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Good morning dear friends.  Just wanted to pop in this beautiful Sunday morning and give you guys a very very helpful link.  It's called Daily Strength.  On this website you will find an online forum with over 500 topics that you can either read or register as a user and become part of the conversation. Every situation that you can think of is there.  There is no need to suffer alone.  It's a great resource if you are struggling with any sort of health or relationship problem.  Plus it's all anonymous.  In addition to that my friend Charlie over at  The Privileged Addict writes an incredible blog all about addiction.  I've been studying this topic for close to 10 years and I've never found a resource like his. It is excellent and I highly highly recommend.

And I cannot believe all your stories. What a great group of people you are.  I have always known I have the best readers in the whole wide internet but your stories once again prove it. I'm humbled and honored that you would share your heartbreaks and your triumphs with me.  Thank you all for sharing and I promise to respond to each and every one.  Mucho love...x


  1. such a beautiful landscape and such a heart felt tribute to your friends,

  2. I have driven through the upper portion of Montana and seen skies like this...I think they call it big sky country.
    We are really never alone with our issues and problems...there is always someone out there who has paved the way and is willing to share their knowledge. When my husband had cancer we attended monthly support meetings and it really helped us both put things in perspective.

  3. I don't know how much I could share; I already feel stripped naked on my blog when really it is only a small part of my life. Anybody who helps others though, in time of strife, deserves applause. xxx

  4. Thank you for caring about us, Janet. We care about you, too.

    If I've gone over your last post ("How Are You?") once, I've gone over it ten times. There's a lot of triumph here...of people overcoming tremendous obstacles, of which I have total admiration. I also don't feel like I've ever been around such a wide group of people nearer to my age (although I love to read the comments of all age groups on your blog), and I'm meaning especially the women who have reached a stage in live where a lot's behind them and they're pondering the time remaining and how best to live it. Your blog post created a closer community/readership; I don't know if you can know...you probably didn't anticipate...how thought-provoking all those many comments were, and how empowering I think, to give someone an opportunity to spill it without judgment when maybe they hadn't made that first step to really write it out; write out their thoughts and feelings. I'm just so grateful for that post. My life is a little isolated and self-involved; I forgot or just didn't realize the enormity of issues people deal with...and, of course, many keep it to themselves on a 'normal' basis...however, I also enjoyed and found it so educational just hearing about how everyone's coping, and filling their lives with everyday joy and comforts, too. I learned a lot.

  5. I read a curious thing once about French women. You know, how there's often fun gossipy stuff about how French women don't get fat, and all that(!). But, that part of their allure and elegant mystique is that they never highlight their shortcomings in conversation or talk about negatives of their life with other people. A certain reserve, I guess. I have French heritage but wondered why I didn't get the gene(!), especially when my husband advises I give a little TOO much voice to what's in my head or I realize with dread that I've commented in letters or on blogs again with too much length. I've thought to myself, "Well then, I'd bet French women at least have a Dear Diary!" (Must have some safe place where they can give 'an airing' to the chatter inside the head.) Seriously, though, journaling is a great way to purge stuff at the end of the day before you go to bed and aim for sweeter sleep. Somewhat, to me, like prayer or meditation; very centering and calming. Or taking a hike in beautiful Utah.

  6. hi AJJ. thank you so much for the links here. i will visit as soon as i leave this lovely place.
    there is something about viewing the expanse of nature there where you are... the infinite sky and the simple scale of it all...
    even the beautiful picture of it makes one feel very small. and maybe problems seem smaller too. puts them into perspective.
    your own site here is every bit as inspiring as those sites you love yourself.
    i like vicki's words. i read every single comment on the last post too! so inspiring! we have a wonderful community.
    we share. and that's what women do best. well. maybe unless they're french! LOLOL! but like vicki says...
    surely then they keep a diary or a journal... or perhaps have a very very close friend!

  7. Thank God you are back blogging! THANK GOD!!! I gave it up for a while and didn't miss it but I like the sense of community x

  8. I'll be clicking over to Daily Strength in a second. It's obvious you are a kind, caring and genuine woman. Your readers respond to your true self. Sending love back! xox

  9. Thanks Janet for putting up the links...I already checked out Daily Strength. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis 5 years ago and I saw there was even a category for that. The diagnosis weighs on my mind a lot...I worry about my future health even though I'm following all the recommendations to combat it. However, I won't take the biophosphonate drugs because it seems that the risks outweigh the benefits. There were others on the website that made the same decision, so it was nice to read that. I will have to go back and visit the website on a regular basis.

    I read every comment on your last post, there were so many individuals who have had obstacles to face at one time or another in their lifetime... relationship issues, children, financial, health, death, divorce...but so many readers rose above it all and came out on the other side.

    Mucho love to you too!


    1. so true linda. that's what i'm taking away the most...what survivors we are!


kindness is never out of style.

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