my rose garden

Alex (no.2) & Meg (the girlfriend)

My rose garden is my favorite part of my garden. I don't know why but it is hard for me to capture just how beautiful it is on camera. I have no photography skills at all so if I capture anything special, it's truly by accident. There are almost 70 old roses in this section. It has really been a labor of love restoring it.

I love this old concrete pedestal and fruit basket. I admired it for years while it sat in a neighbors carport surrounded by junk. No. 2 son negotiated it's ransom when he was a teenager and it has been with me ever since.

The Hostess of the Humble Bungalow has tagged me with a series of questions. I'm terrible at these things so I am only going to answer two of them.

Who do I have a crush on?
Mick Jagger. Always.

If I could spend one day in someone else's body, who would that be?
Jackie Kennedy Onassis. To figure out how she maintained her beauty and grace with so much drama and tragedy in her life.


  1. And of course your boy and his girlfriend are roses in their own way, right?:P Your garden looks gorgeous. I bet it smells beautiful, no?

  2. Your rose garden is beautiful! I bet you have the most gorgeous bouquets throughout your house!
    Cute couple, and how wonderful is he to secure the coveted stand and fruit basket?! Good boy!
    hope you are staying cool. we are HOT these days... thank goodness for the ac we put in!

  3. Your roses look beautiful , I cannot believe you have a crush on Mick Jagger still, and I like the photo of your son and the girlfriend--thanks ! Gina

  4. gina - i have had a crush on mick since i was 13 years old. that's 39 years! we've grown old together.

  5. Your photography skills look pretty impressive to me! Maybe it's just that beautiful garden. Your son and his girlfriend make a cute couple by the way.

  6. I feel that way about Paul McCartney...Mr. HB resembles him...maybe that was what attracted me to him first!
    70 roses what a huge collection! You must be able to pick the most abundant bouquets...and the perfume...lovely.

  7. The roses in your garden are so gorgeous! My goodness, I only have 2 bushes. I'm working on it, though!


  8. Wow! Janet, this is absolutely heavenly. I had no idea when we talked about gardens, that yours is this beautiful. The smell of all those roses must be breathtaking and the bouquets you must have...I would love to have roses in every room.

    No. 2 is a darling! Good job with the fruit basket...those are the things that make a mom's melt.

    Talk to you soon ~

  9. mom's heart melt. :)

    Forgot the most important word!

  10. Janet, your son and his girlfriend are gorgeous! So stylish too. The photo of them could be a fashion spread in a magazine. I only wish I had half their insouciantness.

  11. I think roses define a person and you are definately an american beauty in my books!!!

  12. Yes I can relate how hard it is to take good pics of the garden, it happens to me all the time then I don't end up posting them. I think your rose garden is beautiful though, I love roses and their fragrance! You are lucky to have so many of them. I would be cutting some everyday.. take care,Maryann

  13. Hi Janet, I have been lurking this week catching up on your beautiful blog after finding you over at Faux Fushia.
    Really admire the work you have done in and around your gorgeous cottage. Roses are my favourite flower but never seriously cultivated them, must rectify this situation.
    My decorating colours of choice are black and white with hints of colour in accessories. Once we installed a new B&W kitchen in our present house I knew there was no turning back. So in other words LOVE yours.
    My family are meat eaters but our darling daughter works in a organic produce shop and is on our case re injesting more vege meals so I made your tomato cashew pasta receipe last night and it was a hit.
    Phew I've told you nearly everything but it's for the greater good because as we type we are losing weight right? :)

  14. anne marie - thank you so much for coming over and visiting. you must try the white gazpacho soup. it is to die for!

  15. What a beautiful rose garden, my dear Janet!!! I love, love, love it!!!! and your son and his girlfriend are two precious flowers in your garden too!, and how nice of your son n2 negotiating that wonderful vase and basket for you, how lovely to understand his mother`s desires. I think you fit perfectly in Jackie Onassis profile, how could you not choose her, obvious (or, lets say Katherine Hepburn, wouldn´t you??)
    Many hugs to you, my darling,
    maria cecilia

  16. Dear J
    your garden is DIVINE!!!! as are your offspring! Jealous of the fact you must get SUN! Can't believe you are going to a non speaking ashram!! Why? WHY???? Hope you are well J x

  17. Janet - Those roses you photographed are spectacular! I love the concrete fruit basket. I've always wanted one for myself too!

  18. Hi Janet,
    Your rose garden is absolutely beautiful...I can smell their heavenly fragrance from here. And your son Alex is a sweetheart to rescue that gorgeous concrete pedestal and fruit basket for you!


  19. Your son and his gf look like they just stepped out of a UO or Anthro catalog (Unless, of course, those aren't the 'cool' catalogs... don't want to offend the young people) I am completely envious of your roses. Mine have suffered another year of neglect I'm afraid and need a big hard pruning RIGHT NOW if they're going to recover for a fall bloom. Totally get your Jackie O wishes but the Mick Jagger crush? ew.

  20. Dear Janet, love your rose garden, sublime, I love love roses I have decided they are the way forward for me garden wise and I bought and planted* 2 rose bushes yesterday, I will tell about my gardening efforts on my bloggie, should be good for a laugh, our garden is out of control, need to apply myself!! Do you think I could do a nonspeaking ashram, no, I would not last 3 mins before clattering and getting thrown out..hope you enjoy it, hope you come back super relaxed and serene, it's very restoring to be quiet..Bxx
    * terribly proud that I "actioned" (copyright FF) planting as usually do the retail bit and then not so good at the follow up!

  21. P.S. your son looks v nice, can't believe he ever knocked the legs off your sofa! How old is he now? Bx

  22. hi blighty - he is 24 now, phew! he is my middle son and was the ringleader that day (as always) my sofa was injured. he has turned out quite well and i am immensley proud of him. thanks for asking.


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