sugar scrub

Is your sun/saltwater/chlorine skin as parched as mine?

This sugar scrub is sure to help.  Unlike salt scrubs, sugar does not dry the skin.  Brown sugar is particularly rich in alpha hydroxy acids so it makes a great exfoliant and is much more gentle than white sugar, making it perfect for sensitive skin.  All that and it smells heavenly.

Sugar Scrub

1/4 cup brown sugar
1/8 cup sunflower or any other oil

Mix and apply to dry skin.  I like to do this in the shower before I turn the water on.  Just massage it in, taking extra time on elbows, feet and any other rough areas.  Rinse with warm water.  Pat a little olive oil on your skin before you dry off and you aren't going to believe how soft your skin is.

That's it.  Such an economical yet luxurious treat for your summer skin.

Side Note - If you are at all interested in letting your hair go gray, please pop over to the Revolution Gray website where they are profiling 25 bloggers who are going gray (me included) and writing about it.  Lots of great stories there.  Have a wonderful week!


  1. I've used this with white sugar and its amazing. Must try with brown sugar on more sensitive spots. You may want to caution readers that the oil in the scrub can make the shower/tub floor slippery so be careful!

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    1. sue you can use it ever so lightly on your face. i can't stress that enough. use your ring finger to gently apply it and use barely any pressure - go super super light.

  3. So lovely! The scrub looks simple & delish :O)

  4. Sounds delightful! I was at Whole Foods this weekend and I bought a spicy vanilla chai body wash (Desert Essence) that I can't wait to try. I must must make your chocolate vegan cake. :)

    1. I made it with coconut oil. It made my face smooth & soft. And when it gets in your mouth it's really tasty. It would be great in oatmeal! But, I'm replying to you because I made the vegan chocolate cake for my daughter's birthday. It was super yummy. I'm going to try it w/ coconut oil next.-Laura

  5. I love homemade treatments. And I am all silver at 38. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. I could eat this with a spoon! I've made a sugar lip scrub, but never tried one for the body, this would save sooo much money, thanks Janet!

  7. kitchen beauty is my very favorite.
    when my hands get dry, i just grab a little handful of sugar from the canister & drizzle olive oil right into it, then just "wash" my hands with it. a little regular soap & water rinses away the oil, but leaves behind soft skin ♥

  8. Can't wait to try this with coconut oil. Thanks!

  9. I have bought Fresh Brown Sugar scrub and this looks just like it! Thanks for posting this economical alternative.
    I popped over to that site to read what you wrote and saw my comment from last year about going much for my thoughts!
    I am going grey now and it not as bad as I predicited!

  10. I can't wait to try this either. I go crazy sometimes staring at the aisles of lotions and scrubs trying to find the most natural ones. I should have known you would have the perfect solution. I'm pampering myself (again) tonight, one of the few good things about having a husband miles away, and a brown sugar scrub sounds delicious! :)

  11. Made your chocolate cake recipe this weekend. It was outstanding!! This scrub sounds almost good enough to eat...but I won't.

  12. I made the chocolate cake recipe, too. It WAS really, really nice-Loved it. A big thank you!!!!

  13. I've made a similar scrub with white sugar, almond oil, with a little rosewater and vanilla added. It smells beautiful. The recipe is from

  14. Thanks for that recipe, Janet. I always have an abundance of brown sugar in my pantry and now I know how to use it between baking. Actually, who am I kidding? I haven't baked in ages...that's a different post though. I will check out the post on going grey. Interesting. I have tried to go natural with my hair and i miss the highlights so I broke down and got some done a few months ago. My hair is going too dark as I age.

  15. I make this with a slightly different recipe. I've used it on my face and on peeling sunburns, and it's overall great for my skin.

    My version:
    1 part olive oil
    4 part sugar
    3/4 part baking soda

    the 'part' is whatever measuring scoop I grab that day. Using a half-cup scoop makes enough to last me a week or so.

    I also use the olive oil (straight) as moisturizer.

  16. Can you make a larger batch that would keep for a period of time?

  17. Brown sugar scrub? Love it.
    Does it count if you already have grey hair?


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