Garden Notes

Hey guys, happy July.  My garden is doing well, I think mostly because our temps have been lovely.  By the end of this week that will be ending and this is when things start to get ugly.

But in all honesty my garden can take it.  It is pretty used to the summer beat down and rallies each year.

Clothes can dry in just minutes if there is a breeze.

My Salvia loves the heat too.

Lillies not so much but they are just about finished blooming.

What's happening in your garden?  x


  1. Your garden looks so pretty. I use to hang my clothes outside to dry, but than our neighbors got two dogs and you can guess the clothes in up smelling horrible. HA! HA! My veggie garden is going crazy this year. I posted it on my blog and you can see if you wish.

  2. Your garden is looking lovely as ever. We're having a heat wave here... high 90's with humidity so that it feels much hotter. I have to say I mostly love it except if I have to be out in the sun. Fortunately our garden has grown in so much that we have some shade now. We're keeping everything well watered though because of the heat.
    My clothes are drying in about 10 minutes on the line!
    Hope you and Larry are both well, thinking of you both XOX

  3. Beautiful, Janet.

    My front yard is doing great - roses in their second bloom, abelia covered in flowers, black plastic laid to kill weeds in a border I plan to have replanted this winter. Side yard butterfly garden spectacularly messy. Back yard is sad - it was a shade garden and then the central elm fell down last year. Now I'm trying to keep stuff alive long enough until we plant another tree this winter, which I hope will help. Otherwise I'm going to have to change out so much of what is here:(.

  4. Your garden is truly beautiful, Janet. And I love to see washing fluttering in the breeze.
    Nothing much is happening in my garden....I'm on holiday!
    Hugs, x.

  5. My flowers are blooming and I'm getting lots of cherry tomatoes.
    I only have a folding clothes dryer but love clothes dried outside. There is something peaceful about a clothesline.
    Peace and love to you and Larry.

  6. My Gardenia is blossoming in this heat��. The roses seem to like it. By Friday it’s going to be 100 degrees. Your garden looks like a peaceful place. ����

  7. Hi Janet,
    Updating some flower beds and making others up, as I go along. Satisfying play... Creating, I'm afraid to say, has fallen by the wayside in the pursuit of making enough money to live on. I have learned my lesson for awhile!
    Your garden is looking fresh and healthy! It must provide you enormous joy! Sending good thoughts. Hugs, Jean

  8. Such a pretty garden. I am in CT and we have a heat wave going on. Roses are in bloom and a few of my hydrangeas. Foxgloves have passed along with the peonies. The peonies were amazing this year. :o)

  9. Hi Janet! Your garden is looking lovely! Mine is not, we're in 110+ temps in Phoenix so I'm letting things go because at the moment, no point :) But I certainly cannot wait for our fall when I can get out there, looks like I will have a lot of weeding to do! xx

  10. Hi Janet,

    My Northern California garden is doing well; roses going like crazy. We are dealing with lots of smoke and ash right now from all of the fires; what we really need is some rain. Won't get it, of course. I love the photo of your laundry in the breeze; I put mine on wooden drying racks. Nothing like sun soaked sheets and towels!

  11. The tiger lilies are in full bloom, just in time for the 4th. Window boxes are thriving and the new rose bush is doing well. However, our unusual heat wave (90 -100 degrees all this week) is making me hyper-vigilant. Daily watering and watching for pests is imperative. Haven't done the weeding that the garden needs, but as soon as it breaks I'll be out. Your yard looks so inviting. Lovely.

  12. Weeds, weeds, weeds - that is what is happening in my garden! I have a huge pot full of red geranium cuttings which have turned into nice plants - the pot is overflowing with beautiful leaves and is now starting to come into its own with flowers. It is the most beautiful red geranium I have ever seen - someone gave it to me a few years ago and every year I take several cuttings for new plants for the following year. I don't like to save the mother plant as they just get too woody for my taste. Cuttings are so easy to make. My rosemary plants are finally starting to grow - they're very nice plants that I overwintered and just weren't getting any bigger. I did repot them in the spring and still no new growth. Finally, new growth, but I need to repot them again!

  13. We have lilies, hydrangea and hibiscus blooming nicely right now. Our coreopsis Zagreb is thriving with its little yellow flowers! It loves the heat and can tolerate less water. Our dahlias are pitiful this year. The Japanese beetles and aphids are hurting them, and we haven't had enough rain, plus the very hot temps are rough on them. Also, some of our favorite dahlias haven't come up at all this year. Maybe some varmints ate the tubers? Last year our dahlias were gorgeous. You can see them and the coreopsis here (last year's post):

  14. Your garden looks so welcoming...the bench with the pillow, the urns, flowers all contribute to a serene oasis of loveliness.
    Rose petals litter the ground and we have loads of dead heading on the roses to do...hydrangeas are in full bloom as are the Lady's Mantle...a riot of foliage and the garden is lush...August is the month it really starts fading...
    I used to have a clothesline years ago and loved hanging out the sheets and I use a folding rack in my laundry room.

  15. Dear Janet:
    your garden is pure serenity.
    Here now in Virginia, we are being reminded of summer's capability for heat and humidity. Within hours, most plants look stunned. Yet, this happens every year and they all live to thrive. This is the third season for my burgeoning fairy roses and they seemed to be coming into their own UNTIL two days ago when I discovered something had dined on their tender clusters of buds. There were no witnesses. The poor deer generally take the blame for taking these liberties. On the bright side, the hydrangeas have put out so many blooms I fear they may exhaust themselves. I haven't made changes to my garden plan in quite a while. It remains with the lovely hydrangeas to one side and back where there is part shade, black-eyed Susans, shasta daisies, bee balm, fever few, and mint in the limited front beds which receive the most sun. Some time again I took cuttings from the 250+ year-old English boxwoods which grow on the historic site where I worked and then volunteer for many years and from these I continue to take more cuttings . . . hence, "babies" thrive everywhere.
    Love touring one another's gardens via your comments.
    Love to all, especially you and Larry

  16. This past month some of the plants have really grown and are providing hiding areas for my cat. At night I have to go out with a flashlight looking for her if she doesn't come running when I whistle for her. We've had a hot month then it cooled off for a week with some rain. The roses have done well and now the hydrangeas are blooming. With the hot spell the pole beans have taken off. Love being able to dry clothes outside. Thanks for sharing your garden pics.

  17. What's happening in our garden is ants; ants everywhere, the hotter the weather gets; it's been like this the past two years and all the neighbors are going nuts (as we are) over it; anyway, we planted veggies early so I've been getting tomatoes and cucumbers for weeks now; really happy with the peppers. And 'way too much yellow squash, not my fave. My roses are wilted now. Succulents and cactus are darn happy. Jacarandas in my area (quite a bit north of you) have been VERY late to bloom out compared to recent years. My tulips had a hard time but the glads have been, well, glad; blooming their hearts out.

    I love your 'secret' garden (it has that 'feel'), especially the statuary (oh, that bunny; love the bunny).

    We're gonna fry this weekend, Janet; I guess you've seen the SoCalif weather forecast; of course it's blistering as well in the Midwest/Northeast; 'tis summer. We're (great timing) cleaning out the garage; ugh. I know I'll be forced indoors after lunch each day (there's zero shade) but we'll see what kind of headway we can make between tomorrow & Fri (when temps will soar; we're forecasted to be 109 degrees [F] on Friday [I'm not even that far inland from the coast!] so I can pretty much guess you'll be even hotter). We've got some plans for that garage so we've just gotta push, within reason!

  18. Your garden looks lovely, we are having a heatwave here in the UK my hanging basket did look lovely but are now looking a bit sad. Ofcause our temperatures don't get quite as high as some of yours.

  19. Hello Janet, I've been reading your blog for years, since the beginning, and I just want to tell you how much I enjoy reading you. You always make me feel better about everything, because I feel we are so much alike in so many ways. I am sorry to read that things have been hard for you lately. I am sending you good thoughts, and am hoping that everything will get better soon.

  20. Hi Janet! Always wonderful to see a new post from you - I'm happy that you are posting more often now! - and I always love to see photos of your lovely home & garden! Here in Huntington Beach, our garden has been doing great! Foxgloves (my favorite) are blooming like crazy, along with our other perennials. My roses have rust :( . It is always a battle since our neighbors on either side of us do not take care of their gardens. I only spray with organic formulas. Does anyone have a good remedy for rust?
    As always, am wishing you serenity, love & healing thoughts for both you & your husband. Sending a big hug to you!

    Kathy Bunge

  21. I have DEADHEADED the first flush of the Hydrangeas and other plants are starting to POP!Fruit trees are full so its a race to beat the birds and squirrels!!!!!The HEAT has not been here yet things are lasting longer.I hope for my BIRTHDAY the second round of roses will be THERE.................Hugs to YOU.XO

  22. Beautiful garden. Love the bunny too! I like how you said the garden is used to up and the summer ups n down...that's life too.
    Cool temps started early here but now the summer heat have my herbs bursting forth. Our garden tomatoes this year are coming along and I hope to enjoy a green fried tomato for breakfast soon with eggs.
    My flower garden seemed a bit neglected with the hot days so I went and began to pull weeds and cut back my roses. Such fun to bring a little inside.
    Praying for your Larry and you all. Take care.

  23. My garden was gorgeous about three weeks ago but I certainly know about the "summer beatdown". About September my garden looks pretty bedraggled!

  24. Here in Connecticut, we finally have pleasant weather after a really terrible heat wave. We have a 'bumper crop' of chipmunks this here, who are driving my dogs crazy and eating my garden! The pollinator garden is looking fantastic with a monarch floating over the bee balm so I am happy. This spring we purchased the "Ego" self-propelled lawn mower from Home Depot and that thing is life-changing! I can trim all around my raised beds and under our pine trees and edge nearly everything. The battery lasts quite a long time and the mower is so quiet you barely can hear it as you guide it along. I have mild carpal tunnel syndrome and am anemic from CML and I have no problem with this puppy so I am recommending it to every gardener I meet! It has already paid for itself! I hope you are keeping well and Larry is regaining his strength. Best wishes to both of you!

    too lazy to sign into my google account,

  25. Hope your summer is coming along and you have a peace in your days.
    Praying for your Larry.


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