Checking in on December Goals

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are still enjoying the season.  Time to check in with my December goals and see what got done.

1.  Slowing down.  I did!  Too bad it was because I was sick.  Once you are down for the count and you realize you can't do anything about it, a kind of acceptance just occurs.  Whatever is done is done and what isn't, isn't.  I survived.

2.  Make a gift guide.  I did a paltry one and I apologize. Maybe by next Christmas I'll be more confident in this area and do a better job.

3.  Decorating.  I did another paltry job at decorating.  Not feeling well and knowing we were not hosting Christmas just took the wind out of my decor sails.  Again, I survived.

4.  Shopping.  I was able to stay out of the stores because I pretty much just had to pick up a few gift cards.  How were the stores?  Crazy or did you mostly shop online?

5.  Expectations.  This was the goal that meant the most to me and I'll say I did a better job this year than in any prior.  I just let it all go and accepted everything just as it was.  Wow, what a concept.  :)

We've had some warm sunny days and it has been nice to get out and soak up some sunshine!  I'm so looking forward to the New Year and all the promise it brings. 

How'd your Christmas go?  Do share. xo


  1. Except for the sickness, and the warm, sunny days, my Christmas was pretty close to yours I think. I decorated minimally, since, like you, we did not host. I shopped mostly online as I usually do anymore (I don't like crowds or waiting in line). And for the first time this year, leaving my expectations behind was easy. And do you know, I had one of the best Christmases I have had in years. Some minor miracles (in terms of family harmony) actually occurred! Love your photo, you look back "in the pink" again! Merry Christmas Janet!

  2. With my two-year-old granddaughter in my home, decorating definitely happens, but I have cut back in so many areas related to the holiday season that I had an absolutely lovely but stress-free Christmas. I am working this week so decorations won't come down until the weekend and I am so looking forward to clearing the Christmas clutter.

    I think you have a birthday coming up sometime this week and hope it is fabulous for you. I have enjoyed your more frequent posts and appreciate that you keep doing this for us.

    1. Hi Melodee! I can't believe your granddaughter is two already! I miss your blog!


    2. Sue! Yes, 2-1/2 years old. Time does fly. I miss your blog as well. So happy to see you pop up here!

  3. Happy to know you are feeling better.
    Grateful for your post during the swirl of illness and holiday crunch -
    it surely helped me to stay centered at this busy time.
    Warm wishes for happiness in the bright new year ahead.

  4. I'm also happy to learn that you are better. LOL, after reading about you and some commenters being ill, I got the flu as well. It's still kicking my arse. Fortunately, it's not been bad enough to keep me from enjoying the holiday. In fact, we've had the best Christmas in many years. I shopped online for a bunch of games, crossing my fingers Mr Husband would like them. We had a blast playing Crazy Eights, Rock 'Em Sock 'Em, and a card game version of Monopoly. In return, I received the best gifts...three brands of dark chocolate caramels. Yippee. Plus, I managed to make a mighty fine Christmas mini feast.

    We still have a few games to open and play through NYE, so we're happy to extend the holiday joy we are grateful to feel. We wish the same for everyone.

    Cheers, Ardith

  5. Pretty low key here, and although we did host 3 people, they brought dishes so we just made the vegan shepherd's pie and it was delicious. Our guests were not even vegetarian, yet raved. I have to say it was good.

    We put up a lovely tree and did some decorating. On the 6th of January we're having a dressy party, so there's lots to do.
    Glad you're feeling so much better!

  6. Janet, I look at this lovely, lovely pic of you and all I can think is "damn, why did I not have self control and eat all those Christmas cookies!" You are an inspiration. <3

  7. Great that you were well for the holidays Janet...great advice about expectations...
    Christmas Day was low key here too and it was quite nice... we bought new lamps for our bungalow instead of exchanging gifts.
    It was busy on Boxing Day here serving brunch and dinner to our family. The children were full of energy and we enjoyed every second. Today I am resting and checking my emails and reading blogs...
    I always feel a sense of calm when I read your blog...thank you.

  8. So pleased you're feeling better, Janet. We've had peltering rain most days over Christmas so I haven't been out walking, then the first day of dry sunny weather today was when I was baking and prepping for the family party I host at Christmas. So tomorrow I'm treating myself to an easy day like Leslie's above. Hope you're getting a chance to put your feet up and relax too. Wishing you a wonderful New Year, x

  9. Christmas decor is enough to feel a bit festive but certainly not really the feeling comes mostly from teeny lights and candles. I leave the evergreens, faux but look real, up through February. It more of a woodsy feel for the winter than just Christmas. I’m in that dreaded post Christmas funk when grown children go back to their homes out of state. I’ll bounce back but that first day is kind of the pits. No Christmas shopping hassles here and even 5 days of meals went extremely smooth. I learned a couple years ago go simple then even I have FUN!! Hahaha maybe I should return to those stress days then you’re kind of glad when they all leave haha. No, I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m happy you were feeling better for the holiday. Now to plan for a cozy New Years Eve with good food, I don’t even drink wine anymore I discovered it caused anxiety for me, and a movie on the Telly. Happy New Year!!!!��

  10. Sorry for the sloppy response. I did mention I don’t drink so I can’t even blame it on that!!!

  11. I am envious of your warm sunny days- we are freezing here on the East Coast. Christmas was very low-key and quite lovely. I am looking forward to a wild New Year's Eve at a friend's restaurant. So glad you are feeling better, and you look smashing' in that outfit! Happy New Year!!

  12. Christmas was very low key and just something to get through for the second year in a row at our house. I did put up a very small tree, which is more than I did last year. Maybe next year there will be more - maybe not. I am happy to hear that you're feeling better. So many people down with the flu - up to this point it has not hit my household. I'm hoping we can avoid it! Thanks for your more frequent posts - they are very much enjoyed.

  13. So glad you are feeling better to ring in the New Year! Glad to see 2017 in the rear-view mirror with sun glasses on my nose as I feel a bright year is ahead. Also enjoying Southern California "winter" weather here in San Diego County. Be well and keep posting - just love to see your posts in my in-box. XO-holly

  14. Happy to hear you are feeling better Janet! For some strange reason I went through the holidays without a cold or flu. I did most of my shopping on line but the couple times I went to the mall I have to say it wasn't too bad! Our Christmas was pretty low key...Tony and I were home Christmas Eve. I made 2 squash pies (True Food Kithen recipe) and we watched the final episode of "Last Tango in Halifax" on PBS. Spent Christmas morning with my daughter and her family. It was a real treat because I have always been the one to host but now I have a grand daughter it was easier for Tony and I to go over there. My son-in-law enjoys having people over...sometimes a little too often for my daughter I think! lol
    Wishing you a Happy Birthday Janet (Tony's was yesterday) hope you spend it doing something fun.

  15. Happy New Year.!! Christmas felt a little strange this year as it was the first time in years that I hadn't hosted, but daughter did everything beautifully, as she has a bigger house and was able to have an invalid Mother-inlaw there, I did cook the turkey and supply some puddings as she only lives 5minutes away. Unfortunately my son wasn't very well over the period (dodgy kebab, I think) and we had snow here in U.K.on Wednesday but other than that very thing fine. I look forward to seeing more of your lovely house.

  16. Glad you are feeling better Janet! Once again I come out of Christmas with the gross feeling of too much. The funnny thing is I love the getting ready during November and December more than xmas eve and day. Weird i know. I guess I’m so tired and hate having to be so social. Ugh! It’s so complicated for me. I wish I could figure it out. Thanks for your blog and helping me simplify my life even tho I need to do more!!!!!!

  17. minimalism would describe my December and Christmas. Because I live alone I was quite happy not to do the decorations thing. My family had decided to do a secret present gift ritual so I only had to buy one present and a couple of wee gifts for pre and apres Christmas gatherings with friends. And the family Christmas gathering is usually at one of my children's (yay!). All most enjoyable and easy I must say. Not so good that you were unwell, I hope that you are recovered. p.s. you do look amazing!

  18. Christmas was a blur, but not as taxing as it could have been, all things considered. A family member passed the week before, which of course adds emotion and another set of tasks, but I had already committed to minimal decoration (I'm painting our bedroom and bathroom, preparing for a couple of new pieces of furniture - so no complaints) and was a disciplined list shopper if not a terribly creative gift giver this year. We watched Die Hard on Christmas eve, instead of our usual sit-down dinner, Christmas morning was a lovely family brunch, with presents and whisky sours. I am blessed, and looking forward to 2018. I hope you're feeling better soon - Happy New Year!

  19. Hello Janet, Sorry to hear that you have been sick. I live in the Riverside area and keep thinking that you and I should get in connect somehow. My Christmas season was a mix of highs and lows. We Put our big house on the market in late May and it sold in 2 days. Then we had 60 days of moving to our new (old) house (which turned into 90 days as the new owner wasn't really ready to move in.) THEN we went to France for a few weeks. THEN, inspired by the authentic French homes we visited, we decided to remodel our kitchen!

    We had all of the anticipated and unanticipated slow downs (electrician got sick, new sink did not show up, wall covering did not show up, etc.) Three days before Christmas I was missing 3 base cabinets and their tops in my kitchen. I MADE 3 base cabinets, painted the ugly, unfinished plywood walls and installed my fancy wall sconces about 2 hours before everyone arrived. By Christmas I had a somewhat presentable kitchen. No Christmas tree but had time to make 6 or 7 fresh evergreen wreaths. I make scented, European style fragrant candles so had quite a few of my Mistletoe and Noel candles burning to create a festive atmosphere.

    My youngest brother went to Boston Market for the food, and you know what, even without perfect decorations and long-labored over food, we had a wonderful Christmas. Lesson learned - it's the people!

    My New Year's Eve will be like yours, quiet and curled up in bed with a book.

    Happy New Year to you and yours, Smiles from Charlotte Des Fleurs


    I have followed your blog since your very beginning. I am so happy you are posting more frequently. When not, I go back and read old posts. I love the cleaning posts- you inspire me- I am not kidding, that I wrote out your weekly, and monthly cleaning posts. I also love your .99 store.
    It also is so real {everyone has gone to saying transparent-HMMM} for you to say that your goal- 2011- was to not kill anyone over the holidays. Holidays are tough- have always been so for me.
    I am hoping 2018 will be kinder to all of us.

    Thanks to you Janet for your wonderful blog. It has been such a big part of my life, whether you know it or not.


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