finally fall

it's official, fall has finally arrived in southern california.  if you are interested, you can see what i wore last year right here.  this year's theme is not a whole lot different.  my emphasis is on comfort, affordability, practicality and style.  i'm only posting this one outfit today mainly because i'm short on time and also because you'll see it's very versatile.  you can substitute a sweater or any other shirt for a whole new look.  did my last post inspire anyone to declutter?  i picked up all the pieces for my fall/winter wardrobe at yardsales and thriftshops throughout the summer because people were decluttering.  off season is where the bargains are.  this is a great time to be looking for sandals and pretty summer dresses..  i've been waiting for a few months to wear these clothes so it's kind of exciting!

the mainstays of my wardrobe will be my herringbone jacket and these vintage boots.  i won them on  ebay on a day it was 102 degrees out, not what you'd call boot shopping weather.  they were made by marshall field and company sometime in the 60's.  i paid $40 for them and they fit me perfectly.  i plan to wear the living daylights out of them.  that is now 2 pairs of boots i've gotten from ebay that fit me perfectly.  how lucky can i get?

i'm wearing american apparel thick leggings.  are you shocked?  i sorta am.  be sure to weigh in on this.

apparently there are lots of rules about wearing leggings.
you can read some of them here.

i was in trader joes yesterday and a woman came up to me and said, "those boots are beyond fabulous!"  i agree with her!

make sure your rear end is covered!

but if you are not comfortable you can put a longer jacket on.  i found this j. crew chino coat at the goodwill for $6.  it too,  is in perfect condition.

thank you saturday for showing up just in the nick of time.



  1. Dear Janet, You always look lovely. Autumn is a beautiful season but I cannot tell you how happy I am that we are well into Spring - so much green. It is so pleasant wandering about outside. Lindaxxx

  2. The leggings are great on you and I love that the chambray shirt peeks out from the back hem of your jacket. A super look.
    Yes those boots are beyond fabulous!

    Yes I've been de-cluttering this week like a madwoman and your post was just the push I needed to really finally nail it. My house breathes with orderliness, it's excellent.
    Hope your Saturday is lovely.

  3. Autumn and Saturday - a heavenly combination! (As is the combination you are wearing here.)

    It certainly works for you. The leggings would NOT work for me just now....But that is the "secret" - figuring out what works for YOU.

  4. You look gorgeous, Janet!

    Happy Fall;)


  5. you look fabulous, and those boots are to die for!!! love!


  6. Hi Janet,

    Those boots are gorgeous indeed! I've been looking for boots just like that in vegan leather! I'm guessing yours are leather if they're vintage...but let me know if not - I'd love to know the brand!

  7. GREAT ! The leggings work wonderfully on you. The boots are fabulous. Thanks--good photos.

  8. I love the leggings. am a great fan of them on you and me.

    And of course the boots are fabulous and already broken in.....beyond fab.

    Love the twill duster.

    Oh hell just love it all.

    xo Jane

  9. You look very RL with those boots.
    Fall is here too and it's Thanksgiving weekend.

    BTW your leggings look like they are a perfect weight and I love the coat with it all.

    Hope that you are going to have some fun this weekend Janet.


  10. Hi Janet,

    You look great on the photo's!! Your sunglasses finish it of perfectly!

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Madelief x

  11. Good morning Janet,
    You have great legs and look wonderful in leggings! Adore the boots and of course the timeless herring bone jacket. Great look!
    You could wear all kinds of tops with this. I love your style:)

    I like the J.Crew twill jacket, but, maybe would like it even more over a tan or camel outfit with lean lines. Maybe maybe a long narrow skirt or slacks and a matching top - either a turtle neck or a jewel neck top? and a scarf?

    As usaul a wonderful post.
    Thanks for the inspire.

  12. Love your herringbone style, non clutter way of living, leggings, bargain shopping attitude and your hair too. Smile!

    And oh YES, love the cottage charm in and out . . .

  13. Hi Janet!

    I have a similar pair of boots that I bought a couple years ago, I just got a compliment from a lady @ Target the other day. I've worn the heck out of them.

    I love the last photo of you, really cute outfit. You always find the greatest clothes at the best prices. I do pretty well but you are the queen of deals!


  14. Love it Janet!!! you look a little bit thinner.
    hugs dear

  15. Those boots are the bomb! You look great in the tights. I can only dream. sigh.

  16. Sometimes when women wearing leggings line up at the checkout line in the supermarket, it's like "oh, isn't there something missing ... a skirt or pants?"

    You outfit looks fine. Did you leave the house with the leggings? I am not sure, if I would want the attention this look attracts throughout a day. It's almost like wearing heels.

    You are really lucky, I can't shop online, sleeves too short, legs too short. Well, maybe I should switch to boots. :-)

    Have a nice weekend! Here in Austria winter followed late summer: it's 6°C outside.

  17. Janet,

    You are GorGeOUs!
    Love it all, the boots, the leggings, the new to you chino coat...

    Your hair looks nice (always). Are you still letting it go grey or have you decided otherwise?

    You are stylin, and if I was walking down the street I would probably tell you so.

  18. You are looking great as always! I am doing some decluttering around here. Moving from Chicago to San Diego has given me a big reason to tweak my closet. I need to hit the thrift stores.

  19. You look so Ralph Lauren chic, Janet. Amazing finds. I wish I had your ability to thrift for clothes.

  20. janet, I forgot to ask you one thing (you know, I love asking lots of questions): would you write a posting on your hairstyle?
    I noticed it did not change since I started reading your blog and I would love to read your thoughts on hairstyle!
    I had bangs from 2007-2009 but after two years I wanted to change my looks.
    What matters for you regarding hairstyles?

  21. I am definately loving this look...probably because I live all winter in black leggings. It's all very RL.

    Maybe you can be my personal ebay shopper...I'm looking for dark gray vintage boots but with no luck so far.

    You look stunning! I hope style rubs off on friends! :)

  22. I agree with the lady at Trader Joes, the boots are beyond fabulous.

    I love your haircut!

  23. You look great! I am loving the hair. Do a post on it again as it is in this stage. :)

  24. Those boots are Spectabulous!!! And loving the JCrew jacket too!

  25. hey ajj!
    you do them all proud!
    elegant, fun, thrifty... omg.
    love the boots. just the right amount of elan, casual but elegant.
    and your hair with the hint of silver? perfect!
    tammy j

  26. You have the legs to pull off wearing the leggings and you look great in them. I am envious. Love the whole outfit.

  27. Yep. Boots ARE beyond fabulous. J Crew coat is too. Leggings with the denim shirt--SOOOO cool. And your hair is looking perfect. Longer a bit? I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
    I think I need that J Crew coat. :-) Yep.
    And..yep yet again---Thank you Saturday. Nick of time for sure.
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  28. Hi Janet
    Yay I am beyond excited you have discovered leggings.
    Yes the major rule is to cover the bottom. Fab legs and those are killer boots!

  29. Love the leggings- you skinny, have you lost weight?

    It's Sunday night here. I am dying for a good night's sleep x

  30. You can pull off leggings, and they work with the boots, but I'm not loving the leggings with the denim shirt and herringbone jacket. The look is just off somehow. The shirt and jacket scream out for classy slacks - not leggings. Try the leggings with something else.

  31. Gorgeous both outfits! Have a great day!

  32. You look Fabulous! I need to go shopping with you, maybe I'd learn what to look for. I always pay full price. :( Great blog and great post.

  33. Your boots remind me of some Frye boots I had in my younger days. Love them.


  34. Love it. I also am an avid thrifter, have been my whole life and can't imagine not being one. What I have found interesting is that it used to be me thrifting with a hand full of other people. In the past few years that has changed. Now the parking lots are overflowing on the thrift store sales days and you have to park a block away. A sign of the times. You inspired me to do the 333 project and today I posted my favorite garage sale steal -- designer velvet pants and matching top for $7.
    glad to have found your blog.

  35. Love your outfit and the leggings look great!

  36. Janet,

    I've been waiting for this post! I started reading your blog last year about the time you posted your fall wardrobe. My daughter just took one look at this post and said, "She's fabulous." I love your outfit. Those leggings are great. I wear a version from Banana Republic...they call them pants, but I think they are more of a legging. I love your trench...that's my favorite length for a coat. Love your boots! I'm wearing ones that are then years old. Every year a buy a new pair of riding boots and then take them back because I like my old ones best. This year I'm going to avoid it all together and just stick with my "vintage" boot....especially after seeing yours! I'm still so darn envious of your herringbone jacket. I'm almost tempted to give in and order a JCrew one in tall...almost. You really do look fabulous Janet!


  37. We have shitty thrift stores. I need to live somewhere where people have too much money and exceptionally good taste.

    xo Terri

  38. The boots were top find, lucky you. I have so little success on ebay. They are very flattering. Wonder what their history is. I always think that when I buy vintage bits and bobs.

  39. You look fabulous my friend. LOVE those boots and the leggings are perfect. Love these posts of yours....

  40. LOVE the boots, and I'm so glad they're thrifted! I'm having a harder and harder time with leather, but sometimes it's the most hardwearing material. Used it good.

    YOU look great in the leggings, but I'm still on the fence about them. I'm JUST starting to wear snug things for running, so I'm probably going to be behind on this trend for a while to come, LOL.

    I liked and agreed with the clutter and finances post!

  41. Janet I am amazed. You look great and the boots just make it! Wow how lucky!! Even the leggings, which I would do if my bottom is covered!

    I have a giveaway ending tomorrow night, so I hope you enter!


    Art by Karena

  42. Hi Janet,Your hair looks nice. You always look lovely.Those boots are the bomb!

  43. Just curious - which Trader Joe's? Anywhere near Chino Hills?


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