the endless summer

well then, that subtle scent of fall i told you about last week?  it is long gone.
that's what i get for even mentioning the word herringbone in september.

luckily for me while in san diego kayce hughes had quite the clearance sale.  i was purchasing these dresses for next summer but because of this ridiculous heat i'm getting to enjoy them now.  are you familiar with kayce's clothes?  they have such a classic american sensibility to them and they are so comfortable.  if fall ever gets here all i have to do is put a cardigan on and these dresses will be good to go just about anywhere.  plus, everything is machine washable which makes them such easy, everyday clothes.  i was beyond thrilled when these arrived and i realized they had pockets.  yay for pockets!  if project 333 has taught me anything, it's that dresses rule in the summer.  i only had 1 dress on my summer list of 33 and i'm fixing that now.

kayce is the mom to seven children.  yes, you read that right. why or better yet, how she is not in the looney bin is beyond me.  in addition to that she also runs and is the designer of her own clothing company. 
she's talented, gorgeous, has amazing employees who are genuinely nice and i better stop now because i'm starting to hate her.

i wore this dress last night to a meeting and a gentleman said, "that's a cute dress janet, you look like you are wearing a tablecloth."
well now.   

kayce hughes sleeveless evy dress
julie lorusso fabulous pearl bracelet
round sunglasses (99 cent store)
copy kate bag (hanging in there like a champ)
naturalizer sandals (goodwill $5)

ok, on to dress #2

sleeveless evy dress in plaid
i love it!

pop over here now to see kayce's fall line. it's pretty fabulous. 

raise your hand if you're happy it's friday.


  1. I love that Kayce Hughes and the fact that I have even had a few items left un-hemmed - "bird legs" needs all the length she can get here.
    Oh, and my hand is up and the white flag too. I surrender to the weekend and to temporary tattoos that make me smile.

  2. Oh, I love these dresses on you! You have great legs,girl. Flaunt them!

    Oh, how I love your blog. You are so inspiring!

    Also, maybe I missed it. But wanted to know if you work outside the home?

    If so, how do you manage it all?

    Thanks for your blog.One of my absolute favorites!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Again, you look stunning! and they are not too short...who makes those rules anyway?

    Looks like you got it goin on ... you are a huge inspiration. I would have cracked up when that gentleman said 'tablecloth!'

  4. What great dresses! You look fresh and lovely in them both. Tablecloth...I think not.

    I also don't think they're too short. Maybe it's the cut of the dress, but any longer than that wouldn't look as cute.

    Stay cool down there! xo

  5. Fall has left your area? I'm beginning to hate you.

  6. Those are cute dresses, Janet. They don't look at all like tablecloths.

  7. You look absolutely fantastic. The shoes are perfect with the dresses. And I don't think they look too short. I think you're right, I think it's the volume, and the sleevelessness somehow.

  8. The dresses are so cute, and they have a silhouette that you don't see coming and going. I also love the summery checks and plaids. Not too short, either! You really found a couple of winners...I'm popping over the site right now---

  9. Hello Janet:
    The pretty cotton print dresses bring out the girl in you!! Lovely!!

    We too are holding on to summer and shall spend the next few days at the Hungarian seaside of Lake Balaton. The UK is decidedly wintry now so we intend to make the most of these glorious late summer days.

    Now, just which way is it to San Diego....?!!!!

  10. The length of those two cute dresses suit you as you have fabulous legs from all that walking.

    Tablecloth???? my heavens.

    I know what you mean when you marvel at how some women manage to keep all the balls in the air, I am in awe.

    My hand is raised TGIF!

  11. Smashing frocks! I think the length works fine because they are casual and you have great pins.

    Two hands up from across the pond xx

  12. You look gorgeous Janet. I'd never heard of her but pooped over and ooh, I love the Brooke dress, it's going on my wish list.
    Ah men and their odd bod comments, they can ruin our day in an instant!

  13. Great dresses, very simple and stylish. And I'm raising my hand!

  14. You are just super cuteness, Janet. Love those dresses on you!

  15. I think the dress length is very appropriate. It's all about the legs. If they are decent...the length is good. Only a man could give a compliment about your dress looking like a tablecloth...I am guessing he thought that was a good thing....I did laugh at that one.

    Will go and check out the website..dresses are much cooler I am finding. In Florida, I wished I had brought more dresses to wear.

  16. I LOVE your dresses Janet, you look FAB. And lukcy you to be having hot weather still, here it has gone really cold and I have packed my summer dresses away.

  17. Hi Janet,

    You look great in both of the dresses, you certainly know what flatters you! Everything, even your accessories.

    Just curious, I could not find Kayce Hughes here on their store locator...where exactly was it in San Diego?

    I'm sure you heard about our big power outage in SD. Considering it was 102 degrees yesterday combined with an occasional hot flash...not fun! I remember your power outage last year so I thought of you when it happened. :) At least we were only without power for 9 hrs.


  18. Oh my gosh, I hope the man who made the tablecloth comment doesn't have a poor wife!

    You look ravishing! Dresses are great--just pop on and go . . .

  19. anon - i work part time as an esthetician and i don't have a whole lot to balance.

    linda - she doesn't have a store in san diego, i got the message on my email.

    t - yes, he does have a wife!

  20. Beautiful dresses on a beautiful woman! We're having a heat wave up here as well. I'm so looking forward to some cooler temperatures.

  21. I was so stirred up over the weather that I forgot to tell you that your dresses are great. So are your legs. Tell that to tablecloth man.

  22. You look fantastic in your new dresses! They are absolutely not too short. You wear them well. Though, I do wish that kayce would add a few pieces in a tall/long version. I am concerned they would be silly short on a tall women...namely, me! Anyway, they fit you beautifully. Oh, I am raising my hand. I am glad it's Friday! Have a lovely weekend.

  23. Lovely dresses indeed. Is anyone up for a picnic? Oh wait, that is not a tablecloth....

    Just kidding - you look fabulous and summery and I envy your slim legs, so I would say show them off. I would.

    xo Terri

  24. Hi, I'm a new reader! Actually I've been read awhile but haven't commented -- struggling to keep up with so many blogs :-). I read the "tablecloth" comment and couldn't resist commenting because I had a similar experience earlier this year, when I was just getting started on a style quest and really had no clue what I was doing but went ahead anyway and sewed myself a bright red sparkly top that was apparently made of some kind of swimwear knit fabric (I know). I wore it to a party and a male friend said, why you look like a Christmas tree! To be fair, I probably did.

    You, however, do not look like you're wearing a tablecloth! You look fantastic.

    Oh and by the way I tried your olive oil tip for skin care and I love it!

  25. Janet I will say it again, you are an inspiration to me at being over 50. I have started to be way more adventorous and simple in my dressing. You look great, chic and simple and they are the perfect length for summer. We are going in to summer here in Aus and I have not worn dresses for 30 years, but am going to have a go this year!

  26. Too cute the red and white gingham is my fav!

  27. Dear Janet, see how these dresses make you smile! (And good legs deserve to be seen, say I.)

  28. Those dresses are so pretty, they are perfect on you! Not too short one bit.

    I had a look at the site and love many many things. I'm going to keep an eye on that Kayce.

    Have a great weekend.

  29. Oops...missed the part where you said "when they arrived". :o) Wasn't quite awake yet apparently...


  30. Janet, It looks as if your little bag is going to go with next summer's clothes.:):) You look so cute. It's been chilly here in Indy. I am praying for a long pleasant Autumn. Smiles,Susie

  31. ms. cutie patootie! hope i spelled that right.

    those dresses look just great on you - and a perfect length for a lovely woman on a hot southern california summer day.

    it's so hot, i can't even post anything on my blog. i have thoughts, and then ... hmmm...

    thanks for sharing.
    xo tera

  32. These are very cute frocks Janet and you know how I love a nice frock.
    Especially the neckline, this style would be great for keeping the sun off my neck.
    I was about to store our warm bed doona until next winter but yesterday the temp dropped and it's cold again. Spring arrived with a bang last week with warm days, what's happening?

  33. Soooo cute (you) and great dresses too. Am sure it doesn't bother the cameraman and no wonder! (May have to show this post to Mr SE one of your top fans of course) XX

  34. Haha you funny lady! Most of us would be happy to wear those dresses as well as you do. Love the Kayce Hughes site, thanks.

  35. So Janet, what happened to growing out the gray? You still look pretty brunette-ey to me! Allegra

  36. OK, I'll say it, I L.O.V.E. the dresses. It's been so bloody hot here, they make you look so refreshed and crispy....hmmm, yes, crispy.

    Margot - she's back!

  37. A sweet little dress is so powerful--never to be underestimated. You wear both dresses very well!
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  38. allegra - oh the gray is there, i haven't touched it.

    margot - welcome back honey, you were missed.

    suzanne - thank you my dear friend.

  39. as usual you look adorable. Giving Scarlet a run for her money in the home decor as fashion category :) Doesn't look like a tablecloth, but I'm sure he meant it as a compliment.

    I live in dresses in the summer, just wish I looked as cute as you do in them.

  40. You look amazing. You are such an inspiration to us gals in their 50's.
    53 never looked better!!!!!!

  41. Hello I just discovered your blog this week! I have really enjoyed reading your post! I am a lover of Ralph Lauren myself, have been for years! I was wondering what model levis do you wear? Please keep posting I believe we are kindred spirits in many ways!

  42. Love these dresses! Cute prints and the style looks fantastic on you!


  43. Dresses, Gorgeous!
    Garden, gorgeous!
    Hair, gorgeous!
    Janet, Gorgeous!
    Lou - a bit of a grub, but still aspiring to try and be a bit more Janetlike.

  44. Hi Janet. I have had the best time this afternoon reading through your lovely blog. I just adore it!!! Your home, your cooking, and your charming sense of style are all wonderful. I look foreword to coming here everyday to see what you are up to. My father had rose bushes that became very important to him in the last years of his life. He loved taking care of them. All of your roses remind me of him, and it is bittersweet memories for me. So happy to have found your lovely blog.

  45. men! bless his heart. he gave a sincere compliment and then managed to knock it in the head. then again... maybe the table cloth phrase meant he really found you delicious!!!
    very cute.
    not too short.
    i'm still ready for fall! bring it on!
    tammy j

  46. You look fab as always Janet. I love kayce's line...where did you find it in San Diego? The weather is perfect again today for this look! Love those glasses too...and the 99cent store? seriously...amazing. I've been stopping regularly at a couple of thrift stores and every time I think of you! I have yet to find a herringbone jacket, but was elated when I found a new pair of Sperry topsiders in Madeline's size for $2.
    xo annie

  47. You have hot? I sigh. Here in the hills of North Wales we have wind and cool and some rain. My beans are blown over and my raspberries are in ruins. I love your dresses to bits but if I tried to wear them just now I would have blue knees.

  48. dress #1 is not too short for you. you look terrific.

  49. We know you are a busy woman, but wish you would post more often. Your writing and pics really make my day.

  50. Janet could you tell me where you got the cute oxfords you are wearing in the fig post? What brand are they? (The shoes you have on with the herringbone jacket)?

    Thank you so much!

  51. hi debbie! yes, of course. i got the oxfords at the salvation army. i know that doesn't help you much. i wrote a post about them and their purchase. they are made by carlos garcia. he has a website you can look at. i don't know if he has anything similar right now. they are one of my most beloved items in my wardrobe. thanks for asking.

  52. Thanks for stopping by my blog and answering my question on the levis! i appreciate it, btw I found a black Ralph Lauren blazer on clearance at Dillards. It has great gold buttons. i might get brave enough to do a fashion post!

  53. You look great wearing a boat-neckline, I would love to see you trade some of the (to me rather boring) button-down-shirts for more feminine boat-neckline-tops. It's probably because of your haircut - the short hair in the neck deserves a matching partner, something to emphasise this delicate spot, your neck!
    I like your resume on the project and how it helped you to figure out what works and what doesn't. Two years ago I took photos of every single item from my winter/fall-wardrobe and I could give away a lot of the clothes I thought that were special which were nothing but dulling my appearance.
    Since my closet is full, I switched to jewellery. I won't be able to afford more than 4 pieces/year, gives me tine to sleep over, compare and do research. Next on my list: a golden ring that stands for itself, without any precious stone, maybe some semiprecious stones like blue topaz or a nice turquoise. I need to check back on your turquoise-postings!


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