between 1700 and 1900 show why urban livestock were eventually dispatched to the countryside: manure, odor, sanitation problems, noise complaints, zoonotic disease, and the problem of deadstock. There's a reason why there are so many restrictions on animal agriculture in urban environments today.

      A recent poll shows most people in Oakland, California (where such conversations are taking place) are opposed to urban backyard slaughter.

      Neighbors Opposed to Backyard Slaughter

      If you'd like more information on this, drop me a line at Karen@EnergyJustice.net


    2. Chicken and eggs are the top sources of arachidonic acid in the diet, an omega 6 fatty acid involved in our body’s inflammatory response.
      They are very unhealthy and humans should not eat eggs.


  14. Janet,
    Looks delicious...I buy this in a little container at Whole Foods after a workout. The first time I purchased it I did not notice it was eggless egg salad. I loved it. Now I can make it at home. Don't you just love Steve?

  15. I respect your vegan lifestyle but I am curious why you would feel the need to call it eggless egg salad instead of just calling it tofu salad. Why not just call it what it is?

    I'm not vegan by any means but I have cooked tofu dishes for gatherings with vegan and non-vegan friends. I've never felt the need to dress up the tofu as some other type of protein, to "mock it up. It's served as tofu cashew curry, for example,, plain and simple. I think tofu is good enough to stand on its own, for what it is. Not trying to be negative or criticize here, I'm just curious why you (and I've seen other vegans to this too) present tofu as something other than tofu.

  16. wait...aren't you doing the same? by saying tofu cashew curry i get an idea of exactly what your dish is going to taste like. by describing my sandwich as eggless egg salad i think you get the idea of what you are going to be eating. i think we eat with all our senses and describing the food is part of the eating experience.

    also lots of people google tofu alternatives to their favorite dishes and this helps in their search.

    1. Yes, you have an excellent point there. I would have no idea what tofu salad would taste like so calling it eggless egg salad is key to setting expectations.

      So now I know. Thank you. :^)


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