this is...palm springs

yesterday i was in palm springs for the bnp paribas open.
after the cold of utah a sunny 80 degree day was perfection.

i wore my old chambray tied at the waist and this j. crew factory stretch pencil skirt.
i have to tell you that i love this skirt.  i'm thinking it may replace shorts for me this summer.
i was comfortable all day and when sitting down it covered my thighs so they didn't get sunburned.
this particular pattern is sold out on line but they have quite a few other patterns that i love.
they are on sale now, see them here.
you can see my old straw bag looks like it will make it another summer and those burberry sandals too.
someone in my last post seems to think i'm screwed up in some way b/c i'm overly concerned with brand names.
well i am screwed up but it has nothing to do with brand names.
that is for certain.

this is my friend noelle.
she's wearing bright gap pants and a gap t shirt while making fun of my posing skills.
yes, they are skills.
my friends have a lot of fun at my expense.
btw we couldn't lose her if we tried yesterday.
and are those the payless shoes ballet flats in navy?
oh, yes they are.

this is ernests gulbis from latvia
he was so entertaining.

this is his mangled racket that he threw down and it bounced into the stands next to me.
he was angry that christian harrison was beating him.
he wound up winning the match
and it was thrilling to watch.

this is 14th ranked melinda czink.
she wasn't too happy either.

she lost to mallory burdett.
go USA

this is melinda who is kicking ovarian cancer in the ass.
doesn't she look amazing?
i can hardly keep up with her and that's no lie.
she arranged the whole day for us.

aren't good friends the best?!



  1. Good friends, cute clothes and a sunny sky...honestly what could be better. Looks like a blast. My blast today is shoveling and I will be modeling the latest glove and scarf set I scored for .99 at the Gwill.

    Have another fabulous one today! :)

  2. 80 degrees, wowee what a joy that would be to feel in my old bones just now. Great to see your friend doing so well, you all wonderful.

  3. I am dreaming of 80 degree days as the wind whips around my little red house mercilessly. The Jersey Shore pissed someone off because we are getting slaughtered with storms. Maybe it was that God-awful show that was filmed here's fault.
    Anywho, sounds like a perfect day with perfect friends.
    Isn't life the best?

  4. I have always wanted to go to this tournament. Great time to go to the desert and how fun! You look adorable in your skirt. Hope you have a blast. ...And go Melinda!


  5. First off, GO MELINDA!! Keep on kicking cancer's ass!! There is a good hashtag on Twitter...cover your eyes if you are offended by the F word: #fuckcancer

    Second, jealous! I used to live in Palm Springs and always went to the tennis in February at Indian Wells. Seeing you guys having fun in the sun watching tennis is making me very homesick for the desert! So glad you had a good time with your friends!

    P.S. you look so chic in all your designer labels... :) xo

  6. Lol by you publishing brand names I think it gives the company a little pat on the back for providing vegan products. Sunny and 80 sounds sooo far away. I'm excited to garden but not in any rush for summer. At first I thought Noelle was you with a radical change in hair color ;)

  7. I'm going to be in palm springs tomorrow---it looks perfect! I love the JCrew factory pencil skirts and I agree, they're way better than shorts!

  8. That skirt is cute and looks great on you! I am envious of the warm, sunny weather. It's no wonder people want to live in California!

  9. What ever happend to the old saying "If you can't say something nice about someone don't say anything at all?" Brand names to me are no different than stating someones hair color it's just a reference point. You always look wonderful and I love the bright pants your friend is wearing...super cute!!

    Lisa in Fort Worth

  10. Janet - love the tennis pics and best regards to your friend, who looks beautiful and fun and brave!

    Ah brand names - guess we all have wear things that are one brand or another and is always helpful to know! Love your blog, you are like a little peaceful piece of the net to rest in!

  11. Hi Janet,
    What fun...good girl friends, Palm Springs in beautiful winter weather and tennis! You all look beautiful! Enjoy!

  12. perfect day, perfect weather and perfect your friend is kicking cancer in the ass.

    we have no problems.


    xo jane

  13. Love your response to crankypants ... who the f. cares if you name brands. We're all screwed up! LOL!

  14. GO Melinda! We all need a day every now and then for friends, fun, & sun! So glad y'all had such a good time. Always enjoy your posts and appreciate the info you share. Unfortunately some folks have appointed themselves spokespersons....of their own narrow minded opinions.... Keep posting just as always! Continued prayers for your son's full recovery.

  15. Applauding Melinda kicking that nasty C.
    Having fun with girlfriends is the best and in a sunny resort what could be better?
    Your skirt looks cute too.

  16. My opinion is that you put together some very stylish yet comfortable and basically effortless clothes combinations; I enjoy seeing what you come up with and I like the ideas, including where to maybe shop for them. For instance, I have a Payless Shoes in my small town yet I've never been to it, thinking it might be doubtful there'd be anything in there for me because I had the impression is was for the hip, young 20-somethings, so guess not! Glad to know there's variety and I'm going to check out the store very soon. I love your downsized life; I aspire to it. Your home and surroundings seem very soothing, indoors and outdoors. I'm annoyed that one blogger comment stings a bit; don't let it. How can anybody rag on somebody else who's only trying to live mindfully and responsibly, yet attractively? I had a friend tell me once, "Don't walk away mad. Just walk away." That's how I feel about pointed and harsh comments on blogs...if you don't agree or like what you're reading, there are thousands of other blogs which might suit you so, instead of making a negative comment which nobody including the blog owner wants to read, why not just exit and spare yourself (and us) the criticism? Be toxic somewhere else!

  17. Just wanted to add, because your post got me fired up...I was visiting another blog I like called The Visual Vamp (blog owner is a fun, fab designer from New Orleans) and, on a previous post about a house she decorated, she chose to not name sources/resources so, sure enough, on the current post because of all the blogger questions, she went back and listed all the vendors and artists. People want to know these things! And, in the blog world, it also helps people pick up some business. I'm sure those vendors and artists appreciated the plug. I pick up tips all the times on blogs of where to go get something, buy something, recycle something, read about something. Share the love, share the's all good.

  18. Looks like you had a wonderful time with your friends, you are lucky that you live so close to Palm Springs! So happy to hear that Melinda is beating her cancer and yes, she does look amazing!

    I'm probably more screwed up than you are. :)


  19. You, Melinda and Noelle all look fabulous. I'm envying the sunshine. xxx

  20. Aah, sunshine, real warmth, time out with girl friends. Am I jealous? You bet I am! And every good wish to Melinda, I hope things go well.

  21. You're so right. Good friends are the best and am so pleased you all had a fab time. Looking.great too, all of you x

  22. What a great day - sunshine, tennis, girl friends and a load of laughs! Thank you for sharing with us.
    Screwed up? Aren't we all.

  23. Looks like a great trip, Janet. I love your skirt. I like Noell's bright pants too. I have that shirt but with the red trim on top from the Gap. Well served post :)

  24. love the outfits!

    nothing better than friends. x

  25. Palm Springs looks incredible green. I should look at your photos more often these days.

  26. I think the comment from Vicki says it best. Your blog aspires me. And that's exactly what it's suppose to be doing or it wouldn't be a good blog.
    Going vegan all the way is awesome. And looks like the Palm Springs trip was awesome, too. Thanks for sharing.
    Recuperating from surgery #3. Coming closer to sliding into home base--Yipeeeee!!!!
    Having downtime and reading blogs is just like reading magazines only better. The Gardener's Cottage is the best.
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  27. Looks like you had fun and yes friends are the best!

  28. You both look fab - I'd love to go to Palm Springs!

  29. And you are perfection! Enjoy your holiday -

  30. Glad you gals had so much fun at the tennis. My sister was there too! Did you see her?! She looks like me but smaller, younger and strangely, her hair hasn't turned "blonde" yet.


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