herringbone and figs

well yes, here we are in september.  i've obviously survived the sun and sharks and am quite rested.  although nothing about travel, even local travel is restful to me.  it's always go, go, go.
like a lot of people, fall is my favorite season.  here in southern california it is a very subtle season but delightful just the same.  currently we are still firmly ensconced in summer but little hints of fall are in the air.  you can smell it and feel it.  i'm looking forward to next month because it will be the end of one full year of taking part in project 333.  time sure flies when you are counting clothes.  i've learned so much and will share more about that in a later post when...i'm done counting clothes.  

figs, figs, figs

i've also been making fig jam.  again, delightful. 

i use this recipe.  i use the whole fig, skin included.  who knew that most of the skin would dissolve during cooking and the part that doesn't tastes just like the figs.
oh mother nature you just kill me.

herringbone jackets, fig jam - it's really starting to subtly feel like fall to me.

here's wishing you all a most delightful weekend.



  1. Figs scare me with their implications of human guts, and I don't like jam, but your post is altogether poetry and has me reconciling, just a bit, with fall. You look like you're smelling the hint of autumn in the air, and that's wonderful. You are sort of a treasure, you know?

  2. I adore figs, I think eating one is like receiving kiss.
    I love the poetry of this post too Janet, I'm so excited about the autumn, the leaves are turning red here already.

  3. That jam looks good and I don't even care for figs. Fall is definitely in the air here.

  4. that first picture says it all...I know you're excited for herringbone weather! :)

    I feel fall here too and I'm ready. It's such a peaceful time of the year ~

    have a good day...talk to you soon.

  5. I NEED that jam, for my next cheese plate. Are the figs from your own tree? Fall is my favorite, too, and I know just what you mean about the subtlety of the California fall.

  6. Hello Janet:
    Is it not always impossible to see figs other than in the context of the rather frightening, intellectual hostess, Hermione, consuming them at the luncheon or dinner table, we forget which, in Women in Love?

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  8. Have a wonderful long weekend...I'm happy to welcome September too!

  9. I looove figs, problem is the naughty birds around here usually get them first. Its a busy weekend here heading into spring and lots of planting.

  10. I am the same, so happy to welcome September. I am in Los Angles, and it's still warm, but the days are getting shorter and I am so ready for fall. I go into nesting mode, but also love going to gallery openings and concerts, all the things that start up again in the fall. I purchased a new tweed coat and I can't wait to wear it with a pair of brown boots! Have a great weekend!

  11. Hi Janet,

    Hope you had fun while visiting San Diego. Vacation is just what the doctor ordered for us, we are feeling recharged now.

    I think I had my first raw figs @ the B&B we stayed at in Sonoma and in a salad the day I met Adrienne. They are actually quite tasty. I just said to my husband that we should get a tree.

    I love fall and you can feel it in the air now, even though the days are hot it's cooling off at night.

    I had a lot of fun w/ Adrienne, hopefully some day you two can meet and who knows? Maybe someday we can too! :)


  12. I love figs too. I am tempted to try growing a fig tree in a pot next year!

  13. Janet, I adore your opening photograph. Your post brings back wonderful memories of my mother spending the day in her little kitchen making fig preserves. She, too, left the peel on the figs. I have her recipe box, but it doesn't have her preserve recipe. Thank you so much for sending a link. If I can get my hands on some figs tomorrow at the farmers market, I may have to whip up a batch.

  14. We had a lovely fig tree in our yard when I was a child growing up in Las Vegas. I used to eat myself sick on figs.

    I am thrilled fall is fast approaching. It's still in the mid 90's during the afternoon, but the mornings are cool and crisp (and very dark) as are the evenings.

    I hope you have a lovely long weekend down south. xo, Adrienne

  15. Herringbone is so timeless,enduring and versatile. I ♥ it - and hope to fit into a herringbone jacket or two in my closet in about a month and a half.

    Autumn is MY favorite season, too.

  16. Dear Janet,

    I cannot wait to try your fig jam recipe! I just bought some from the store as I wanted to try a recipe using fig jam on pizza. I had it once long ago and it was delicious.
    Happy it feels like fall to you xoxoxo


  17. hola dear Janet, you look so restful and delighted in your beautiful garden!!
    Figs are one of my favorite fruits.
    hugs dear and enjoy the coming of autumn

  18. How I miss the Fig Harvest in California. I used to cut whole lemons into small pieces and cook them up without sugar with the figs. I'd just pour it into clean jars (not sterilized) and store them in the fridge. It never lasted very long. Your white figs make the loveliest centerpiece!!! And you look a little like Djuna Barnes in that tweedy outfit. Love the shoes.

  19. Your post has added some much needed sparkle here this morning in the Humble Bungalow.

    Thank you Janet,

  20. Hi Janet,
    I love fig jam with goat cheese! and I love the way they look - don't eat much of the raw variety. Although, our neighbors have a tree that hangs into our yard and Drew loves to pick and eat them. We planted our own tree last fall. I'm afraid it'll be a few years till we can harvest any fruit though.

    Starting to feel a little like fall here too. I always like the change of seasons.


  21. Oh Janet, how at peace you look in your garden in herringbone. Beautiful. My grandmother, who passed more than 10-years ago, used to make the most delicious fig preserves from a row of wild fig bushes on her property in Louisiana. I haven't had fig jam or preserves in more than 12 years, and seeing your post made me nostalgic. Thank you! :)

  22. I love that outfit. And figs are incredible in all formats.



  23. Dear Janet,

    How delicious your figs look. I have a tree in my garden as well, but unfortunately it does not give any fruit yet.

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  24. 3 things to look forward to upon returning home.

    !. Ripe figs ( please tell me the birds haven't eaten them)

    2. Windows wide open and maybe a heavier quilt at night.

    3.A jar of your fig jam in the mailbox!

    xo Jane

  25. Janet,

    I'll bet your fig jam is amazing! I'm going to give it a try. I had no idea you left the skins on...that's a relief. Ahhh, fig jam and herringbone jackets....I do love the fall. This makes me want to go thrifting in search of one.

    xo annie

  26. Hi Janet
    As you embrace fall/autumn we down here are jumping for joy anticipating a delightful spring.
    Am I the only person I know who is not a fan of the humble fig?

  27. I love fig jam but I think that would cost about $50 to make here.

    Glad the herringbone is back.

  28. Fresh figs, full of sunshine, just picked from the tree + creamy goat cheese with a hint of tartness = bonne bouche.


  29. I just love how you appreciate.
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  30. Adore Autumn but we are just going into Spring here in Australia. You look great in your jacket and yum - the fig jam looks amazing ! X

  31. Janet...you look so cute sitting there. I love that jacket. You know those little fig cookies/cakes, my father loved those. I think he would have loved your jam. I wish you could come sort out my closets, a 333 list for me ,girl. Smiles , Susie

  32. oh ajj!
    too adorable sitting there in your gorgeous garden.
    our summer has been so brutal, it's hard not to take it personally! lol
    autumn is my favorite time of year.. i love the smell, the brisk air, the different sound the leaves blowing in the wind make even before they change color. if we don't get some rain soon... ANY rain, they will only turn brown and fall off. our grass is crunchy underfoot.. water rationing!
    oh come cool autumn in your deep russet glowing dresses.. i'm ready to breathe again!
    tammy j

  33. I've never made fig jam, but I love Bonne Maman brand fig preserves. I just posted about figs on my blog too. I am fairly new to enjoying them fresh off the tree and I love them on top of vanilla yogurt for breakfast.
    Claudia @ My Little Bungalow

  34. Hi Janet! I'm visiting from Courtney's and just had to check out your sweet blog after I saw the photos of your darling home she posted! Love the way you style - light with dark, rustic with feminine. Just perfect! :) I had to ask.....how would you suggest I gradually become a vegan? I really want to start eating healthier and lose weight. Thanks, Janet! :)

    xoxo laurie

  35. Janet you are always hitting it out of the park!
    I love your herringbone, and your figs. Your photos are killer.
    Hope you had a great weekend.

  36. Oh, I do envy you those figs, Janet. They are an expensive delicacy here.
    I'm glad you survived your trip without being nibbled by a shark and you certianly look gorgeous seated in your beautiful garden. x

  37. Hello Janet

    I have just found you by accident and I admit to feeling a certain envy over your rather large plate of figs. Here, in The North, they are a very expensive luxury and the idea of turning them into jam is unthinkable.

    I love your older posts too. So, I have signed-up to be your newest follower.


  38. Hi Janet!

    yesterday I cooked this soup:

    You might like it as much as I did, it is vegan.


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