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Today my blog is one. Time sure flies when you are having fun. I have learned so much from this experience. Namely, how to use a computer (a little bit.) How to navigate the blog world, which isn't easy. Not to publicy announce a personal shopping ban (bad idea.) But mostly I have been amazed by the kindness of strangers. The writing, photography, gardening and decorating skills out there is breathtaking. My favorite blogs make me laugh, think or go ahhh. Some manage to do all three at once. On my last post a few people noted that I must have beautiful rose bouquets in my house. Indeed I do. I picked this one today especially for all my favorite bloggers who have been with me from the start and a few new ones too.

For the Love of the House - Joan, you have been with me from the first days and I love your comments and kind suggestions but I love your beautiful home in New Hampshire more.

A Country Farmhouse - Trina, like Joan you've been with me from the start. I knew it was only a matter of time before people found you and went crazy for your style. And now we will be riveted to your blog with news of the twins.

Faux Fuchsia - Kirstin, I will never forget the night I found your blog and read every post! I was laughing so hard and then realized you wrote over 100 posts in just one month. And you keep making me laugh. Love you.

My Yellow House - Sarah, you and I are kindred spirits who have so much in common it's scary. Thank you for your love and support and always inspiring me with your beautiful posts and much needed emails.

Casa Dulce Hogar - Dear Maria Cecilia, I started following you from your start and gasp every time you post pictures of your roses and home. But your roses don't hold a candle to your beauty my friend.

Hostess of the Humble Bungalow - Leslie, from the first comment you left on my blog I knew you were probably one of the kindest people I would ever come to know. Thank you for reading each one of my posts and always making thoughtful comments.

Windlost - Teri, I'm always blown away by your attention to detail in the comments you leave me. I love your beautiful spirit, blog and home.

Small But Charming - Jane, what can I say about someone as generous as you? You helped transform my house with your comment about the throwaway charm of chinoiserie. Thank you so much for bringing life to my blog and house!

Comfort & Luxury - Tracy, my friend, I thank you for all your supportive comments and I am so excited for you and your new job. I've learned so much from all your well researched posts.

Slim Paley - Slimmy, as some of your devotees call you, your blog is a visual feast. I look forward to every single creative post you put up. Your style is enviable to say the least.

Boxwood Terrace - Deborah, you know I love your blog, I even created a boxwood terrace of my own as a tribute to you. Thank you for always leaving me sweet comments.

The Polished Pebble - Kelley, your homes and gardens and even boat are so gorgeous and you are so full of imaginative ways to beautifully decorate all these spaces. You are a great source of inspiration to me, particularly your use of color.
An Urban Cottage - Steve, I think you are only 1 of 2 men that read my blog (Kevin may be reading this!) and I love your input always. You are smart and funny and I adore your cottage. I know you are taking time off from blogging this summer and I hope you are having more fun than me!

There are a zillion more bloggers out there that I follow and read everyday. I could go on and on. Oh, Blighty, I love you too! See, I'll shut up now.
The point is that I think you are all fantastic and thanks for putting up with the endless boring slew of pictures of my home and garden.



  1. Happy Bloggy Birthday! I enjoy your blog very much! Your roses are gorgeous!

  2. Janet,
    The first thing I saw on your blog was Paul McCartney's quote and knew from right then, we could be friends!
    THANK YOU so much for your kind words, thoughtfulness and much needed help with certain things. It was a blessing to have found you ~

    ps-I never find pictures of your home, family or garden boring! :)

    Sarah xo

  3. Happy birthday bloggie! Janet, your blog is fab, love it! And I am so chuffed to be mentioned, thrilled! Now off to read your post about roses! Bx

  4. Happy Birthday, Gardener's Cottage! I'm so glad you're here, Janet!

  5. Congratulations ! Mine will be a year old in September, so I'm right on your heels. Keep up the excellent blogging ! thanks, Gina

  6. Happy Blog B'day, Janet! You talk about how you've been inspired by the writing, gardening, decorating and photography skills of the others you read, but your own aren't so shabby! I especially admire your willingness to put yourself and your own home out there for everyone to see. You might be worried about being judged but you do it anyway and end up inspiring so many. I hope you baked yourself a little vegan cake to celebrate! Thanks for the mention, btw. You're very sweet to say such things. And I haven't forgotten that we still need to set a date for lunch...

  7. Happy birthday! I so admire that you are a vegan (or headed that way?). I've been a vegetarian for over 10 years and wish I could go completely vegan one day soon. It's a big leap, but so worth it. Love your blog.

  8. Happy Birthday to the prettiest blog I know. No-one will ever tire of your home and garden photos, believe me.

    You have such a kind heart which comes through in everything you write, and even more so today.

  9. Happy, happy one year birthday Janet! You are such a warm and beautiful woman and it shines through so beautifully on your blog. You've inspired me many times over with your sense of design, vegan passion, and love of the outdoors. I am so happy to call you friend. Big hugs for you.

  10. Happy Blog Birthday! I just found you . . . my little blog is still an infant looking up to all the "big kids" out there!

  11. Happy 1st birthday! And here's to many more!

  12. happy birthday! I think your blog is wonderful, so keep it coming :)

  13. Congratulations on your first year of blogging. I just found your blog recently but I really enjoying reading it and seeing your lovely photos.

  14. Happy First Janet...!

    What a great assortment of friends you have gathered together to help you celebrate! I have visited all of these blogs and I see why you go back and visit regularly.
    The roses are beautiful and blowsy (is that a word?)
    Thank you for including me...I am honoured to be here.

    I think we should all have some cake now!

  15. Hearty congratulations for your first blog birthday.
    I'm so glad I found The Gardeners Cottage.

  16. Happy birthday one year blog !!!Janet........congratulations with your wonderful blog !!!! love......Ria.....

  17. Happy blogging birthday, Janet! I am so glad you are here and sharing yourself, your home and your garden with us. The posts you write always make me think, and I appreciate that!

  18. Never boring, ever. Happy Birthday to your sweet and pretty virtual world. A beautiful post to go with your beautiful roses.

  19. I'm new to your blog, but I LOVE it! Thanks and Happy B-Day from one bloggie to another!

  20. your blog always brightens my day! happy blog bday!

  21. Happy bloggy Birthday sweet Janet!
    I can't believe it has been a year since I was first captivated by your blog! I still remember seeing your kitchen for the first time and falling in love!!
    I am truly honored to be included in this party, and I adore the roses that you picked for us!
    blog on my friend!

  22. Happy First Blog Birthday, the firsts are always the best...children, year married, first year in a new house, country, or town, and the first year of putting yourself out their for all to read, criticize, love, and swoon over! Thanks for all your time and love put into your blog! I hope it was a happy day for you!

  23. Dear J,

    I read this lovely message this morning after a difficult sleepness night and promptly burst into tears because I was so touched. Thankyou so much for your lovely and kind message. I hope that I continue to make you laugh and amuse. I wish we could remember/figure out how you found my blog. Take care J xxx

  24. Happy Happy Birthday Gardener's Cottage!!! And congratulations to you Janet! You have one fun blog!


  25. nice flower pics. i really like rose.

  26. Congratulations Janet, you´ve got a fantastic blog, Happy birth!! See you next year to celebrate and tomorrow to enjoy... Kisses and hugs. Ana

  27. Congratulations! Keep up the great work!

  28. Congratulations on your first year. You have such a sweet, specific voice. Glad you are here, looking forward to more of your garden and your house. And anything else.

  29. Janet - Happiest of Bithday Blogs to you my friend... so love everything you post, especially about your gorgeous cottage and of course the garden.. How lovely are your roses too from your previous post as is son No.2 and girlfriend.. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. x

  30. Janet - Such a sweet message! Happy Blog Birthday. Your blog is wonderful and your posts always brighten my day when I stop by. I admire your creativity, wisdom, and energy. Looking forward to reading many, many more of your posts.

  31. WOOPS! Did I mention I was kidnapped?!!
    I'm so sorry to have missed your 1 year "Birthday"
    We are, both in the flesh and on the "page", almost exactly the same age!
    Congratulations to you Janet!
    Well done, and many many happy blogging, gardening, decorating, and culinary adventures may there be in your future!!
    Slim P.

    PS. Gorgeous photos and stunning coloured roses :)

  32. Congratulations or Happy Birthday :) One year. A great achievement.

  33. Happy Blogiversary! I was so touched you included me. I read this at the office but did not login to comment, so just getting to you today. You still have my favorite blog ever I think - because it is pure and simple and I can feel the depth of you and your beautiful heart in it...
    I hope to meet you some day...!!!! And we will go not-shopping together. Are we allowed to have lattes?

    Love and congrats, Terri xo

  34. Happy belated birthday! I was on vacation this week and missed both your birthday and a wireless connection!

    Thank you so much remembering me. It's amazing to be able to form such such a friendship through the written word.

    Now I'm off to see the previous post everyone is talking about.

    big hug, Jane

  35. Hi Janet. First...happy bloggy b day to you! Second...your blog is funny and inspiring and charming and intelligent, all of the things that you are as a person. Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your ideas and thoughts with us all.

    xo kelley

    ps... the guest room in Ojai is ready and waiting

  36. oh my dear Janet, it has been so, so great meeting you, your family and your grand, your garden, your recipies, your closet at the very first times, your tips for skin, your redos in your most charming tiny home filled with such LOVE that it looks the greatest home in the whole world, your sweet words to me, specially when you taught me the right "enamelware" word, my one of the first followers which made me sooooo happy to see in my followers bar... and so, and so on my so darling friend, capricorn born almost same day and year that I did... so, so many great memories and to come. I´M SO GRATEFUL TO HAVE MET YOU, MY DEAREST GARDENERS COTTAGE....
    Love and hugs and joy to you,
    maria cecilia

  37. forgot to mention the sooooooooo lovely roses arrangement!!!!!!

  38. please receive again a very big hug!!!!!!

  39. can you believe that I´m in tears now... my god, this is a great friendship virtual world.......

  40. Janet...

    I would sing to you, but I think I would scare you! So many birthday wishes to a WONDERFUL blog. I'm so happy that we connected. Love the BLOG world!!! Here's a BIG birthday KKKKIIIISSSSS!


  41. Happy birthday to The Gardeners Cottage, my first EVER blog experience AND my first commentor!

    Thanks Janet, for helping me out!



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