cornelia guest - vegan

cornelia guest, daughter of c.z. guest, muse of andy warhol,
is a vegan.  yay.

she has a gorgeous handbag line that you can see here.
this is one of my favorites - and it's on sale!

a new cookbook, simple pleasures, that i just ordered and cannot wait to get.
you can get that here.

she is an outspoken spokesperson for PETA.
there are numerous stories you can read about right here.

i don't know about you but i just love it when people break out of their seemingly pre-determined shells and take risks and succeed.  even if they don't succeed, i'm so in awe of them.
it just goes to prove, you can never be too rich, too thin or too vegan.:)



  1. Love that last line Janet!

    Do NOT read my post on Friday!

  2. I used to rent the estate (with 3 other girls) on Long Island, NY that Cornelia grew up in. And I found a book all about animals that she scribbled in as a child. So it seems she has always loved them and does still. I am glad she is vegan and am now interested in finding out more about her. Thanks for this informative post.

    1. The parents of some friends of ours purchased Duck Puddle Farm in the early 1980s. My brother went there for a party that was thrown by his friend, Dave Gruber. He said this house was so large that he got lost walking through it. I have since learned that the house is over 14,000 square feet and was built in the 1700s.

      I can understand how he got lost. The house is currently up for sale after being off the market for nearly two decades. The asking price is about 1.5 million....

  3. Thanks for the links, Janet. I put the book on my wishlist. As for the handbags...I will shoot myself if I even go there, however, it is great to know of another vegan designer.

  4. P.S. - It was not Templeton, but an estate from her earlier childhood, in Oyster Bay on Berry Hill Road, an old dutch colonial style house with stables and a large pond. I believe it was called "Duck Puddle Farm".

  5. What a gorgeous lady, love that photo! That bag is stunning and the book does look wonderful. xxx

  6. All that and she's obviously the Alpha Dog too (:

  7. I love that last line too. I can't wait until you try out some recipes from the cook book for us. Are you getting the handbag? It's the bomb.

  8. Cornelia Guest's "Simple Pleasures" sounds like fun.

    Cornelia is quoted as saying she plans a cruelty free shoe line. I'm keeping my fingers crossed she designs cute US made ballet flats that are well made and affordable. That's a combination that's been impossible for me to find.

    Interview with Cornelia Guest About Her New Cookbook and Vegan Product Line

    The Cornelia Guest web site:


  9. Thanks for all of the info! I can't wait to check it out in more detail. It comes at a particularly ideal time since I am now a re-affirmed vegetarian (after almost 20 years, thanks to you!) Also wanted to mention the irony when Ricky Lauren's cookbook came up on the same page as a cookbook "readers also viewed". Of course it did;)

  10. Your blog has been a good influence on me...I've been trying a plant-based diet for health reasons and I'm finding it actually pretty easy and delicious. I was worried about missing cheese and eggs but it's been about a month and I'm fine. I'm enjoying learning about the ethical side of all of this. Thank you for sharing what you know!

  11. In fact you CAN be too thin.

    It's called anorexia.

    Or, in many parts of the world, starvation.

  12. One of the reasons I believe that people fail to embrace following a low fat vegan diet is that they start thinking about the foods they feel they
    would be 'missing'. Much of this is based on nostalgia and habit.
    In most industrialised nations there is a range of choice of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nuts/seeds.
    There are so many colourful, delicious and nutritious plant foods available that even vegans are spoiled for choice much of the time. We live in abundance is how I see it.
    I have never looked forward so much to the foods I now eat. For instance the other night I had 2 ears of steamed corn with lime juice
    along with my soup & salad dinner.
    The corn I bought looked freshly picked and was especially delicious.
    It never occurs to me to eat animals. I'm content in the knowledge that my eating habits don't contribute to extra animals being raised in horrible
    conditions and killed solely for the short term pleasure of taste.

  13. I love mimi kirk - she is a 71 year old vegan and her boyfriend is 51-!

    mimi kirk's refrigerator:

    1. just watched both videos shell. how awesome is this?! i feel the need to go buy some containers and organize my refrigerator!

      also, got the b12 drops yesterday and they taste like cherry so i'm quite happy. thanks love.

    2. janet so glad you are doing ok with the b12 drops. yes isn't mimi kirk something else? she is 72 and appears so much younger. she has a beautiful spirit and a sense of joy about her than many women half her age do not have. when i saw her refrigerator i too wanted to organize mine like hers!

  14. Dear J

    I am thinking about a trip to the USA next year!!! I know. Think of the possibilities!!! Meanwhile I have been eating lots of vegetarian fodder lately and loving it sick. You'd be proud.

    Say hi to Larry to the Stars.

    I always remember that Old Cornelia dated Sylvester Stallone back in the day...


    1. that's funny b/c i'm thinking of a trip to australia. so it is inevitable that we meet. omg.

    2. Damn- you best co-ordinate and make sure you don't cross over at the same time! Murphy's Law works globally you know!

  15. Hello Janet:
    We know nothing of Cornelia Guest and, in spite of your very best efforts, we know little of vegan diets. However, what we do know is that you are absolutely right when it comes to people trying to break out from whatever mould is being placed upon them. The individuality of the individual is something to treasure and seems to be in danger of extinction these days.

  16. I just saw Mike Tyson on the Today yesterday saying he was a vegan. I found that a big surprise. I've never heard of Cornelia Guest. Maybe before my time?

    1. Here's a bit of info on Cornelia Guest and the Guest family ~

      2001 New York Times article on Cornelia Guest, "To The Manor Born:"

      Cornelia Guest video interview on YouTube:

      Photographs of Cornelia Guest's house, which I understand is on the market


      Templeton, Part II


  17. But you can be too PETA. Did you know that they euthanize 85-95% of the animals that they take in to their care? It's sickening to see them refuse to allow adoption and instead murder the defenseless animals.

    1. do they "murder" them or humanely put them to sleep? is it PETA's fault that so many stupid people will not spay and neuter their pets? there are many more animals alive than there are good homes for them. should we just let them run wild in the streets? how many pets have you adopted? i have had 6 rescue animals in the last 10 years. 3 are still with me.

    2. There are so many myths about PETA. So much distortion of the PETA record, partial and misleading information about the PETA mission that it's impossible to keep up with it. Comes with the territory, I suppose.

      Here are some of the ways PETA measures their success according to PETA VP Dan Mathews: Obviously you guys get a ton of media attention because you’re very clever and you’ve learned how to work the media. Have you been able to monitor how many results and wins for animal rights you’ve gotten as a result of PETA’s outrageous media tactics?

      Dan Mathews of PETA: We monitor it in a few different ways. One of the ways we look is changing attitudes. There was a firm called Label Networks which did an online poll of teenagers to find out which charity group teenagers most wanted to volunteer for. We were thrilled to see that PETA was number one. I think it’s because we redefined the whole animal rights issue for a new generation. It’s looked upon as mainstream in some ways and edgy in other ways. I think it’s edgy because of the tactics we use, things like using sex in our protests. And to see characters on just about every TV show now who are vegetarian or who identify themselves as animal advocates. The other way that we look at our successes is how we’re changing corporate practices and how we’re actually affecting the lives of animals. We have been directly responsible for companies like Gillette, Avon, Revlon and Estee Lauder [not testing] their products on animals. We were able to pressure General Motors to stop using animals in crash tests. One of the most significant victories we’ve had was getting McDonald’s and Burger King to stop buying their eggs from farms that de-beak chickens and keep them in tiny confined cages with no room to even open their wings.

      Full article:

      One of my favorite PETA anti-fur stunts is described here:


    3. I fully expected a holier-than-thou response and was not disappointed. I'm a college student living in a dorm so I can't have pets but I do volunteer at the local shelter twice a month to spend time with animals as well as scoop poop, clean pens and general housekeeping. If a person wants to improve animal welfare there is more than one way to do it and I do what I can in my limited capacity at the moment.

      My aunt wanted to adopt a PETA rescue and was told that animals were better off euthanized than placed with a human and adoption was not allowed. I don't think the dog would feel the same way but he is defenseless to say so. It is that devastating attitude that I am talking about. It's fine if you just accept that PETA is perfect but really a person should perform the due dilligence to determine if they are truly what they represent. Are they really working in animals' best interest? I don't think they are, all of the time, and they should be held accountable where they fall short. I would expect nothing less for myself or any other organization.

  18. Great post Janet. I really admire Cornelia for all she is doing. Admire you too for spreading the goodness of this lifestyle.
    Always love your posts.


  19. YAY!!! Indeed! Thank you for sharing. I can't wait to check out the handbags and cookbooks. So great to see another stylish, beautiful vegan! Appreciate you spreading the word.

  20. I wonder how many of US you have you have turned vegetarian/vegan? You should do a poll. Good work, my friend.

    I started following you somewhere around late 2010 or early 2011. At that time, I went back and starting reading all of your posts from the beginning (LOVE you--can you say addictive?) and all of the comments from your amazing fans (luff them, too;) I petered-out around July 2010 but kept to reading all of the new stuff as it's come (periodically recalling that I've needed to go back and catch up). Recently, I was encouraged to head back to July 2010 and begin reading again. On top of everything you've provided in your 2011-2012 posts regarding veganism (and where I've had this internal nagging) I ran onto your older post with the Earthlings trailer and bravely watched. Tears and a horrifying feeling of self-hatred for ignoring where my food was even coming from...realizing I was totally disconnected, I was...and am, DONE. No more meat, no problem. I didn't go on to watch the movie (still working up the courage and really thought I should consider watching with my husband and oldest child). Since then, I ran onto a girl who posted a utube video about the Earthlings movie and how it changed her. With her video, she posted a couple of important links. I was bawling when I watched them yesterday. They are so important. If only required watching for every human being on earth, maybe we'd live in a different world: and

    I've now been eating vegetarian for a couple of weeks. I easily rid of all 4-legged and 2-legged animals plus I'm no longer drinking or allowing my family to drink, any milk--just almond. I've kept eggs, very infrequent fish and cheese for now. These will be harder for me to stop but it's important I've started. I am in the process of locating a free range, cage free, local egg farmer. I will feel far better about my love of eggs when the hens are being treated fairly. The males? I'M MORTIFIED!! Who knew?!! Talk about a very short life-span; born and dead.

    Thanks for opening my eyes. I feel better on every level already.

    On another entirely different note..I just had to add my LOVE of RL. I worked for RL (as your son does/did) I still have some of the most amazing clothes--all made in America from the 80's. I cannot part with these beauties. Jackets retailed for $550, pants for $250 (half off for me-whoopee!) I gave RL all of my paychecks and more. I have more bed linens (zebra pattern, Aztec stripes, florals out the ying-yang and the most beautiful creams one can imagine), blankets, comforters etc. It was tough to be exposed to that "lifestyle" and not buy in:) I also have many artifacts from when our store closed. Couch, chair, amazing framed photography, old suitcase etc. They know how to merchandise a store, don't they?!! Anyway--that was my walk down memory lane. I needed to brighten it up at the end:) Enjoy your day!

  21. Americans are so culturally indoctrinated into eating dead animals and animal products and it's killing us!
    There is no need to eat meat. Meat has no fiber - meat has concentrated toxins and is too high up on the food chain.
    We all need to eat lower on the food chain. For our OWN health and the health of the planet-!! yes it can be' hard for people who are used to eating meat to get away from it. there is a time where people miss it. it's because they are used to it and it's a habit. they are eating it out of habit. once people become CONSCIOUS eaters, it is not hard to stop eating it.

    It takes a while to make a vegan lifestyle a habit. During that time, there is some temptation and craving, and it takes effort.
    But once you abstain for a period of time, the cravings go away and you have your new habits on autopilot.

    Making your lifestyle a habit is essential, IMO. If you continue to periodically give in to the SAD [ standard american diet ], you never lose the
    cravings, and they are always there ready to take over in a weak moment.
    There is a point in time where you may miss your old foods. It's sort of like breaking up with somebody that you know you need to break up with.
    At times, you are bound to feel nostalgia and longing. But you know deep down that you are doing the right thing, and the breakup is
    necessary if you are going to thrive. Just accept whatever pain and longing come your way, and know that it is all part of what you need to do.
    Believe me, it does become easier. Remember how hard it was when you were learning to tie your shoes? Do you even think about it at all now?
    Same thing with food choices. It does get easier.

    Here's what I suggest : If you don't believe a vegan diet helps you feel and be healthier, just try it out, let's say for 2 weeks, then check your results.

    If you can stick with it for several weeks I promise that one day you'll wake up and realize that it no longer feels like "being strict." It just feels GOOD.
    It's better for you, for the animals and for the planet to totally give up meat, oil & dairy.

    Dr. Andrew Weil says that there is something called arachidonic acid, or AA, in animal flesh which causes inflammation. AA is a pro-inflammatory fatty acid.
    He explains that "heart disease and Alzheimer's - among many other diseases - begin as inflammatory processes. The same hormonal imbalance that increases
    inflammation increases cell proliferation and the risk of malignant transformation." They are finding out that inflammation is key in so many of the diseases that plague us.
    So when you eat meat, you ingest AA, which causes inflammation, which fires up the disease process. It doesn't matter if the chicken is free range or
    the beef is grass-fed because the fatty acid is natural and inherent in the meat.

    Chicken and eggs are also top sources of arachidonic acid in the diet and for the sake of your body’s inflammatory response
    do not eat chicken or eggs--ever.

    Most "diets" are impossible to maintain.
    However, I am surprised that some people find it so hard to embrace the starch based vegan diet.

    I know most people going on Dr John Mc Dougall's way of eating plan miss meat and cheese and other dairy and first.

    But you lose interest in eating those things after a few weeks and it is easy to follow Mc Dougall because most everyone has carb cravings and on
    Mc Dougall you can eat plenty of potatoes, rice and corn. It is relatively inexpensive.

    And if you don't like to cook "fancy" it's the best ! The foods are simple.

  22. She looks so glam with that long skirt. Must have been her brother in that famous picture of CZ Guest and child in the huge pool shot.(Slim Aarons shot)

  23. Hi Janet - what a gorgeous looking handbag... lovely. And I have just caught up and read your Fathers day post.... How beautiful - Don't mind admitting that I shed a tear. Happy weekend to you. X


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