For the last few days we've had the pleasure of escaping to Palihouse Santa Monica.  If you are planning a stay in Southern California or live in California and want a mini vacay I would urge you to consider this hotel.  This isn't a sponsored or paid post btw. I just fell in love and want to share it.

Palihouse has been in operation since 1927, first as the Embassy Apartments and now as a hotel.  It is an excellent example of Moorish influenced Mediterranean Revival architecture. Situated in the middle of a beautiful Santa Monica neighborhood, which gives the traveler a peek into the everyday lives of locals, it is dripping with original details that are preserved to perfection. Just a couple of short blocks to world famous Santa Monica's Ocean Avenue, the Santa Monica Pier, world class shopping on the Promenade and pristine beaches.

I was mesmerized from the moment I walked into the beautiful front courtyard.  It is a design loving woman's dream come true. The gardens...I die.  The interior...I die again and again at every single turn.  It was like walking through a luxurious magazine layout.  You are immediately wrapped in a moody elegance and trapped somewhere between the past and present. There are a lot of images in this post but trust me when I say there could be dozens more.  It's impossible to take a bad photo of the place because it is just so chic. If you love old architecture, antiques, jaw dropping paint schemes and wallpaper that will leave you breathless then you will be right at home here. Enjoy.

I've already got a side savings account dedicated to my next visit. I love staying in small hotels like this because it reminds me that no matter the size of your house, you can live beautifully, it's all in the chic little touches.  Remind me to never leave out the period when I monogram anything! Plus those deep blues mixed with greens is so intoxicating.  So what do you think?  Is this your cup of tea?  What are your favorite details?    xo

Here are some ways to get the Palihouse look in your home...


  1. Very charming!my favorite is...everything.
    You are looking quite lovely yourself.

  2. What a lovely place, I can see why you want to go back.

  3. Love everything, but especially the tile in the garden area and in the bathroom and the leaded glass window...the wavy and seeded beautiful!

  4. Eyecandy overload! Charming touches everywhere. Thanks for the recommendation. The perfect late winter escape from our frigid winter's.

  5. The colors! An inspiration for me.

  6. Wow, there's much to swoon over here; thanks for sharing it. The wallpaper with the birds - oh wow, and I'm not even that much of a wallpaper person; the birds from a few feet away look like clouds on a sky. So gorgeous. And, gosh, all the tile; a crystal knob here, a something-else-wonderful there; what a treat! Perfect staycation for us Southern Californians; right here in our 'backyard' especially if you need to escape to the ocean, which I definitely needed to do here at the start of the holiday weekend, when we were already 108 degrees at 11am in these 'lovely' hot/humid climes north of you, Janet. My new name is Wilted. Living in the land of hot jello.

  7. You sure are right about this place! As I am unable to leave home right now, I especially appreciate the virtual tour. Makes me think of a favorite small old hotel in New Orleans that we've visited several times, the Monteleone. "Our" hotel!

    1. Oh, and the picture of you behind the cell phone camera is mighty cute!

  8. OH YES!
    RIGHT UP MY ALLEY!!!!!!!!!

  9. Oh my goodness. I need to see this place someday myself. Maybe I'll have Mr. B. take me there for brunch some Sunday! (do they do a brunch or lunch or something?)

  10. did you see her? did you? I could swear the wispy blonde ghost and silvery laughter of Carol Lombard were just floating down the hallway... just now!
    oh I love it! everything about it.
    and you look right at home. XO♥

  11. How beautiful! It's straight out of a Wes Anderson movie. I love their casual use of china... it makes me want to break out the Limoges for breakfast.

  12. Santa Monica is one of my favorite destinations in southern California, but I'm not familiar with this beautiful hotel. I'll be sure to learn more about it for a future trip. The colors, the wallpaper -so dramatic ! Great decorating inspiration and I've never seen a monogram with the period, lovely and distinctive.

  13. Love this spot, my gosh how stunning. Love the moody colours, the wallpaper, the vintage china, it's like this small hotel was designed just for you? To be honest it's your perfect backdrop! Thanks for sharing it with us. xx

  14. It looks exquisite Janet!
    I can see why you love it so is important to budget and save for these little luxuries.
    I have been and still am saving for a trip to Provence someday...

  15. Janet, after devouring your post I too have started a separate piggy bank for a holiday at the Palihouse!! Yummy!

  16. It's at times like this I get peeved that several thousand miles separate from such a gorgeous place! Thanks for sharing though, I can but dream.
    Love the black and white outfit, BTW, so elegant with a lovely hint of Jackie O. X.

  17. Between seeing your bedroom wallpaper and the wallpapers at the Palihouse I'm starting to fall in love with wallpaper again. I promised my family no more wallpaper a few years ago, but now I want to paper a couple of places. Fortunately for my hubby, I have several other things to finish first and I'll need to save up for pretty paper! All the decor is so pretty, I see why you fell in love with it Janet.

  18. It's a small world after all! Regarding the little paintings at the end of your post, I have been a big Janet Hill fan for years. If we ever get to go to Santa Monica, we will surely check out the hotel. It is lovely.

    Debra from SENC

  19. I love everything about this hotel
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    I'll have to review again and again. Beautiful!

  20. I love this Post. The Hotel is gorgeous. Your photos are stunning. Thank you so much for sharing


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