Saturday Saturday

Charlotte Moss makes shoes!

NY Times with Frances Mcdormand on women aging.

Starting Over with Bernie Madoff's ex daughter in law

I'll take this New York Brownstone

Why have I never thought to add a black silk shirt to my wardrobe?

Have a lovely weekend.  xo


  1. Love the brownstone, and the black silk shirt seems like a great idea, doesn't it? Happy weekend.

    1. it does! esp after so many readers said how much they wore black shirts. i think one would go beautifully with my wardrobe:) x

  2. I loved the shoes..beautiful.
    Love the rooms and decor of the Brownstone. She was careful in what she chose. The aging hair color article was challenging. I still use color. I dislike the cost but its my one luxury.
    Working on seeing my pottery barn look a like napkins the ones you posted awhile preparation for my Thanksgiving table.

    1. nancy - those shoes! that article is quite confronting isn't it?! x

  3. Thanks for the good reads. Really enjoyed. More please in the future.


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