things this vegan would love for christmas...hint, hint

payless - under $20
i love everything about these red satin pumps
can you just imagine all the fun outfits they would go with?

ok, i have to admit, i already bought these!
when they first arrived i thought they looked a bit el cheapo but i've since changed my mind.
they are so soft and comfy and go with practically everything i own.
under $30

aren't these adorable?
payless - under $20

i've been wanting this white ruffle blouse for some time now.
i would wear it with jeans and those oxfords and leopard wedges.
or how about skinny black pants and the red satin pumps?


i tried this cape on in the store and fell in love with it.
i can't decide which i like better, the red one pictured here
or the navy blue one.
both are warm and absolutely adorable on.
perfect for a chilly stroll.


this american apparel 100% cotton flannel scarf is incredibly soft.
i got one for larry but plan to steal it on a regular basis.

so there you go, isn't this list so cute? 

i continue to wish you the most happy, healthy and compassionate
christmas ever.



  1. Good Morning!
    (Is this your list?)

    Please tell Santa to send one of those red capes my way ~ :)

    talk to you later xo

  2. I've been eying black oxford-like pumps for a while now, I'd love to see how you pair them. ...I mean, with each other, I know, but any ideas for a nice ensemble? I just love your ideas.

  3. Put two pairs of the red shoes on Santa's list please.

  4. I can just picture you in those red pumps. So cute! I hope you get them.

  5. Love your list Janet. I may just add a few of these items to my wish list as well! Hope you have a wonderful weekend:)

  6. I love all of your picks! Ellen featured a beautiful vegan coach bag on her show yesterday. I thought of you. ; )

  7. The cape (in both colours) and the Oxford pumps for me, please! x

  8. You'd look great in those red shoes ruffled blouse and the cape. Navy or red, that's a tough choice as both would be perfect. Navy might be the safer choice as it is so versatile but the red would be a happy and fun colour to wear.

    Hope Santa is reading your list!

  9. Red shoes and your levi's maybe? You can't miss with any of these lovelies.

  10. Those red shoes are my absolute favourite! I hope Santa will bring them to you :-)!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  11. Sorry to spoil the party. Shoes for 30$ or less depress me. So do bags, clothes and home decors, Made in China. Because someone else is paying the price we are not willing to pay (anymore). Those factory workers don't pay the price with money, but with their health and lifespan which is short because they suffer unbearable stress. Where is the benefit? Ok, no animal was harmed. But how can someone who cares about animals no care about humans?
    There are many things we need for our daily lives who are manufactured in China these days, because all the companies fled to China. (Hairdryers from Braun, Irons from Philips... I can't find a hair dryer in the store, that does not say Made in China. The same with the camera lens I just bought.
    Or take young girls: they want to have fun and can't afford anything that's more than 20$. Sure, they will buy Made in China. Hopefully only until they earn their own money and start to care.
    But why us? Where is the fun? I can't see the fun in buying short-dated products, when the price is a result of exploitation, while we still have the choice - to spend more or just leave it on the shelf. Especially when we could afford the fair product. Maybe just one instead of 4. Or one every other year instead of every other season. I guess we probably would not miss all those products at all. But that's another story.
    I loathe the idea, that the next pair of sneakers is probably going to be Made in China. This fact alone has kept me from shopping the new pair. The old ones are still fine. I rather save up for a pair that has been manufactured in a region in Austria, where people are lucky they have the job where the owner did not move the factory to China.
    I know, this all sounds like Maria-Theresa-style. In the end I guess for some it's meat and eggs, while for others it's Made in China.

    today better known as the Grinch

    PS: I would love to be wrong this time, if anyone could tell me, that those Fioni shoes have been made under decent working conditions, which can not be found not in China.

  12. Wow, I don't know what to say after that last comment...
    I was just going to tell you that I like the fashion direction you're going here. All very chic choices.

    Have a great weekend. Don't let the Grinch get you down.

  13. paula - i appreciate your comment and i'm well aware that products made in china come at the expense of an underpaid worker. but to suggest that i don't care about humans kinda pisses me off. i would gladly pay 10x the price for a pair of vegan shoes that were made more compassionatly, but where are they? stella mccartney makes beautiful vegan shoes but they run upwards of $500 a pair. i simply cannot afford that. $500 would be my entire clothing budget for 3 yrs. i own 15 pairs of shoes and over half of them are 2nd hand. the other half are vegan, made in china. i do what i can. also, one could argue whether or not your new camera lens is truly needed. i do what i can everyday to live ethically/compassionatly but i am not perfect. no one is.


  14. Janet,

    Paula's comment was unsettling for me. Although it would appear she lives in Austria, I am guessing most humans tend to have a rather ethnocentric view of things/people/their world...including China.

    One could have a huge debate about which is more tragic: Those that would otherwise have no job, or be forced to exploit their families in some other horrendous way working in a factory for what Austrians or Americans think of as pittance, or cattle being needlesly harmed for the crafting of said shoe, boot, purse.

    I think your wish list beautiful, I know how frugal you are, and believe you have a beautiful, kind, compassionate heart.

  15. Yes, the lens - I buy just for fun, too! It's the product's longevity, where I draw the line.

    I hope you accept some alternatives to Stella Mccartney as a way of conciliation. (btw, Stella would also be way above my budget). There is quite a range of affordable, vegan and ethical shoes on the market you might not have heard from yet. They might be of interest for others commenters, too.

    "Bourgeois Boheme runs with an ethical business model"(see: Ethics)
    AND is cheap!

    I found the links above here:

    Around me (IRL, not online), the vegan way of life is strongly tied to ethics in every possible way, quasi the "perfect" way, from head (silicone free and mineral oil free shampoos) to toe (fair trade cotton). Nylons? No way! I am not saying that this is the ultimate goal. It's the experience that shaped me.

    Sorry for pissing you off, I am thankful for encountering other apporaches and concepts. In other words: you are coolest* vegan woman I know.

    *would like to write "sexy" instead of cool, but I already pissed you off once. I better be carefull and go offine until full moon has passed by ...

  16. Hi, it's it's a full moon melee over here.

    Where's the compassion?

    I just wanted to tell you when I pulled your post up at work today ALL went crazy for the 2nd pair of shoes. Me too.

    And can totally see you rocking that ruffled shirt.

    Now go pick some flowers or something:)

    xo jane

  17. Bought my black oxford pumps two years ago and still love them--they are simply so right with skinny jeans, and with a long black jersey skirt. The sturdy heels encourage walking, too. Will look fab w your tweedy jacket.

  18. How about directing some disdain toward the companies that have moved their businesses to China in the first place? It is despicable that Chinese workers are taken advantage of (anyone see the 2005 documentary "Mardi Gras: Made in China"?), but what are we consumers to do? It's getting harder and harder to keep up with the ethics of industry (products tested on animals abound) and keep track of what's killing us (plastic, BPA, air quality, etc). We each have to do what we can, and take a stand on something. But it's not possible to make perfect choices 100% of the time.

  19. paula - thank you for the links. i'm v excited b/c they look wonderful! and thank you for your opinions, they really are welcomed here. sorry if i was a little cranky earlier. xo

  20. I think your list is sublime. You could do red so,so good....

  21. One of Bob Seger's songs says,
    "Beautiful loser
    Where you gonna fall?
    When you realize
    You just can't have it all."
    Not using those lyrics to say I am a loser (beautiful, I'll take, but certainly not a loser) :-) however, concerning the ways of the world, I can only remember that "I do what I can," that's all I can do, and I will give myself that respect when often I find that "I just can't have it all."
    I get pretty darn close sometimes, though. :-)
    Always, with respect to you, dear Janet, thank you for the sweet post today. I would love to have those vegan black oxfords too, and from the comments I've read with this post, there is surely a great deal to think about concerning buying them (or buying anything for that matter.)
    It's good to be be aware of my possibilities...and... to be aware of my limitations as well. You are awesome!!!
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  22. You HAVE to be given the red shoes and the cape in red. Please inform the appropriate people! Rxx.

  23. There are so many ways to be compassionate and ethical. I think you do a lot for others and the earth-- you do what you can, and it's different from what I do, and that's o.k.

  24. Yes. Your list is as a cute as a button. Just like you:).

  25. Gorgeous choices Janet especially the red pumps and the tartan scarf. And from your previous post I love the transformations you have done on Karen's house. You are so clever - my favourite room is the bedroom - just beautiful. X

  26. Hi Janet,
    I have always loved red shoes.:):)I would love those leopard shoes also.Susie

  27. janet-
    how happy those shoes would be and that cape on your vegan compassionate cute self.
    you make me want to run out and contribute to having the happiest most stylish holiday.
    you share such joy,
    affordable joy.

  28. I have those black oxfords! (I love them too.) And now I want the red pumps, as well!

  29. Dear Janet
    The red shoes are just lovely. I saw an entirely unaffordable red satin pair on Expensive Street (what we call it!) here in Santiago and I will think fondly of them for some time. They remind me of those famous ruby shoes from The Wizard of Oz - which of course was not about shoes but about possibilities! You walk very lightly on the planet, Janet - I always feel better reading what you are up to. Wishing you every happiness this Christmas, love Linda xxx

  30. Wow! Those red pumps are the stylish super buy of the year! You are a great shopper. I'll be back!!

  31. Yes, that was chatty Cathy. I pulled the ring right out of her neck the minute I got her. I also had charming chatty, who had records!


kindness is never out of style.

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