a red lantern

I almost made it 60 days. Yesterday I broke down and bought this very old wire and red silk lantern to hang in my back entry. It was only a few dollars but it was not a necessity. The biggest lesson I've learned from this is that I'm very weak. At this point I'm not sure if I should continue with the experiment or just give up. I have not yet decided. I feel really Bad & I love this little lantern simultaneously.


  1. Don't feel guilty. Maybe it was a necessity for you? And it looks beautiful.
    It's like giving up smoking or sugar or whatever, you go without for almost 60 days then you give in to the moment. Forgive yourself and start again.

    It's not amazing you bought it. What is amazing is all the other days you didn't shop. Give yourself a big pat on the back, allow yourself to love the lamp and don't buy anything else unless it speaks to your soul.

  2. Oh for Pete's sake woman ! Don't give up ! You have come so far , and learned so much. One red lantern does not make you a failure in this quest for no spending and simplifying. Chin up, tomorrow is another day. Ask God to give you strength for 24 hours, and every day ask Him the same thing. He promises to give us strength for the day. Take a nap , take care of yourself, Gina

  3. Janet,
    I think that 60 days of no spending is brilliant!
    A red lantern does not make you a failure...
    I am thinking from where I sit that you have exercised great restraint.

    Indulging once in awhile sounds fine to me...

  4. The biggest point to me is that you had a vision of this lantern, you had a place for it and you thought about exactly what you wanted for the area. Isn't that part of what stopping shopping is about? Mindfullness over mindlessness.

    This is totally different to buying 'whatever' when you were out and thought it looked pretty, with no clue where to put it. Imagine how many 'whatevers' you haven't bought. If you are strict on yourself only the best and most necessary things make it through the filter.

    Love how the red lantern looks too. As with all your other readers, I am in love with your house.

  5. Woww well done !! i really love this latern !!!

    He looks beautiful..........happy week hugs from me...Ria

  6. Love it!
    And... are you kidding me?!! Did you really mean to not spend anything? At all? Simplifying to me means being mindful of what we bring into our lives and not spending thoughtlessly on everything that strikes our fancy. You and I could both live out the rest of our lives with exactly what we have right now - furniture, clothing, etc - but I don't want to do that, do you? Life is too short to NOT have a silky red lantern! Enjoy it, it looks great and, I'm sure gives you great pleasure. There has to be a light there, right? Why shouldn't it be a light that you love?

  7. Dear Janet, please don't be hard on yourself. Your wise and wonderful readers are right on the mark, I think, when talking about spending money mindfully. A simple purchase for a house project with free and re-used materials hardly makes you a failure. In my way of thinking you are already a success because you are in the process of questioning your purchase and not planning on the next one and the next one and the next one... Sometimes when we state an intention, as you did in the previous post about wanting a red lantern for that space, the universe provides.

    You asked about the house. Things are at a standstill right now because the value of real estate has dropped significantly in our area, and we cannot afford to let our current house go at these prices. We are going to wait things out and see what happens.

    Take care, and remember to be gentle with yourself.

  8. Hi Janet,
    I love the lantern and if such a sweet simple thing makes you smile every time you walk through your entry, it was absolutely meant to come home with you.
    And I'm quite sure that you've made that little lantern smile as well...

  9. I love your new and improved entry and the lantern is perfect!

  10. J
    I love the lamp, it was cheap and looks amazing. Don't feel guilty- it was a small purchase and doesn't seem like mindless self gifting rather something that the house wanted and something that will mean something and bring joy. I know why you began the challenge but this is hardly a big slip up! xxxx

  11. If a vegan has a weak moment and eats some ice cream, does she give up being a vegan? The light is perfect.

  12. Oh, but it is so beautiful! And only a few dollars? Don't be so hard on yourself. If it gives you pleasure and you only spent a bit, why not?


  13. You are not weak at all Janet ... the lamp looks gorgeous and it was not something that you bought on a 'whim'... Don't be hard on yourself and if you want to do the 'simply stopping shopping' still you can get right back on track again... It does not count because you have told us all about it and we have said it's ok!! Now, if you'd hidden it from us that might have been a different matter ;-) x !!

  14. The lantern is lovely and perfect for the space. Don't beat yourself up about it. At least you are conscious, and trying and that's what counts. There is nothing wrong with beautifying your space. A lovely home gives such pleasure and comfort to the eye and spirit, especially if you are like us and love decor. Just do it prudently and consciously. We don't NEED much in this day and age, but beauty helps us feel happy and sometimes that costs a little bit. Get back on the wagon and get off when you need to. At least you are on the wagon...half the world is in the ditch!!



  15. Don't give up! 60 days is a huge feat! And I agree with the others, you probably made the lantern just as happy :) The whole project looks wonderful. Congrats!

  16. stay strong, continue!!

    the latern is to me like a 2-months-medal like you get it at AA-meetings. It is to celebrate a milestone.


    you are doing really great!
    I haven't visited the House-of-Beauty during June and I already feel the urge to go and buy some exyshadow or peeling. I need you as a rolemodel.

    Please, continue!

  17. Hi Janet!
    The lantern is even more beautiful than I imagined it would be and it goes fabulously with the wallpaper. You couldn't have found a more perfect one if you tried!
    It's a reward. A perfect small reward for your thoughtfulness and dedication to being on the right track with your priorities. :)


  18. Don't beat yourself up. You have done a great job. If the no shopping thing is working for you continue. If you've gotten what you need from the exercise - even if it's just taught you to temper your spending it was worth it and you can stop. Regardless, enjoy the lantern and move forward with what you feel is right for you.

    On another note- how much Dr. Bronner's soap do you use in your laundry?


  19. It was not a mindless purchase. You had thought about it and had decided that you needed a red light fixture for the entryway. You found one at a low price. You could afford it.

    Don't beat yourself up about it - it's really not that big a deal in the Grand Scheme of things!

  20. Dear Janet, don't beat yourself up, a little lamp which is already in place and looking so great does not count as reckless spending, all things in moderation I say, just carry on being careful, don't feel guilty but don't go on a wild spending spree either! And I don't think you are weak at all, a weak person would not even have started the no spend challenge, so there! (end of pep talk, I am now emotionally drained and need chocolate). Bx

  21. you did great to stay disciplined for that long and you deserve a chocolate! we are not perfect and there is always a 'tomorrow' to start. this is just a break. hope you have a great week...verbena cottage

  22. BTW, that lamp must have shouted loud at you...read your post and that was funny!

  23. Dear gardening/compost buddy, what you have been doing is soooo commendable. I love your little purchase and it's not really a big deal in the total picture. I agree with all of the others...No problem, no guilt, no biggie, with your purchase.

    xo kelley

    ps..if you had not bought the lantern and I came across it, I would have bought it and then given it to you for your birthday! how fun!

  24. A girl must treat herself to special things. To remind herself that she is indeed a special girl!

  25. Don't be so hard on yourself! No one's perfect :) And the lantern sure is cute!

  26. Hi Janet - The lantern looks great. Don't be so hard on yourself, especially since the lantern was inexpensive. Maybe if you didn't buy it, you would have regretted it if you "let it get away". It's nice to give yourself a treat once in awhile.

  27. LOL don't feel bad- you've done brilliantly and no one is perfect! Love the lantern...

  28. This post reminds me a lot of myself - perfectionistic. You are doing great on your experiment although not perfect. Don't give up on it - and don't beat yourself up either. As my fitness trainer always says to me "progress, not perfection".

  29. Hi Janet!
    The lantern is Perfect!!!
    The guilt is just the ego trying to remain in control... don't listen to it!
    I say, life is short, if you buy "only" the things that you absolutely, madly, passionately LOVE then you and your home will be happy always!

  30. How could you feel guilty about something that looks like the perfect cherry on top? The transformation of this little space is just exquisite and the red lantern takes it over the top. You must forgive yourself!


  31. Oh my dear Janette, don´t force yourself anymore... just do whatever you want... life is too short!!!!!!
    maria cecilia

    Awesome lamp, just love it!!!


kindness is never out of style.

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