sick and tired of being sick and tired?

i've taken a cruise through blog land this morning and i've noticed that a lot of you are sick.

and since it is the start of a new year why not consider taking control of your health today by taking control of your kitchen.  that's right!  declare war on your kitchen today.
go in there and see what could be making you ill.
i bet it could use a good clean out right about now.

a lot of you ask how i declutter and keep things so minimal.
one of the ways i do it is a regular kitchen clean out.
i go through the pantry and look for things that somehow found their way into my grocery basket while i was having a weak moment.  and i do the same with the refrigerator.

i dare you to get rid of every dead animal and every animal by-product in your refrigerator and freezer.
haha, that's right...i dare you!

and you know what?  if you do, i promise you will start feeling better right away,
not only physically but emotionally too.

food is medicine.  it feeds our souls and every fiber of our being.
come can do this.

here's to a happy and healthy new year to us all.



  1. Pheeeew. That's a new tone as for 2013. ;-)

  2. AMEN! I've been waiting for you to say this! :)

  3. Yeah!! I know it sounds weird when put in actual terms, but if one had a dead dog in their freezer and somehow animal secretions had gotten all over their refrigerator, one might feel compelled to clean it up! Your voice is important, Janet, thank you!

  4. I'm a meat eater and haven't had a flu or cold for about 15 years, even though I'm around lots of little ones, and sniff folk at the gym who don't wipe down their machines.
    I honestly think it's my diet too - I eat masses of vegetables everyday and of course our meat is raised differently too which I'm sure helps, (still I only eat meat once or twice a week.)
    Fresh food, plant based - best cure all.

  5. Thank you Janet - I am off to make a yummy salad for lunch!

  6. So glad I read this with a fridge full of fresh veges. Although there is a dead chicken in there too. Im making progress! Happy New Year (**

  7. I confess to being a meat eater although I am very conscious of the source. Fruit and veg are our staples and I am progressing in a better direction.

    Fierce becomes you!

  8. I could not agree with you more! I have not been sick in eons. I was starting to feel sick on Christmas Day, but my body fought it off it fast. I credit my diet!
    Happy New Year Janet!

  9. Best wishes to you, Janet, for a happy new year! I, too, have health challenges and I'm here to say that by eating healthier, I've turned the corner on a serious health threat. I've manageed to lose 16 lbs. over the past 4 mos., 3 over the holiday, even though I have both diabetes and thyroid disease, and it was possible by the vegan diet, of that I am sure. It has made a difference in my blood work and potential for wellness, and my doctors are very impressed for they did not think it possible for this turnaround. I'm starting the new year clearing debris as well, physically and mentally. BTW, made your mushroom risotto for New Years Day and it was very, very good. Just wanted to thank you for continuing to share, even when it wasn't always easy to do. You have become a voice for good for many.

  10. I would love to see recommendations for *delicious* vegan cookbooks in this thread! I would think it so much more healthful for dh and me.
    Many thanks & Happy New Year!

    1. There are so many good vegan cookbooks and food blogs out now. A place where many of them seem to be coming together is a Pinterest site called Vegan Community

      Bon appetit!

    2. babette i often just google whatever it is i'm wanting to make and add vegan to the search title and bam...tons of amazing recipes will appear. i read through them and select the one i want or even combine them.

    3. Thanks ever so much KO and Janet. Off I go!

  11. I have been a vegan for years and years, and I do get ill less often than my meat eating friends. I also dose myself with tons of fresh fruit, raw veggies (organic of I can get it) and loads of soups. I must confess though, I am suffering at the moment. I was unable to get my regular chemo due to having a nasal infection which is still nagging at me. It has gone on for over a month. Any suggestions for clearing a nasal infection?

    1. Brandi-i have many suggestions for you. email me at : and i can send you my info.
      i'm not selling anything. I just try to help people & having had 3 sinus surgeries I know something about sinus health.

    2. Shelley,

      Are you 921shell on youtube because there's a comment with the same e-mail address. You also left the following comments which reveal much more about who you really are:

      "educate yourself. religion is superstition. quit living in the dark ages. meat will kill you - it's full of toxins."

      "god is nothing more than a superstition..there is no god..wake up!"

      "I think she's had industrial grade silicone injected into her face. That's what poor Priscilla Presley had done. Why do these women with money go to these black market doctors? I've had a face lift and fat transfer and I look NATURAL. No one can tell I have had any work done."

      "...Being so overweight is a very bad example for those children. some of the older girls are fat too. people, listen up- when you have children you have a responsibility to model healthy eating and exercise behaviors...FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR CHILDREN!"

      Here's the entire list of your youtube comments is here:

      You're not a nice person!

    3. Brandi - have you tried a neti pot to flush out the area? It's not easy at first but it works well.

    4. brani - the last 2 yrs i've been hit with allergies and the neti pot has helped a lot. also shell suggested xlear to use along with the neti pot and that helped too. this year i plan to avoid being in my garden during the month of may. good luck.

    5. Hi, I use a neti pot quite a bit. It seems to help for a short period and then it is back to the usual. I think I might have contracted sinusitus with a bout of Staph. It is so irritating to me.
      Janet, I am going to try and go all raw for the weekend and heavily dose with fresh oranges and garlic (not at the same time) also, I am going to try and drink a ton and use the Neti pot more often.
      I have never had any allergies to speak of, well other than my car Mushu. he kills me, but I love so he stays. :)

  12. Well I'm not sick...knock on wood, but maybe it does have something to do with a de-cluttered kitchen/house...who knows. While we are not vegan, I do buy by the meal so it's very fresh. I am always tempted to try vegan after a visit to your blog! You must know by now how much you inspire me Janet!

  13. Excellent advice, Janet.

    For those who like to tackle such things with a plan, here are two places that might suit:

    The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine's 21 Day Vegan Kickstart

    Colleen Patrick-Goudreau's 30 Day Vegan Challenge

    "Whether you want to improve your overall health, shed a few pounds, demonstrate your compassion for animals, or help the environment, expert Colleen Patrick-Goudreau gives you the tools and resources you need to make the vegan transition – healthfully, joyfully, and deliciously. Addressing your every question and challenge, Patrick-Goudreau helps you to break free from old habits and to experience lasting benefits – both tangible and intangible."

    30-Day Vegan Challenge Empowers Struggling New Vegans

  14. My new year resolution is going more into the vegan direction. Being a vegeterian for years, for a few months I am about 60 % vegan. I want to increase this. And yes, you are one reason for it, thank you!

  15. Happy 2013 Janet!

    I was just thinking about how great I have been feeling lately. I am an omnivore but we eat very little processed food, preferring most meals cooked at home. I have been doing the 5 Tibetan rites and I think it has made a difference, including a slow, steady weight loss that continued over the holidays. I'm energized and ready for the year ahead.

  16. Thanks Janet.....Vegetable soup on the burner for dinner tonight!


  17. YES indeed - eating animals products is so UNhealthy! I was researching plant based diets for depression for a friend whose husband is depressed. I did not know that the plant based diet is so wonderful for healing the mind as well as they body! About how twenty percent of our daily caloric intake goes to nourish our brain. The preferred fuel of the brain is carbohydrate – more specifically, glucose.
    Glucose is the main metabolic fuel of the brain. The average Westerner is on a carbohydrate deficient diet – with 40% or less of his calories
    coming from carbohydrates, when 70% or more would be ideal.
    Impaired brain function may be primarily due to the lack of carbohydrate or to the depressed levels of the depression-relieving neurochemical, serotonin, in the brains of many depressed people caused by insufficient carbohydrates. Carbohydrates from your diet raise serotonin levels naturally, and as a result, they effectively act like a natural tranquilizer, relieving depression, and improving mood. High carbohydrate intakes have been found to improve the moods of people, particularly athletes, who are known to eat very high-carbohydrate, near-vegetarian, diets. Antidepressant medications (SSRI) work by raising serotonin levels – something that would be unnecessary if people followed a high-carbohydrate diet.

  18. Janet I think it was you who sent me this info a few months back:
    39 % of illnesses
    48% of hospitalizations
    60% of deaths

    are attributable to eating poultry, beef, pork, deli meats, sea food & game.
    that is almost HALF of all illnesses & hospitalizations and over half of all deaths.
    doesn't that strike you as interesting? especially considering that people do NOT need to eat those things?

    This video is really good, as it covers the top 16 causes of death. ONE diet [plant-based ] PREVENTS or TREATS 15 of the top 16 causes, the 16th being accidents.

    Sixth leading cause of death is doctors, i.e. prescription drug side-effects. Rx drugs kill 100,000 people a year!

  19. I really wouldn't have tried living vegan if it weren't for you. So often the information is presented in a radical, off-putting way to me. But I like your manner of honesty without brute force. I find you and your recipes inspiring, so I'm giving it a go. I'm only 48 hours in, so I can't really say it's a true change yet--but so far so good :)
    Happy birthday/Happy New Year!
    I was wondering, do you have a vegan 101 post somewhere in your archives? I would like to know your favorite vegan substitutes...cheese, sour cream, butter, etc.

  20. Great post!! I am vegan except I eat free range, vegetarian fed, no hormone or anti-biotic eggs. I'm allergic to soy so I have to be careful and get enough protein.

    I know people that were hospitalized with infections that would not clear up due to eating meat because it is loaded with anti-biotics. We've become immune.

    If everyone knew just how disgusting the whole raising animals and slaughtering them process really is, no one would eat meat. And....the thought of a dead animal in my fridge (and who knows how long it's been dead) is truly revolting!

    Also, animals are living beings with feelings and personalities. I love animals and will not eat them.

    Thank you, Janet for bringing up this subject.


    1. an egg is an animal embryo so you are indeed eating an animal if you eat an egg.
      Eggs nearly as bad for your heart as cigarettes! ... 78400.html

      eggs cause inflammation and should not be eaten. free-range or not, stop with the eggs!

      It's almost impossible to get a protein deficiency.
      As long as you are eating any reasonable selection of unrefined plant foods, if you take care of the calories, the protein takes care of itself.
      The scientific evidence has been clear for over a century. In order to get a deficiency of protein, or any of the essential amino acids, you'd have to eat a bizarre diet.
      You'd have to eat nothing but apples, or nothing but extracted sugars and fats, or (as is much more likely) nothing but alcohol.
      Also, check out Dr. Greger’s video on vegan protein status showing that vegans had higher circulating protein levels than omnivores due to reduced inflammation in the liver.

    2. Shell,

      Stop yelling at people. What right do you have to scold someone that's left a comment for Janet? She's come here to ask a question in a place she expects to be kind and you scream at her. I know you say you're teaching, but I say it's preaching and it's offensive.

      Got your own blog if you want to preach to people.


    3. Shell, check this out:

      I believe whole foods, some animal foods including free-range eggs from my neighbors, in moderation.

    4. betty, i applaud your efforts on becoming or as being as close to vegan as possible!
      i used to eat eggs too. my girlfriend had a couple of chickens and treated them with so much love that i didn't think it was harmful to eat them. then she moved away and so that was that. i just didn't understand the whole chicken hatchery business. now that i do i can't eat eggs w/o feeling awful so i don't. anyway we are all on this journey together and we all do the best we can. good luck and happy new year. xoxo

  21. My lady has been trying to eat better. The problem for her is money. It's cheaper to eat poorly. She would like to take wheat products out of her diet, and she already doesn't eat much meat. Unfortunately though...right now she eats what she can get, and that includes bread left over from the food pantry and meat.

    Slowly she is going to try to incorporate more healthy things - but until hay prices go down she is stuck. She says we animals are worth it.

    1. I have to agree with your lady. My family of 3 started eating better. Fruits, veggies and only the meat that we raise ourselves. But unfortunately I got to expensive. We stayed on this way of eating for 12 weeks, but we were going through 500$ every few weeks in just fruit and veggies. We would love to eat vegetarian (not vegan), but alas! Living in a cold climate does not make it feasible.

      It's a good idea, but here until someone wins the lottery or the price of fresh produce goes down we will have to stick to the way we eat now. Moderation.

    2. oh my dear isobel and lisa too. maybe it's b/c of where i live but eating vegan is so much cheaper than eating meat and dairy. a block of tofu is only $1.50 and beans and rice are pretty darn cheap. i'm blessed to be surrounded by several organic farms so my veggies and fruit are also cheap. my advice would be to keep at it and try to eat as seasonally as possible b/c that is where the savings is. but i understand budget issues very well and we all do the best we can. xo

  22. I love lentil soup. Its great for meat eaters and non-meat eaters alike. Its got it all plus its perfect for the cold season.

  23. anony @ 1:17 [ Sam-? ] the reason my comments annoy you so must be i am touching a nerve. you probably do not eat healthy so you have to try to feel better about your pathetic little self by trying to slam me. get a life.
    i am not yelling i am stating my opinion.
    if janet wants me to stop posting she will tell me. not you- ok?
    you bugger off now -ok? if you don't like my comments, don't read them.

    all contain dioxins - which increase your risk of many cancers...all animals products cause problems - even in moderation. moderation is a myth. if you are over age 50 your health needs to be top priority or you'll end up sick in your 60's. it's your choice.

    half an egg day a day increases your risks of getting many cancers:

  24. Janet, please cork Shell.

    1. I'm sorry but I have to agree with the other comments and I'm not going to be anonymous...Shell comes off with a "holier than thou" attitude. And it does sound like she is yelling. Janet encourages people to go vegan, and does not chastise them if they are not. If she had Shell's attitude I don't think she would have many readers.

      I think many individuals like myself wouldn't be reading her blog if we were not interested in bettering ourselves. If I recall correctly, Shell and her husband were not always so perfect.

  25. You have inspired to me re-start eating vegan and I'm loving it! I was also inspired by your menu plans from looking back through the archives, so on fridge now is my first weekly plan - yay! All nicely laid out (I've benefited from your culinary experience). We'll eat first through the eyes looking at this plan.

    I also made the mushroom risotto (Christmas Eve) and my husband and I loved it - soooo tasty.

    Thanks Janet!

  26. I got a little cold right after Christmas but it never turned into anything big. It is so weird, but I didn't even have to try to get into the vegan thing. My body just took to it and in a weird way I was just kind of relieved to shut the door on animal products.

    By the way Janet, I've made the mushroom risotto at least three times since you shared the recipe and I LOVE IT. I also love your pesto pasta with tomato salad...making that tonight. Your style of food is so beautifully simple but delicious and I'm a fan. ~Lina~

  27. Some of us have conditions that have little to do with our diets. That being said, I was wondering -- did you "go vegan" overnight after seeing that film? How did you learn to cook and eat a new way and re-organize your kitchen?

    1. hello carolyn, yes i went vegan instantly after watching earthlings. it wasn't hard for me at all. i just stopped eating animal products. i already knew how to cook beans, rice, veggies and i began experimenting with tofu and smoothies and finding new ways to bake. i found it all very exciting and i was uplifted at the same time knowing i was no longer part of the slaughter of innocent animals. as far as organizing my kitchen went, not much changed. i tossed or gave away all the dead animals in my freezer and just replaced a few other items. it really was quite transforming. i highly recommend it. xo

  28. Janet,

    I have read in the past that eating too much sugar can lower your immunity, so I decided to limit my sugar consumption this holiday season. It must have worked because I only got a mild stomach thing that only lasted a few days. In the past, I never seemed to make it through the holidays without a cold. Last winter I had a cold that kept returning and then a horrible flu. Knock on wood I haven't had a cold in almost a year! Maybe it's also the spinach I've been putting in my smoothie every morning!

    I bought the cookbook Forks over Knives recently, I'm going to make some vegan enchiladas tomorrow night. :o)


  29. Have been considering vegan of late as a matter if fact. I only eat fish at present but on a recent holiday I was exposed to some phenomenal vegan meals. I just need to get the recipes.
    On another note about your post...there are bizarre things in my pantry and frig that need to go. What ever I was thinking at the time, I won't be eating them so out they go.
    Thanks for the kick in the arse.
    Keep those recipes coming please.

  30. Shell,
    I never comment on blogs, but I really feel the need to speak up. I am a critical care nurse with many years of experience. It most certainly IS possible to get a protein deficiency. As a matter of fact, I would estimate that nearly 100% of our patients in the ICU have protein deficiencies, and many of them are life threatening. Protein levels have a very direct effect on the mortality rates of our patients, as protein levels affect numerous things such as vascular permeability and wound healing. Perhaps you should educate yourself better prior to making blanket statements that you clearly are not educated about.

    1. dear nurse-I never said it's not possible to get a protein deficiency I said it's almost impossible to get a protein deficiency.
      it IS possible if you are not eating enough healthy FOOD.

      "any single starch or vegetable will provide in excess of our needs for total protein and essential amino acids— there is no reason to rely on beans or make any efforts to food combine different plant foods to improve on Nature’s own marvelous creations..."

      Those are the words of Dr Mc Dougall. he is is a board certified internist and has seen patients for over 30 years. He ran an inpatient hospital program for 16 years in St Helena near Santa Rosa in No Calif. He has written books and is well respected. He gets people off Rx drugs and out of pain for all sorts of conditions. Dr Mc Dougall says to eat plants and starches. This diet benefits all of us no matter what our condition. And so please educate yourself before you try and slam someone on a blog comment section.

  31. Janet, I was wondering how you substitute butter? I tried margerine but did not like the look&feel and then I found out about margerine (trans fats, it's a highly processed food - the chemical process which makes it quite toxic, all the marketing the companies do to sell margerine - the first commercial on the radio was for margerine).

    What else can I spread on the bread to substitute butter (as a base for jam)?
    I don't feel like eating peanutbutter 24/7 ;-)

    1. PS: Palm oi is not an alternative for me, due to the negative effects on the environment:

      You can tell, I am stuck ;-)

    2. paula you bring up a good point about palm and palm products. i'm currently working on making my own margarine. i'll report back on it shortly. what about just skipping the margarine and just using jam?

  32. That salad looks wonderful! But I've got to admit, I live in a region of the country that is bitter cold right now. And as much as I love a good salad, right now I am craving something a bit more substantial. We eat a lot of soup, lentils and beans but even those are becoming a bit boring. So I guess I am saying that I think it is a bit more difficult to be vegetarian or vegan if you live in a colder region of the country. Especially as a midwestern German girl. I am craving a rib-sticking meal, but no meat. Do you have any recipes that would fit this bill? Thanks.

    1. i understand about bitter cold too. i'm in utah right now and i think yesterday's high was minus 3. last night we had thick, creamy, rich mushroom risotto. omg, talk about good! it sticks to your ribs you know? also, when i'm out skiing i'll start thinking about dinner and a big bowl of pasta with veggies served with bread and a salad will fill me up too. the other night we had black bean tacos with rice on the side. if you like mushrooms, portabellos really make good meat substitutes. you can saute them in a little white wine and serve them with mashed potatoes and veggies on the side. does any of this help? i'll try to post some stick to your ribs recipes soon. xo

  33. I think different people, with different constitutions, feel better on different diet or food programs. The most important thing is to get in plenty of fresh vegetables, locally grown if possible from your farmer's market. And if you eat meat, fish, or poultry, make sure it's organic, antibiotic free, etc. Food is the last place I would look, to make any budget changes. And listen to your body. I know I don't do well with dairy, so I keep away from that.

    1. Hi Kathy!
      I don't know about the regulations in the US. In the EC, organic also means that the fertilizer - if used - has to be organic. This allows farmers to buy manure from animal-factories and use it to grow organic plants and feed organic cows. And they do so. Until the cheese turns black from antibiotics due to the manure ...
      Finding out about those details makes it difficult to believe that "organic" = "better".

      The commercials sell "organic" as if it were paradise. The farmers do as much as they are allowed to do until a new law comes and forbids "traditions".

      Nevertheless - I also look out for the organic alternative, though it does not make me feel as good as it used to make me feel before I found out about the fertilizers and where they come from.

    2. Hello Paula,

      Toxic CAFO manure can be spread on U.S. industrial "organic" farm fields, as well.

      U.S. animal factories often dump millions of gallons of putrefying waste into massive open-air cesspits that can leak and contaminate water used to irrigate crops. Deadly fecal pathogens such as E. coli O157:H7 has contaminated U.S. vegetables in that way.

      Animal factory manure wastes also contain dust, molds, bacterial endotoxins and up to 400 separate volatile compounds, many of which are known irritants, allergens and respiratory hazards.

      Scientific studies show that manure lakes emit toxic airborne chemicals that cause headaches, sore throats, excessive coughing, diarrhea, burning eyes, childhood asthma and immediate and long-term respiratory disease.

      These two brief pieces tell part of the story:

      March '05 Florida Sierra Club: Get Animal Factories Added to Act, Regulations

      July '07 Organic Consumers Association: Court Rules Against Green Groups, Lets Factory Farms Off the Hook

      I still buy locally grown organic vegetables when possible and, like you, don't feel entirely good about it.

  34. Yesterday, I was reading your blog about so many in blog-land being sick and today, I am one of them. Fortunately, I have nothing I'm obligated to do. But I hate being idle! Oh, well....

    My grandmother believed that illness stayed around in the winter because the air in our homes/offices isn't fresh. Each Saturday, when she changed the linen, she would open the window a crack for five minutes. Silly as it sounds, I swear it helped. She also insisted on children being outside for a short time each day (not when it was in the teens) because she thought it helped keep them healthy. I am thinking she was ahead of her time. When I change the linens on Saturday, I am going to briefly open the windows--until my husband blows a gasket about energy loss.

    1. Call me nana, lol I do that too! I totally believe that the air in the house starts to feel stagnant.

    2. I third your grandmother's ideas. Fresh air in the house is wonderful!


  35. What great timing! I've been seriously considering going vegan. I just watched several documentaries on plant based diets. Although I also want to be healthier, Vegucated might just be the tipping point for this animal lover. I think the hardest part will be cooking for my meat-and-potatoes husband. Any ideas?

    1. unless your husband is on-board with a vegan diet it will be hard. if he isn't then i would just make your normal meal and just not eat the meat and dairy. if he is on board then i'd start out with pasta's, chili's, veggie burgers, soups, veggie stews, stir frys and salads. make big fresh salads and serve really good bread with whatever you make. so

    2. Hi Rebecca, hi Janet!

      searching for information on vegetable protein, I stumbled upon this article.
      The author is a big help, I love the part about "Making it Easy".

      "Try the three-step approach. Let's face it—we're not gourmet chefs: we choose from a repertoire of maybe eight or nine different meals. All you need to do is to find eight or nine vegetarian meals that you really like. First, pick three meals you like already that are totally vegetarian—spaghetti marinara, minestrone with whole grain bread, or whatever. Second, pick three more meals you can modify to be purely vegetarian. For example, instead of meat in chili, use beans or TVP, a textured vegetable protein sold in health food stores. Switch from a meat burrito to a bean burrito. Third, find three recipes that are new to you. All bookstores and libraries have loads of vegetarian cookbooks. In three simple steps, you've solved your problem."

      Rebecca, this could be a babystep for you and your husband. (I am in the same situation as you: living with an omnivore, my advantage: he can also cook for himself and he does!).2
      As Janet posted recently and frequently: Risotto for example is a dish which can "go vegan" with little effort (olive oil instead of butter) and your husband can add the parmesan individually at the table.

      I also love to eat roasted vegetables (I cook them for 5-10 min in water before transferring them to the oven). If your husband needs meat, you could serve his vegetables with a steak or burger and you would have more than enough with those yummy vegetables. (the oven plus turns them into a gourmet meal).

      Janet, if you don't mind, I would love to repost the link from above in the near future in your comment-section. It could be of use for many people who follow your blog and lack the phantasy how to become vegan.

  36. I am not sick!! Happy new Year!!!

    Found your 1st comment on my blog! Must repost it!!! was 3 years ago!!! xxx

  37. I have to agree with Shell, Dr. McDougall is wonderful!

    1. Thanks to Shell for the health and diet information. The links she's provided have been of much help to ailing friends whose diet and well being have greatly improved as a result.

      This information isn't commonly distributed by mainstream U.S. medical doctors so Shell's reporting has been invaluable to them.

      When blogs are managed well, information in the comment section can provide great benefits. Thanks to Shell and to everyone who takes the time to bring additional information to the table.

    2. Shell, you should post your maple syrup fat free salad dressing... It tastes so good that just the taste alone could heal the grumpiest of hearts! :-)
      -Suzanne in Illinoi

  38. Thank-you Betty.

    Carolyn--you said : "some of us have conditions that have very little to do with our diets..."..I must disagree with that. your diet has everything to do with your health conditions.

    read this:

    "The food you put into your body is the single most powerful factor that determines your health and well being." Dr. John A. McDougall, MD

    I believe this with all my heart. You can read many patient success stories on - everything from arresting MS to curing cancer. The plant based treats or prevents 15 of the 16 leasing causes of death.

    1. Well, of course your diet affects your general level of health..........I meant that some things have genetic causes, or exposure to toxins or bacteria, for instance. Not caused by diet, not cured by it.

    2. shell, what is your opinion on cholesterol?
      I could eliminate cholesterol in my diet by 100% and still have a high cholesterol level.

      The largest part of my "bad" cholesterol is caused by stress. Unfortunately our body can make us sick, too. :(
      Not that I am sick from the high cholesterol level - living an active live with lots of sports keeps it in balance (good and bad cholesterol).

  39. Most certainly changed my life two years ago...or is it three now???
    Thank you, Janet, and thank you to all who read The Gardner's Cottage!!!
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  40. Janet-
    I just finished a lovely salad and love preparing fresh veggies. Freshly washed lettuce, avocado, tomatoes and home made vin-=
    grette. Yum.
    That said, we do love meat here - every now and then, especially in the colder months.
    I do try and I do thank-you for your inspiration.

  41. Janet,
    Confess, I am not sick and I did not get the flu shot. I really try to eat healthy and get good air and good sleep.

  42. Not sure about medicine per se, yet food is definitely comforting. I found this article quite touching and a nice reminder of holistic perspective. We tend to get rigid sometimes.

    May 2013 bring health and wholeness to all. xo

    1. i've been wanting to do a post on the blue zone. loma linda is less than 5 miles from my house.

    2. Janet, will look forward to reading.


    1. all the animal products would me meat, poultry, eggs and dairy!

  44. Thank you for being there as a CHEERLEADER for a great cause...the health and welfare of all of us!!!
    Rah! or should I say RAW!

  45. Carolyn,

    Genes do not determine disease on their own.

    Genes function only by being activated or expressed, and nutrition controls which genes, good or bad, are expressed.

    Genetics loads the gun but nutrition/lifestyle pulls the trigger. Some people have a predisposition to diabetes, others to heart disease, others to cancer. Some may develop these diseases if they eat poorly, do not exercise, drink too much, smoke and do other things that undermine health. Others, with the same genetic predisposition, may be eating healthy, exercising, maintaining a healthy weight, not smoking, not over drinking & managing stress etc. and they will NOT develop the diseases they were predispositioned for.

    And then there are still others --genetically fortunate I guess [??] you can call them - who can abuse their bodies their whole lives long and not
    get sick & live to be 100. I have both heart disease and cancer in my family [ my father & mother ] so I have to assume I have the genetic predisposition to develop those diseases myself. Maybe if you already have developed cancer and are over age 50 or 60 & have eaten a poor diet all your life, you may not be able to defeat your disease process by diet and lifestyle changes. But think of all the people who could be helped by eating better. Those who are not sick yet but have genes for cancer or Parkinson's or whatever but if they eat right, they may not EVER go on to develop those problems. Ruth Heidrich was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer at age 47. She switched from the meat-, dairy-, and junk food-based Western diet to the McDougall starch-based diet.

    Ruth Heidrich is one remarkable example of metastatic breast cancer "cured" - she was diagnosed over 26 years
    ago—and she lives cancer free today. She is almost 80 and she still RUNS! Google her if you do not believe me.

    While we can't change our genes, we don't have to increase the risks of disease or early death by an indulgent lifestyle.

    Dr. McDougall has done a great little video on this:

    ScienceDaily (Aug. 27, 2012) — More than 40 plant-based compounds can turn on genes that slow the spread of cancer, according to a first-of-its-kind study by a Washington State University researcher.

    This is very similar to the studies being done by Dr. Ornish at UCSF. I was reading that he has shown that genetic pathways can be turned off or on by diet and simply following a plant based diet changed around 500 markers in his research. It's an exciting time to be alive with all this data coming forward. It won't be long before this will be considered settled science and we will treat it as if we always knew this.

  46. I hardly ever get sick (touch wood). I'm a meat eater but in less quantity than average. I stay away from gyms and get fresh air everyday. I think that helps stave off sickness. Also, having love in my life has improved my health tremendously. Thanks for the post Janet. I so enjoy your blog.

  47. With such a healthy diet, i am wondering you are still contacting illness. Well weather, stress and pollution are great contributor of diseases. But since i turn into gardening, it neutralizes my stress levels. Most of my time are spent redecorating my garden shed and i love it. You might try it too!

  48. hello katharine, i've not been getting sick but several other people have. that's why i suggested they clean out their refrigerators and start the new year vegans.


kindness is never out of style.

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