New Years Eve Plans

Do you have New Years plans?  I do.  I plan to be sitting somewhere comfortable in my home most likely in bed and drifting off to sleep well before midnight.  I hope your plans have a little more flair than mine but if not, here are a couple of things to read and a FANTASTIC movie to watch to while away the evening.  xo

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  1. Watched My Happy Family a few weeks ago at the recommendation of a friend. I loved it...a bit quirky at times & a very good movie. Happy New Year Janet!

    Anita ~ the cabin on the creek

  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I am staying home, quietly with my husband and dogs. I’m looking forward to it after a busy holiday season. Will probably be asleep, but they do have a huge fireworks display and bands in our town, so these might wake me up.
    I love New Year’s Day- it’s lije a fresh page in a journal. Have a happy, calm one!

  3. Thank you for your blog. Always an enjoyable read, with topics that are relevant. I have to work this year, but would prefer what you are doing. Happy New Year.

  4. My husband and I will stay home with our dogs, have a nice dinner and champagne.
    Happy New Year!

  5. Janet, I, like you, will be cozy in bed, a movie softly playing and perhaps a magazine I will be glancing at from time to time. Nothing exciting to most, but it certainly will bring in my new year refreshed in the earliest of morning light.
    I hope the new year inspires everything possible for you.

    Happy New Years

  6. Well, snap! We'll have some prosecco and party nibbled for an early supper, me wearing my new Christmas pressie PJs and him some oldies, maybe watch a slushy film then in bed with Ovaltine way before 2018. Happy New Year to you and your family, x.

  7. Thanks for the movie rec I've been looking for a good one to watch this weekend!
    Your NYE sounds absolutely perfect to me. We were invited to dinner at a friend's house in the neighbourhood but I think we'll just go for an early drink. It's been a busy holiday and I feel like tucking in with a movie, some nice wine and a vegetable stew in front of a movie.
    Happy New Year to you Janet, wishing you and your family all the best in 2018. xx

  8. Three fantastic watches on Netflix now: I've watched all multiple times!
    The Centre Will Not Hold (life of Joan Didion)
    Restless Creature (dancer, Wendy Whelan)
    Franca: Chaos and Creation (touching portrait of Italian Vogue editor legend by her son)

    Happy New Year, Janet. Thanks for the blog. Here's to BIG changes (100% vegan; weight loss; project started; house move).

    NOT MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY...............
    I need to go back and see your FAVORITE MOVIE.........ME THINKS IT's THE CROWN?
    I watched episode 8 last night with THE KENNEDY's!!!!!!THAT WAS AN EYE OPENER!
    I will be in touch next week..............YOU KNOW WHY!!!!!FEBRUARY is almost HERE!
    BEST AND LOVE TO YOU...........
    PS. CLEANED MY CLOSET the other day.Have TWO BIG TRASH BAGS to give away.I know I know should do MORE!!!!!!!!

  10. At the ripe old age of 63, I've finally met a wonderful man. We're going to stay home, drink champagne, eat nibblies, listen to music and toast the new year on his balcony. Heaven!

    1. Congratulations, Avery, on your new happiness and your evening sounds wonderfully romantic. Cheers, Ardith

  11. My husband and I are going to the new home of our former neighbors, who still live close enough to almost be neighbors. Just we two couples. Typically we stay home, make snacks for dinner, and play games. Thanks for the movie recommendation, I'm going to look for it tonight!

  12. After a quiet but lovely Christmas, I am looking forward to a wild New Year Eve party at a friend's restaurant. I plan to dance the night away! Happy New Year!!! And thank you for your movie recommendation - I plan to watch it New Year's day - which is my favorite day of the year (so looking forward to a clean slate and a fabulous 2018!!)

  13. Happy NewYear Janet , wishing you good health and peace!!

  14. Our evening will be the same as yours. We’ve been running nonstop for two months so hibernating during the bitter days ahead is fine with me. Thank for the movie recommendation. I usually give up trying to find something. Happy New Year

  15. It is suddenly pretty cold here in North Texas. Thanks to an accurate weather forecast I food-shopped yesterday so that we can hunker down for the next few days. Today/tonight will be about opening new games and watching Morozko/Father Frost, my favorite Russian fairytale movie (that Mr K got me for Christmas).

    Happy New Year, Janet. Happy New Year to everyone here. Cheers, Ardith

  16. Thank you for your movie and reading suggestions. I'll be doing the same thing as you this New Years. Keeping warm and cozy with the one I love. I'm going to watch your movie recommendation and have a glass of champagne or scotch! Best to you and yours in the coming year.

  17. Hi Janet! My Netflix app isn’t working. Can you tell me the name of the movie? Thanks!!!

  18. Interesting article on aging. Good to know I'm already doing some of those recommendations. Thanks for sharing it. I've shared it with my mom and older sis. ~Miranda

  19. I loved My Happy Family so, So, SO much! Did you notice all the turquoise walls? Just a detail I couldn’t help but catch through out it. Another beautiful and genius movie by Netflix!


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