the vegan stoner

this is quite possibily the coolest, easiest vegan cooking site i've ever seen.
thanks for hooking me up steve.
these people prove that being vegan is easy and they do it in a truly delightful and fresh way.

do something wonderful for yourself, the animals and the earth this christmas!

check out the vegan stoner here.



  1. I'm a vegetarian, but find I avoid dairy and eggs more and more. Thanks for the hook up!

  2. I think it's genius. Almost like a modern day Moosewood.

    Some of the posts appear really tiny on my computer and I don't see any way to expand them. Do you have that problem?

  3. You know I was vegan for about 30 years - I've gone to the dogs!

  4. It's perfect! Thanks for letting everyone know about it. Have sent the link on to my DIL, too.

  5. That might possibly be the cutest site ever. Thanks to you I've cut most of the dairy out of my diet ~ I mostly use the Trader Joe's Almond Milk (in tea and oatmeal, etc). It adds a nice flavor. Anyway, after looking at this site, I'm going to try out the chickpea curry. Thanks for sharing!

  6. steve - no i have no problem with that. i do wish there was an archive file. but i'm really not complaining. thanks so much for sharing the site with me.

  7. LOVE it! There's so many recipes I saw that I want to try...

    Thanks for always spreading the word on this...hopefully the world will get the message. :)

  8. That Steve! He's always ahead of the curve.

  9. What a great site...beautiful style. Gorgeous photos and and love the illustrations of the ingredients. Did you see that avocado pudding? Some really interesting recipes here.

  10. I love the site, especially the drawings, but I have the same problem as Steve, I can't get the images to enlarge. I'll keep trying.

  11. I'm not vegan, but I love a couple. I will send this link to them right now. xo

  12. wow thanks Janet-great site!

    Below is the link to John McDougall MD's presentation at the VegSource Healthy Lifestyle Expo 2010.

    The human diet is based on starches.
    The more rice, corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and beans you eat, the trimmer and healthier you will be -- and with those same
    food choices you will help save the Planet Earth too.
    We have GOT to makes a change in our source of calories. The world population is in BIG trouble.
    OVER a billion people on the planet are now OBESE.
    A billion people on the planet now have hypertension.
    18 million people a year die of heart disease.
    The prediction is within 30 years 30-40% of the populations will have type 2 diabetes
    The human animal is deteriorating and we have widespread environmental destruction of our planet.

  13. your enthusiasm makes even this committed meat eater want to embrace veganism!

    We are all sick as sick here Janet.

    I long for a servant to help me out. xxx

  14. shell, so many of our friends in our age group are starting to have serious health issues, mostly with their hearts. things are going to have to change. they must. if health is the reason why they do then that is ok with me. thanks for your continued support.

  15. Janet, I so enjoy your blog. Thanks for this link. I just want you to know I've gone vegan and you helped to show me the way! I think it is true we can ALL make a difference--and none too small.

  16. Janet-thank YOU for ll you do. Hubby & I were dairy/cheese eating vegetarians for 20+ years and then a year ago he has some heart issues. So we've both been vegan since Dec 2010. He lost 25 pounds and got off a lot of meds. We both feel better, sleep better and have more energy. I have been telling everyone we know how wonderful it is to be vegan.

    Besides the horrible cruelty, raising animals for food is a wasteful, harmful and inefficient way to raise food (it takes 16 pounds of grain to produce one pound of meat). The environmental impact of the waste, the chemicals fed to food animals to keep them from getting sick because they are in confined areas (factory farming and CFO’s), and the water, soil and air pollution data are hard to ignore. The UN is strongly recommending we (as a world) move towards a more plant based diet to conserve food (feed the hungry), and preserve our environment. This should be taken seriously because we cannot continue to polute and expand at these rates. Food animal production is also the leading cause of deforestation. We feed 70% of US grain to food animals. We could wipe out starvation with the grain we feed to food animals. Think about that. This is a huge issue which includes animal right issues, social justice issues, environmental issues, and of course political ones too. If the cattle were removed from the public grazing lands, there would be plenty of room for the mustangs who belong there and have the legal right to be there.

  17. Yessssssssssssssssss......
    -Suzanne In Illinois

  18. And a little voice from Virginia says: nice nut loaf.

    xo Jane

  19. What a brilliant link! I'm always looking for more interesting meat-free recipes, there's loads of inspiration here, thanks! x

  20. Thanks for sharing, Janet & Steve. Recipes sound great and the drawings are irresistable!

  21. Thank you Steve and Janet for this fun site. It's like a comic book for cooks. I'm running Firefox and have no trouble enlarging the images.

    The chickpea curry is similar to the one I make, except I add fresh pineapple chunks. I can't wait to try these recipes. Munch!


  22. Thanks Janet! I will pass this on to my daughter and I will also be checking out the recipes on this site.

    This is off topic but remember your post on men's clothing recently and your comment regarding jeans? I convinced my husband to buy 2 slimmer fitting Levi's last weekend. So much better. He won't give up his relaxed fit ones but at least he got out of his rut somewhat. :)


  23. i never realized you wouldn't know of it... it's been saved in my "favorites" just like gardeners cottage for quite awhile now!
    i learned this week that our congress "quietly passed" a bill that will allow slaughter houses for horses and the selling of horse meat here for human consumption now. after the way they treat cows, pigs and chickens, i cannot imagine how the poor horses will be "processed."
    sad beyond belief.
    especially when it's proven over and over that a vegan/vegetarian diet is so good for you.
    tammy j

  24. Ugh - how dreadful that horses will now be slaughtered for human consumption. That is outrageous !

    Dr. John McDougall has advocated the health benefits of eating a plant/starch based diet for a long time. After we read "The China Study" by Colin
    Campbell & the statistical data supporting the positive health benefits of eating a lower animal protein diet, we felt very enlightened.
    And very hopeful! The standard American diet is really a terrible way to eat & diet is something that effects the entire health care system of our country. We are ALL paying for the unhealthy American diet. The correlation between cancer, heart disease, and immune deficiency disorders is clearly outlined in Campbell's book. It doesn't cost more to eat plants, in fact it is cheaper.

    Get The China Study from your library. This book is what convinced us to go vegan.

    Prostate cancer is rare in parts of the world where people eat a low-fat, nearly-vegetarian diet. For example, there is 120 times less incidence of prostate cancer in China compared to men in the United States. However, as these populations of Chinese people change to the Western diet, their risk increases proportionally.
    I think things ARE going to change. I think now, thanks to the internet, word is getting around & more and more people are getting clued in about the diet-health connection. I have heard various people in the health/nutrition realm say that they think in 5 years or less, eating meat is going to be regarded as being as disgusting as smoking cigarettes and being drunk in public is now. I hope that day comes sooner than 5 years !

  25. i so agree with you shell. i think that in time eating meat will be considered a crude way to eat/live. and i hope and pray it only takes 5 years. i just got through reading the articles on horse slaughter/meat consumption and i feel sick. what have we come to as a nation?


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