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Last week we made a quick trip up to Utah to visit my father-in-law.  Utah in the fall is so incredibly beautiful.  We missed most of the color show but were still able to catch some of it.

Estate Sale I. Magnin Cardigan $4.

I picked some dried wildflowers while there and mixed them with some greens from my garden.
I'm going to work on some of the things I've learned about selling on eBay.  I haven't sold that much but I have learned a few things I think I can share, so as they this space. :)


  1. Utah looks lovely and that sweater looks so cozy...another "score" Janet!
    I am admiring your arrangements and wish that my cats would leave mine alone as I miss having greenery and berries in the house. Thank you fot plannong to give us sme ebay tips. I have some jewelry that I no longer wear and want to sell and perhaps a scarf or two!
    Enjoy your week.

  2. Your eBay tips will be great. I have only thought of doing that, but never followed up with it. I love your bittersweet! My grandmother always brought into her home. I never see it around my neck of the woods.

    1. I believe that is pyracantha not bittersweet. It has beautiful berries but wicked thorns.

  3. Beautiful pictures, Janet! I am waiting to hear your tips - I have never tried it myself.

    I love arrangements with berries in them!

  4. I live in Utah and we are actually at the height of color down in the valleys. A storm is coming through this week, however, and I expect it will bring many/most of the leaves down. I enjoy all of the seasons but autumn, and October in particular, is the best!

  5. Janet,
    As always I love your posts at home and when you are out and about.
    You always share such beauty.

  6. Splendid picture, of Nature and your house !

  7. You may have missed a lot of the fall color. But what you shared is more beautiful than what is happening in my neck if the woods.
    Anxious to hear your tips. I am seriously in need of cutting back my wardrobe, and while I like to give to charity, some of these things should be sold. Have a great day!
    xo Jennifer

  8. wow Utah looks amazing. We don't really get autumn where I live, it is either boiling or cold. Love the flowers you've gussied up and as always you look great.

    Wish you lived here, I'd invite you over for pumpkin soup (vegan!!!) x

  9. GORgeous(!) red trees in the first photo. I love the simplicity of the pop of autumn color that you selected for the wildflower arrangements. Janet, you look all cozy, and beautiful, in your cardi strolling in the leaves. You've definitely captured the flavor of autumn in these photos! Thank you for sharing.

  10. So pretty, that first photo.

  11. Ah, so that's what fall looks like!

    I just put two pairs of shoes on EBAY. never tried it before, but if it's good enough for the golden goose...

    Never worn, just sitting quietly in their boxes. Probably should have waited for your tips, but you inspired me.

    love your arrangements.

    xo J.

  12. The fall color in those photos is amazing. Very pretty!

  13. What gorgeous the cardigan too!

    My sis gave me some Ebay instructions over the phone, just went over the basics. She said my BIL can set up my account for me when they come down to visit. Looking forward to your post!


  14. Looking forward to reading your Ebay tips.
    thank you.
    Linda C.

  15. The colours of those trees are beautiful and your arrangements are stunning. I agree, you should be a florist! x

  16. Gorgeous autumn colours in your photos! Love the warmth and detail of the autumn berries and leaves contrasting with the serenity and simplicity of your home colours. Pamela xx

  17. Hi Janet -

    I will be interested on your comments on ebay.

    When I lived in Northern California about 5 years ago, I used craigslist quite a bit.

    I have now lived on the east coast (Virginia) for a year. I cannot sell anything on craigslist. I have some great mid century modern pieces that I picked up in Los Angeles about 15 years ago, and am ready to downsize, but cannot get a bit on the east coast on these pieces. I am wondering if I will have luck selling them on ebay.


  18. Oh that first photo is so beautiful. You are looking fine also. Still looks like a lot of autumn colour to us sub tropic residents! Paula x

  19. Hi Janet,
    Can't wait for your eBay advice. I NEED to get rid of a lot of things in my house (your beautiful and neat house inspired me to declutter my house).

  20. Lovely, Janet! I love your hair in that pic too. Looking forward to the e-bay post although I just donated clothing and accessories to charity last week. My stepson loves selling stuff on e bay and does really well with it.

  21. You are such a wonderful stylist, nothing ever sells for me on Ebay, folk always email and ask, can I buy it for 99p?

  22. Hi Janet,

    What beautiful pictures of Utah (and your house). I love "fall" (we call it autumn here in NZ) - it is my most favourite time of year.

    Especially love the photo of you amongst the trees and all the leaves!

    DeeJay from Whangarei, New Zealand

  23. That first photo is a show stopper! I know how much you love seeing leaves on the ground. Did you roll around in the them?

  24. Lovely fall pictures! I am really looking forward to your eBay tips. Always wanting to try it but never did.

  25. Those flowers you put together with greens from your garden are gorgeous!

  26. Utah is beautiful! I love your greens and wildflowers! So pretty!

  27. I always love seeing pictures of your home....always awesome! That first shot from Utah is pretty.

    Hope you are well! (p.s. I want that cardigan!)


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