Outside Spring Cleaning

Yesterday was quiet here.  Larry slept most of the day so I was outside in the fresh air doing a little clean-up.

The front porch was in a desperate state so I removed the furniture and mopped the floor and cleaned the windows.  I fluffed up the furniture and added the pretty lumbar pillow.  Everything looked so pretty when I was finished.

I moved the cut roses (the rose garden is blooming!) onto my little wobbly antique bedside table.  Of course due to my allergies they had to go back onto the porch but even for a few minutes they looked beautiful.

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday.  xo


  1. Hi Janet, the porch looks really pretty, that was a good job done whilst Larry slept. His treatment is bound to leave him drained and sleep is what he needs. Sending you both lots of love, x.

  2. Janet,

    Sounds like a soothing thing to accomplish! All of the kindest, warmest, most positive, serene thoughts come your way! Holding your family in the light! Jean

  3. I always love seeing your beautiful photos and home projects - those roses are simply amazing! I'm itching to get started on the lawn and garden but Maine is still just too darn rainy and cold! Keeping you and your family in my prayers. Debbie

  4. So wonderful to see your post, Janet. Puttering in the garden and the outdoors can be soothing when your heart is aching. Hoping you find moments of peace and comfort. Your porch looks lovely.

  5. Hi Janet- so lovely to see a post about your beautiful front porch. I just started a rose garden and hope someday mine look as gorgeous as your garden. Sending you and Larry many heartfelt prayers and positive thoughts.

  6. Well, your efforts paid off, Janet; your inviting porch looks absolutely lovely; I've always loved that porch of yours. I'm glad your roses are bountifully blooming; mine took off and then sort of fizzled out so I'm hoping they recharge themselves pretty soon. The weeds are sure happy; growing like crazy and driving me nuts.

    I think that fastening onto a project here and there like with the porch will do you a world of good, even when you don't think you have the motivation. Being outside in the Spring environment, despite the allergies, is a tonic before it gets too hot where you are...when, right now, you've got the more-pleasant warmth and scents of your colorful surroundings.

    I love that you posted. Thanks.

  7. Looks beautiful! Still sending prayers your way!

  8. Huge satisfaction of a garden. The 'work' completed. Work, in a garden, defined as washing-of-the-servants-feet.


    Garden & Be Well, XO T

  9. It is so good to read your last two posts.You are in my thoughts so often,as I have been "in your shoes". Gardening is good for the soul.Sending much love from Northern CA. xo

  10. It is so good to read your last two posts.You are in my thoughts so often,as I have been "in your shoes". Gardening is good for the soul.Sending much love from Northern CA. xo

  11. there is something about a porch.
    it begs for a drink of something icy if it's hot and a cup of something warm if it's cold.
    but always a book or quiet thoughts. it is a comfort. xo and yours has always just been lovely in that way.

  12. Hi Janet, your porch is so charming. It's actually good that it was in a desperate state, as getting it all cleaned up and fresh gave you something to do, and with lovely results too. Larry will also appreciate it when he feels up to sitting outside.

  13. Gardening and sprucing up is so therapeutic isn’t it. You can step back and admire your efforts. I’ve developed such annoying allergies over the years. I too have to end up putting flowers back outside in the evening. It’s probably just as well I live in a colder environment half of the year. I’m sleep has to be good medicine.
    Thinking of both of you and sending up prayers.
    Kathy C

  14. I think both gardening & cleaning or sprucing up an area are therapeutic. I especially love gardening as a way to forgot your troubles...if only for a little while. We had a cool, but fairly sunny day here in eastern PA, which I spent next door helping my son & his wife do all sorts of projects outside in the garden & surrounding areas. I'm exhausted, but as I always say, it's a good tired.

    Always thinking of you & Larry, keeping you in my prayers. He sounds like a trooper...& that attitude will help tremendously. Love your beautiful roses...something I have never had success with, but admire those who have the knack. Godspeed!

    Anita ~ the cabin on the creek

  15. It feels so good to have a project that is not too large but is doable and reaps such beautiful benefits. I was stunned by the beauty of the roses. Your porch just invites calmness and relaxation. My heart is with you both. Keep on gardening. It soothes the soul

  16. Lovely!!! I’m waiting for the winds to slow down before I clean my patio. Love to you and L.

  17. Sending love and healing thoughts.

  18. Your roses are gorgeous and your porch is so inviting.
    I know Larrys treatments aren't easy. Praying for both of you.

  19. I'm thinking of you and Larry every single day. So good to see your beautiful porch and those gorgeous roses, what a calming task for a quiet Sunday. I hope your cottage is giving you both peace and refuge during this time of treatments and hospitals. Love to you xoxDani

  20. oh my, how wonderful is home and garden, pure bliss. it all looks pretty and i love an accomplishment! kay xo

  21. Dear Janet, I was so happy to see your sweet post this morning & was struck by your bouquet of roses in the center of your charming porch photos! From reading my Victorian Language of Flowers book, I see that pink & deep pink roses symbolize grace, beauty & gentleness - all qualities that you embody! - but also deep gratitude and appreciation. I am an avid gardener as well & am so happy that you can find peace in your garden. I am sending lots of love & healing wishes to you & your husband. I think of & pray for you both every day. Please take care!

    Kathy Bunge

  22. Your porch is one of my favorites....cozy and delightful to look at. Thank you for this post. I think of you often. Cyber hugs.

  23. Your roses look amazing and the porch looks so cozy and welcoming...I'd be tempted to sit there with a mug of tea or a glass of wine after cleaning it up!
    A project like this spring cleaning job is a welcome distraction...a wee bit of respite in your day.
    Take care and all the best to you both...

  24. You and your L have been in my thoughts and prayer's.
    Love your cozy front porch.
    I did the same with mine today as our first warm temperatures came in today. I love your roses and their beauty. I think of an older post you just videoed your porch the screen door and part your garden. I think it was so peaceful and hope this is a little place of peace.

  25. Dear Janet,

    Thank you for taking the time to post such lovely photos. Gardening is good for the soul and your porch is just beautiful. You and Larry and in my thoughts and prayers.

  26. I have been thinking about you and Larry. I have a friend who is going throug the same treatments. So I have seen firsthand how grueling and tiresome they are. I’m sending all my love, strength, and a very speedy recovery to Larry and you. Hang in there Larry! All my very best to you guys ! ❤️

  27. your porch area is inviting ..
    i can easily imagine the quietude
    and reflection from time well spent
    in that sweet location.

    the creamware platter behind one of your
    blue & white dishes :: i have a set of
    those for dining, as well as the bowls
    in 2 sizes, and mugs. :)

  28. Dear sweet Janet,

    Your porch looks gorgeous. ALWAYS! Cleaning is so relaxing.

    Just want you to know, I have you and Larry constantly in my thoughts.

    xo Robin

  29. How pretty.... Your porch looks so inviting .... !! I love the new lumbar pillow as well ....

  30. Hello Janet & Larry,
    Your home is so beautiful and cozy. I'm sure it brings much comfort.
    You both are in our prayers. xo

  31. I think of both you and Larry often and continue to offer prayers and well wishes. I'm happy you had a chance to do a little spring fluffing. It does wonders for the soul.


  32. Janet,
    Your porch looks lovely and how wonderful your roses are in bloom. Thinking of you and Larry everyday and keeping you in my prayers.
    with love,

  33. Janet
    Thinking of you and your Larry many times and lifting you up in prayer.
    I continue to check in to your lovely blog and still look up past
    Writings and glean from each One.
    Take care. Nancy

  34. Just beautiful... and much feel like a sense of accomplishment. Sending prayers to you and Larry.


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