groceries - march week 3

Hello there.  Before I get into the grocery shopping I'd like to say that this month has been a hectic one in that we have aging and ailing relatives 700 miles away and we've been back and forth so much...well everything is a little out of whack around here.

So the total is $31.29.  I was excited because the .99 store had wine stocked.  It was $2.99 a bottle and I've been wanting to try their wines.  I will wait til after Lent and let you know how it is.  If they continue to stock it I'll pick up more to try all in the name of research...for you.

Also, the lovely Jen from the blog, Dwell on these Things has tagged me in an 11 things about me thing. Remember when these types of posts went around and around on the internet?  I haven't seen one in years so I thought why not?  Hard to imagine there are 11 things you don't know about me but lets give it a swirl.

1.  This blog is just a small part of my life.  I think most blogs are that way.

2.  And yet knowing that, I still find myself jealous of other bloggers lives.

3.  My closet, drawers, kitchen and life get messy just like yours does.

4.  I skip exercise when I'm too tired or not in the mood and feel pretty guilty about it.

5.  I have a good marriage but we sometimes fight, shout and give ea other the silent treatment.

6.  I'm feeling a blogging break coming on.

7.  I hope to one day be and extra in a Wes Anderson movie.  I've always wanted to be a Tenenbaum.

8.  I try to put the best pictures I can up of my house and garden and then worry that you think I'm perfect.

9.  I fight being lazy every single day.

10. I think I'd make an excellent recluse.

11. I can't think of another one.  Whoops, just thought of one.  I'm quick to anger but working hard on that.

Thank you Jen!  And if you'd like to join in on the 11 thing thing...then do!

Hope to be back later with a post on organizing the bedroom/closet.

See you soonish.


  1. I think that the thing I enjoy most about your blog is how honest and insightful you are about living your life. Your posts reflect a "this is how it is" authenticity. It's refreshing. And inspiring. Thank you.

  2. We know you're real. And we like you because, and because.

  3. I think I'd make an excellent recluse, too! Glad I'm not the only one! ;-)

  4. Janet,
    Why, every rose does have thorns.
    love you and your damn receipts. You kill me.
    I think I need to start photographing mine.

  5. love your 11 things! I think you will not be surprised that probably all of us have our moments!. I thought of you as I have been cleaning in my office all afternoon and am still only half done.... sigh....

  6. Can I be a Tenenbaum with you? xxx

  7. Count me in on the Wes Anderson Adventure. I'm feeling for you on the ailing relatives and so far away... that must be really difficult. I think you have amazing style and instinct but you also keep it real. I love that about you Janet!xox

  8. In other words, are human. xo Donna

  9. The Grand Budapest Hotel is my favorite Wes Anderson movie so far! So fun to watch Ralph Fiennes enjoy his comedic role as Gustave.

  10. I know you're not perfect. Perfect people wouldn't like Jack White or the Royal Tenenbaums!
    And even though I am perfect, I still love your beautiful blog. I'm inclined to tell you to give up giving up wine for lent. But knowing you, I would imagine that then you'd be even more frustrated that you gave up!

    1. So you are a perfect "imperfectionist"! Haha! We love you Stephen!

  11. Wishing the best for your ailing relatives and you too!

  12. Shouting? The silent treatment? Well. Sounds like a perfect marriage to me. :)
    Because, we do a little of that now and, then too.

    I once had a neighbor who told me she and, her husband never fought. I said,
    "Well, someone is always giving in." She didn't respond. But, about six years later
    they divorced.

  13. I think I remember you saying that your husband works from home. If so, I totally get your shouting/ silent treatment thing
    At least you aren't trying to kill each other! LOL!
    I don't know if I could be around someone 24/7.
    I love that you admit to being quick to anger too!
    Your #3 has to be wrong though.
    I have a feeling that your "messy" is my neat and tidy.
    and...I went to the Dollar Store today and spent $30.00.
    When I got back in my car I realized that I hadn't bought any groceries!
    Yeah, I might need an intervention.

  14. I know all too well about the ailing parent far away. Even though I was there quite a bit with my father, I felt like I should have been there more. There's no way around's heartbreaking. I am so sorry. ♥

    Those 11 things are pretty mild...I think I'll still keep you as a friend! :)

  15. Thanks for sharing. I'm surprised by number 2. I think of you as a person with a very enviable life.

  16. Knowing you are real and have foibles makes you even more endearing....

  17. I am sorry to hear you have an ailing family member. That is so stressful. Your honesty and humor is always so endearing. Your receipts are keeping me honest, too! Enjoy your blogging break, don't stay away too long! You will be missed.

  18. I understand your need for a blogging break, but I hope it's not a long one. Your blog is a refreshing look on living more simply, which I find to be a wonderful break from all the overload of many blogs.

  19. Janet,

    Dealing with ailing parents/relatives is hard enough, have never had to do it from a long distance though. It is a stressful time for sure. Just remember you are not alone.

    I'm quick to anger sometimes too, it's probably the one thing that I don't like about myself. (and my potty mouth comes out as well on occasion) It must be the Irish in me...or stress...or menopause. It doesn't seem as bad if I can blame it on something!

    Thank you so much for doing the grocery posts...between the 99 cent store and the Grocery Outlet I'm saving lots of money.

    If you take a break, hope it's not for too long.


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  21. I am a recluse but I'd let you over my moat anyway.

  22. Janet,
    You are so "keeping it real" everyday!! Love that about you!!

  23. I've always wanted to be a Tenenbaum too.

  24. Oh, we are kindred spirits. Quick to anger, fighting lazy and reclusive tendencies and with a burning desire to be a Tenenbaum (of course, Eli was jealous of Richie!). Love your blog as always and thanks for playing along...

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  26. Another Janet here with a quick temper, fighting lazy and and reclusive tendencies (as wisely mentioned above) .... except this Janet hates exercise with a passion ...

    And PLEASE don't be gone too long .... I would miss your wonderful way with words so much!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  27. I like your 11 better than my 11 :-). Blogging always makes me envy other people's perfect lives. Sorry you are struggling with ailing elders. It's such a stressful time. I have to fight my recluse tendency daily. I like my little world at home, where my husband and I also fight and give each other the silent treatment. I really appreciate you taking one for the team and checking out those wines for us...after Lent. xoJennifer

  28. Your grocery bill is impressive! I'd love to know what you think of the .99 store wine. I'd imagine it will be great for cooking even if you don't care for the taste for drinking.

    I LOVE your list of 11 things. I can resonate with many of the things you listed, but especially with #12! I'm quite temperamental but I've been trying hard to tame my temperament. What do you do to stay calm? Yoga? Meditation? I'd love to know!

  29. I certainly can understand your need to take a blogging break, (although I will keep checking until you come back.) This has been a long arduous winter in the Northeast and the need to see spring and go outside is overwhelming. I, too, have an ailing parent who can no longer eat solid food and I am looking for nutritious soups that can be pureed. Any suggestions?

    And $31 for groceries is amazing. I just spent $45 on two meals, one roll of toilet paper, no cleaning products and a well-deserved Lindt chocolate bar!

  30. Thanks for revealing a little more about yourself, your dreams and insecurities. Keep posting photos of your beautiful home and grocery receipts - it's all inspiring. Thanks for commenting, following me and adding me to your blog list - it's a great feeling to connect via simplicity across the pond xo

  31. Janet-
    Had to share my fortune cookie - which read "Hard work pays off in the future, laziness pays off in the now"
    I think both need to be honored. Nothing wrong with the reward of lazy down time.

  32. I usually curse my way through exercising and only feel marginally better afterwards. But I know it is good for me. The exercise, that is, not the cursing.


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